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Stereoliza is a pop/hip-hop band from Ukraine: Katya Shalayeva (vocals and lyrics) and Alex Ginchev (music, production).

was born in Russia and moved to Ukraine in her teens. Parents wanted her to be a diplomat and were preparing her to a somewhat political career, but the girl soon realised that it was not her cup of tea. "I didnt have too much of office life, but what I had was enough for me", says Katya. Having a major in International Relations, she now writes hip-hop songs with uttering unorthodox lyrics.
Alex is multi-instrumentalist who is responsible for the music and production in the band. The two met in a jazz band, and in a while formed Stereoliza.

In 2003, Stereoliza signed a contract with Ukrainian Records/Universal Music Group representative in Ukraine. X.Y.Z. became their debut on the radio and TV. The video for X.Y.Z. was shot in New York by Radioactive (NYC). In the first week of TV play, the song reached #1 in Ukraine and entered Top 10 on the radio. In fall-winter 2005, Stereoliza became extremely popular in Poland, where it reached #7 of Annual Hot 100 on Radio Eska.

The next Stereoliza song that appeared is Corporate Logic. The video for this song was shot in Los Angeles by Treefilmworks (L.A.) in art-deco (Americas 20s-30s) style. All outfits were borrowed from Warner Bros. studios in Hollywood.
X-amine Your Zippa album was released in Ukraine and Poland in April 2006. It was mastered by Brian Big Bass Gardner (50 Cent, Eminem, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani and many more noteworthy artists).
information, photo from official site: http://www.stereoliza.com/


Stereoliza. XYZ (X-amine your zippa). / 2007/.

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