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Faktychno Sami. 70 tracks in mp3 format.

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Faktychno Sami. 70 tracks in mp3 format.

Format: mp3, VBR 192-320 kbps

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Publisher: Mp3 records
Catalogue number: mp3 00458
Year: 2005

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Faktychno Sami

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  Faktychno Sami (1995-1997)
1.  Dyvuyus' Dyvom
2.  Tuhu Tuhu
3.  Snake Theme
4.  I Never Hurt
5.  Grow Old
6.  Good Bye
7.  Nedolia
8. Mp3Zhinka-Sokyra Rubaye
  Faktychno Sami (1998)
9.  Stanesh Staroyu
10.  Dyvom Dyvuyus'
11.  Sumno Meni Sumno
12.  Maryno Maryno
13.  Mashyna Rozbyta
14.  Vin Kokhaye
15.  Tuhu Tuhu
16.  Ptakh
  D.d'kova Hra (1999)
17.  Zhovti Tantsi
18.  v Nedilu Rano
19.  Do D.D'ka
20.  Maryno Maryno
21.  Lysh Ne Vmyrai
22.  Stanesh Staroyu
23.  Bil' Zdolav Tebe
24.  Sied'mo Mamon'ko
25.  Po Dorozi
26.  Mizh Takymy Yak My
  B.P.P. (2000)
27. Mp3Dancing Of Me
28.  Unfortune
29.  Bye
30. Mp3Paint
31.  Da Knife Between Us
32.  Just Don't You Die
33.  Smoky
34.  Hapaly
35. Mp3I Am Ill
36.  Winter
37. Mp3Zoom
38.  Fire
39.  In Your Tights
40.  I'm So Small
41.  Sho-Da
42.  Easter's Soon
  Kosmichnyj Vakuum (2021)
43. Mp3Paleovisit
44.  Allright
45.  No Fear Featuring Visco Space Drums
46.  No Fear Featuring Akoustik Drums
47. Mp3Kosmik Vakuum
48.  The Shadow Of Your Body
49.  Kosmos Will Not Forgive Our Mistakes
50. Mp3I Am There
51.  Scientists' Kosmik Diskussion
52. Mp3Rain
53.  Flamming Sky Of Venus
54. Mp3Aktually Alone Year 2K21 Mars Sektion 34X3Us
55.  The Rocket Rushes Out To The Kosmos
56.  Breakthrough In The Kosmik Relationship
57.  A557Q1S2E72 Instead Of Ba557Q1S2E7Z
58.  Robot Hero R-6
59. Mp3Good News
60.  Lullaby Theme
61.  Morning Them
62.  I Know The Code
63.  Going Home
64.  Ukraine - Finland - Kosmos
  Kurva Com Back /Triple/ (2004)
65. Mp3Pyzdets' Ko...Nu
66.  Lovesong-0-667
67.  Popelyushka
  Lo-Fi TRavmy /Triple/ (2005)
68.  Miy Pershyi Marmurovyi Boh
69.  Miy Druhyi Marmurovyi Boh
70.  Miy Tretiy Marmurovyi Boh
71.  Kirijan
72.  Dyvyna
73.  Nebo
74.  Obernysja
75.  Mizh namy nizh

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Reviews (5)

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  NiCky , Kyev
27-12-2006 12:47

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  Wade , Sydney, Australia
11-03-2006 06:46

This is freaking terrific! Even though I don't know entirely what's going on, I do know that after clicking on this CD for the facile reason that there was an outrageously cute girl on the front, I auditioned some of Faktychno Sami's songs, really liked them, jumped in deep with this 70-track collection and was blown away. Covering 10 years of their musicmaking, I can perceive the evolution of a band with a true hybrid style and a consistently punk attitude. It's raucous and inventive guitar rock with lurching electronics, a lot of yelling and eventually, singing. The style becomes freer as time passes, with dance and groove elements, and the main guy never loses his ear for really hooky patterns and rhythms. Female vocalists join the frey and again the possibilities are multiplied. The female lead has a really captivating and adaptable voice.

I still can't read a word on the packaging of the CD, and I can't find any info about the history of this band that's in English, but even through my foreign filters, I know a rocking band when I hear one, and Faktychno Sami have jumped way up into my consciousness.

CD Compatibility - I can tell the folks out there that this CD is readable on both Mac and PC. On the PC, there's multiglingual player software included (displays song names in Russian or English, I think), which launched but didn't produce any sound on the computer I tried. On the Mac, you can drop the audio files directly into iTunes where they work just fine, and on the PC you can use iTunes or Media Player, etc.