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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Delia. Spohad. (Flashback)

Reviews (2)
Delia. Spohad. (Flashback)
This is only the first album by the group "Delia" but in it so much has been mixed, so much has been invested in it that ears just scatter. And this is, sure, pleasant. Alternative music? Ц yes, this is it. Sympho-rock Ц yes, moreover, already now the group feels very confident in this sense, works at a large scale. Gothic? Ц yes, this is exactly the word that is the first to occur, if one speaks about the atmosphere as a whole, and about some texts in particular. Melodious heavy metal? Ц this, obviously, was the basis from which what we hear now grows. A wonderful cocktail, nothing to say. Add here the vocal of Anastasiya Sverkunova Ц powerful, bright, emotional Ц and the picture will be complete. Anastasiya sings diversely Ц although, sure, music conditions a certain style. But in the set frames she easily manages to sound both recklessly, and coldly, and softly, even sometimes gently, and sharply Ц and really strongly. Closer to the middle of the album, her voice opens up to its full Ц and this is, you know, just beautiful. Sure, not everything is impeccable here Ц but, at all events, it is interesting indeed. Out of everything heard during the few recent years Ц there is virtually nothing to compare with. "Fakultet" occurs when one thinks about the vocal Ц but with "Delia" the voice often sounds somehow more fully, more space is left for it. When thinking about the music Ц possibly, one could mention "Obiymy Doschu". But Ц not due to some great similarity but only because not a lot of such music is currently released. However, taking the wide scale of the debut into account Ц it seems that "Delia" has great, ambitious plans for the future. And has all ground for this. Which means we can hope for new albums Ц as well as appearance of new names..

Publisher: яќ  music
Catalogue number: MV 179
Year: 2010

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Domestic price: 460.60UAH
International price: $32.90USD
1. Mp3Lumen (Sub ala angeli)
2.  Ja budu chekaty Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
3. Mp3Zabutyy kray Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
4.  Vidrada Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
5. Mp3Novyy chas Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
6.  Mertve misto Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
7. Mp3Znaydy mene Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
8.  Pryvyd Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
9.  VtomylasС Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
10. Mp3Osinnja melodija Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
11. Mp3Mezha Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
12.  Tvoje imТja Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
13.  Spohad Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
14.  Iljuzija Song text
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
15. Mp3Melodia otonala
lyrics: A. Sverkunova
 Total playing time: 61:16

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 460.60UAH
International price: $32.90USD
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This time "Fayno" once again offer their own lyrics and songs based on poems by such interesting and distinguished authors as Lazutkin, Lyubka, Honchar, Kiyanovska, Moskalets, etc. These interpretations are always interesting to listen to Ц at least, because the accents sometimes sound very different...
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Qarpa. & I made a Man. /digi-pack/.

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Start Up. Otrujeni mriji. (Poisoned Dreams)

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Qarpa. inZhYR. /digi-pack/

It is difficult to say where from in this fragile girl there is such an enormous amount of kinetic energy Ц we have nothing but to observe with sincere fascination how the dissected waves fall on the both sides of the selected course... And the course is such that in the last three albums Ц including this, new one Ц surprised ears of the audience hear more and more banter, quite hard and psychotropic electronic alternative.
Domestic price: 460.60UAH, International price: $32.90USD

Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra. Maty. (Mother)

Yanka Kozyr Orchestra not simply create music Ц they create their own mystery of sound, live and bright. And the music matter appears here so saturated, dense, enriched that it seems that it is visible, one can touch it, one can breathe it under water...
Domestic price: 306.60UAH, International price: $21.90USD

Faktychno Sami. Kosmichnyj vakuum. (Space Vacuum)

lately it is well-aimed Ц a distracting blow on mind, a sort of that it is a logical riddle Ц but actually all this is directed at the emotional body, and in order to understand and get penetrated with it Ц it is not necessary to understand. the other way round, you should not understand Ц and then everything becomes clear. in a nutshell Ц zen. somewhat technogenic entourage...
Domestic price: 306.60UAH, International price: $21.90USD

Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra. Shljahy. /digi-pack/. (Roads)

Here, city nervousness, sharpness surprisingly intersect Ц with rootedness in some most ancient cultural layers. Yanka seems to not even sing, but practice witchcraft Ц and she does not copy known standards, but just takes her skills from some primary source. Not that she revives Ц rather, gives birth anew to some mystic passageways between the world...
Domestic price: 390.60UAH, International price: $27.90USD

Faktychno Sami. Lo-Fi TRavmy.

Sometimes Ц and you never know the next step this group will make - it is a real alternative. You see, an alternative simply means an open possibility of choice, an unlimited amount of possibilities.
Domestic price: 306.60UAH, International price: $21.90USD

Faktychno Sami. 70 tracks in mp3 format.

70 tracks in mp3 format and 5 videos.
Domestic price: 222.60UAH, International price: $15.90USD

I would call this music hard blues Ц but do not get surprised when you hear in it surprisingly transparent trip-hop mood. It would seem that these both styles could hardly be called optimistic. Conditional minus. But, as it happens from time to time, minus to minus has given us an unexpected, but so warm, intimate plu...
Domestic price: 250.60UAH, International price: $17.90USD

Reviews (2)

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22 february 2022
The "Return Alive" Foundation
23 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock" series Ц as a present!
Luiku. Yeher Mayster. /digi-pack/. (Yeger Meister)
at the intersection of the dance and thought
Domestic: 250.60UAH
International: $17.90USD
Vivienne Mort. Dosvid. /digi-pack/. (Experience)
Vivienne Mort. through silence
Domestic: 306.60UAH
International: $21.90USD
Sheetel. Mr. White. /special edition, digi-pack/.
the broken space
Domestic: 320.60UAH
International: $22.90USD
National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Telnyuk Sisters. Nash Shevchenko. /DVD/. (Our Shevchenko)
Telnyuk: Sisters. Our Shevchenko. /DVD/
Domestic: 208.60UAH
International: $14.90USD