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Hycz Orkestr. Pid markoyu Ivana Yakovycha. /premium, mini-book+CD/. (Under the Brand of Ivan Yakovych)
poetic art-folk-rock
Domestic: 174.96UAH
International: $25.92USD
Lesya Ukrainka. Lysty. 1876-1897. (Letters)
Lesya Ukrainka. Letters. (1876-1897)
Domestic: 222.21UAH
International: $32.92USD
DakhaBrakha. Shlyakh. /premium, digi-pack/. (The Road)
the Ukrainian Zen
Domestic: 249.48UAH
International: $36.96USD
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Johanna Basford. Zacharovany lis. (Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book)

Can you solve the mystery of the Enchanted Forest? In this book, a black and white forest grows full of strange creatures that are just looking forward to being found and colored. Embark on your own path through the moss and flowers, past magic treehouses and prickly thorns to the castle in the very heart of the forest..
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Johanna Basford. Zahublenyi okean. (Lost Ocean: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book)

In "The Lost Ocean", Johanna Basford offers to plunge into the magical underwater world. The detailed graphic illustrations intended for completing, coloring, and decorating these are groups of exotic fish, funny octopuses, delicate seahorses, as well as coral reefs and wrecked ships caked with shellfish..
Domestic price: 121.16UAH, International price: $17.95USD

Ihor Borko. Z holosu zemli mojeji. (From the Voice of My Land)

The thing, which is really important, and you will really hear it, is his voice. Sincere, Tender, flexible, tender, really lyrical you cant but notice it, and of course, you cant turn a deaf ear to it.
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Brem Stoker. Zbyrane. (Condensed)

Unlike condensed milk, this disc does not contain any surpluses of sugar. Rather, vice versa the guys from Bram Stocker have once again demonstrated clearly who they are. First, they were named a punk-group, though merry. Now, emphasis has shifted a bit, therefore now Bram Stocker is considered though merry, but a punk-group.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Oksana Bula. Zubr shukae hnizdo. /picture book/. (Bison Looking for His Nest)

..there are animals who do not sleep in winter. The Bison is used to roaming in the snow in search of food. He had not even suspected that one could safely nap in a den when it freezes outside until he met the bear, who was just getting ready to go to sleep... The result of this meeting, as well as the ability to listen to oneself and others, are explained in this story.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

CAT, Alla Zagaykevych. Zymovy sat. /digi-pack/. (Winter CArTen)

This world is separated from others with only a thin veil the veil of our perceptions. And such albums as "Zymovy sat" they make this veil visible, tangible. Re-present it. Thus, they make it possible to move it apart...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Ukrainian music ensemble "Dnipro". Zhyva voda. (Spring Water)

I think it is able to become a real finding for all those who are interested in authentic sounding of Ukrainian folk instruments. There are, by the way, quite a lot of them here: lyre, buhalo, koza, kobza, bugay, kozobas, floyara, pan-pipe, pan-flute, dulcimers, horn a real collection of the characteristic soundings.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Natalka Dolyak. Zahublenyi mizh viynamy. (Lost Among Wars)

Talented writer, poet, and brave warrior Yuri Budyak (Pokos) is an extraordinary person. It seems that events of his turbulent destiny would be enough for more than one life. The Anglo-Boer War, the First World War, the revolution, collapse of the Russian Empire, establishment of the UPR, repressions, Stalin's camps, the Second World War...
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

"Dyke pole" group, "Otava" group, "Volodar" group, Hurtopravtsi, "Drevo" group. Zberimosja, rode... /v.2/. (Let's gather the family)

These voices and melodies possess a real magic, which has no bounds either in time or in space.
Domestic price: 188.46UAH, International price: $27.92USD

Flyzzza. Zasmaha na sertse. (Tan on the Heart)

The new work sounds more weighted, carefully thought through, expressed. It sounds as though the smile is still for all the 32 teeth, but some knowledge that adds a faint note of sadness to laughter has started shining in the eye... Well, we'll see. Not everyone manages, having accumulated knowledge and wisdom, to look at the world with optimism but Flyzzza still does have such chances.
Domestic price: 154.71UAH, International price: $22.92USD

Ivan Franko, Honoured Chapel of Ukraine "Trembita". Ziv'jale lystja (recitative and singing) (2CD).

Domestic price: 289.71UAH, International price: $42.92USD

Olga Hura. Zhinka epohy Vidrodzhennya. (The Renaissance Epoch Woman)

"The Renaissance Epoch Woman" is the first author songs album by the singer that includes 12 versatile tracks (from the "New Age" style to the classics and ethnics), permeated with the idea of cultural renaissance, harmony, and spirituality.
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Iryna Ihnatenko. Zhinoche tilo u tradytsiyniy kulturi ukraintsiv. (The Female Body in the Traditional Culture of Ukrainians)

On the wave of the interest for folk customs, the "blind spots" in our knowledge of the most tabooed areas of the social, family, physiological life of Ukrainian women in the pre-industrial society have become more expressed. How did our grandmothers obtain sex education and knowledge about intimate relationships with men? How did they arrange those relationships?..
Domestic price: 103.14UAH, International price: $15.28USD

Irena Karpa. Z rosy, z vody i z kalabani. (From Dew, Water, and the Puddle)

Dew, water, and the puddle, according to Irena Karpa are the three states of mind: the first one is associated with easy and uncompromising childhood memories, the second one, traditionally, with the magical realism of dreams and pictures of the subconscious, while the third one with backroom chats in a bohemian environment...
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

"Kolo Dzygi" Silent Film Collection. ZEMLYA /Oleksandr Dovzhenko/. (DVD). (Earth)

Avant-garde "Earth", a recognized cinema masterpiece, was banned 9 days after release and glorified in Ukraine only after Dovzhenko's death. The new soundtrack for "Earth" was created by Ukrainian ethno-chaos band "DakhaBrakha", whose music shifts the emphasis from the film's ideological connotations to universal one.
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Lina Kostenko. Zapysky ukrains'koho samashedshoho. (Notes by the Ukrainian Lunatic)

This is the first new book by Lina Kostenko during the recent 20 years of silence and her first prose novel. The novel is written in the person of a 35-year old computer programmer, who against the background of his personal drama captiously, deeply and painfully scans all dislocations of our globalized time.
Domestic price: 98.62UAH, International price: $14.61USD

Kozak System. Zhyvy i Lyuby. /digi-pack/. (Live and Love)

..So to say the external drive has given way to the internal one, when dynamics are achieved not so much with heavy guitars and the high pace, but rather with a variety of approaches to arrangement, attention to detail. Thoughtfulness. In this work, there is a lot more space..
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Liapis Trubetskoy. Zolotye jajcy. (Golden eggs)

Their music is the mixture of everything that gets into your hands and is reinforced by a powerful and skilful spiritual section. You can find practically everything here, starting with grunge and ending with raggy, and all that is fully stuffed with Byelorussian outlook and sense of humour...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Volodymyr Luciw. Z Ukrajinoju v sertsi. (With Ukraine in heart)

For Ukrainians, it is already the highest time to get rid of the inferiority complex. Only those nations that do not yield their authenticity and culture will manage to withstand and preserve their historical prospect in the contemporary cruel, dynamic, technological and changeable world...
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Khrystyna Lukaschuk. Zhyty syohodni. (Living Today)

How often do all of us postpone our life for later somehow, someday we will definitely be happy... But fate may judge otherwise. Living today. Why does this question so often arise only at the threshold of death?
Domestic price: 60.21UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Oksana Luschevska. Zadzerkallya. (Behind the Looking Glass)

Nobody likes to stay in hospital. But Saska is here with Rostya her first true love. So she feels happy until there is a girl she knows, Dina, on the bed next to hers on the brink of death. Insidious friend, frivolous guys, those sophisticated and incomprehensible parents..
Domestic price: 73.71UAH, International price: $10.92USD

Oleh Lysheha. Zyma v Tysmenytsi. "Ukrainian Poetry Anthology". (Winter in Tysmenytsia)

The book of the selected poems by Oleh Lysheha one of the most unique Ukrainian poets, a laureate of the American PEN club for the best translated book of poetry includes almost all of poetic works, some of translations, and the play "Friend Li Bo, Brother Du Fu." This is the fullest collection of selected works by the author.
Domestic price: 89.64UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Ivan Malkovych. Zoloty pavuchok: a Christmas Story. /second edition, revised/. (The Golden Spider)

This book is accompanied by the brief abstract: "A touching Christmas story on an amazing adventure that happened on the Christmas Eve". But it is not that simple at least due to that it is a story from the childhood of Ivan Malkovych narrated to him by his own grandfather...
Domestic price: 107.66UAH, International price: $15.95USD

Tanya Malyarchuk. Zabuttya. (Oblivion)

What is time if not a whale that swallows everything. How many lives of outstanding Ukrainian turned into that swallowed plankton. It is impossible to snatch them from the oblivion, unless someone living feels the urgent need to remember. In this novel, the renowned forgotten one is Vyacheslav Lypynsky, Ukrainian historian of Polish origin, philosopher and unlucky politician..
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Maria Matios. Zhinochy arkan v sadu neterpinnya. /second edition/. (Female Arkan in the Garden of Impatience)

Traditionally, women never dance arkan the ritual, purely male dance of inhabitants of the mountains. But Maria Matios affirms that her character "has squashed herself between arcans", and this arkan will not become a waltz. For so paradoxical the character of her protagonist i...
Domestic price: 85.12UAH, International price: $12.61USD

Zirka Menzatyuk. Zvaryu tobi borschyku. (I Will Cook Some Borsch for You)

In this little book, all the fairy tales are not only funny and interesting, but also very tasty. You immediately feel the desire to join Olesya and Ivas, characters of these tales, to taste aromatic borsch, delicious dumplings, sweet pancakes, and other Ukrainian dishes, which live not only on your table, but also in the fairy tale.
Domestic price: 85.12UAH, International price: $12.61USD

Monatyk. Zvychyt. /digi-pack/. (It Sounds)

Today he is one of the most fashionable and demanded pop artists of the Ukrainian dancing-focused scene. Monatik's second album, which includes lots of soul intonations and light ethnic decorations, is an illustration of his ability and willingness to search for..
Domestic price: 127.71UAH, International price: $18.92USD

Motor'rolla. Zabavy patriotiv. (Patriots' Fun)

More than 10 years have already passed since the moment of the first release of this album by the way, it then appeared on cassettes. Thus, due to the present second release all fans of Motorrolla have a considerable reason for joy such rarities do not still appear too frequently in our space.
Domestic price: 67.16UAH, International price: $9.95USD

Antin Mukharsky. Zlokohoochy Man.

Actually, once such songs were characteristic of only one country in the world but since then the Earth has become considerably more rounded. Consequently, maybe, there is nothing strange in that we observe appearance of sheer Ukrainian songs in the country style. In the end, we have appropriate landscape...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Antin Mukharsky. Zhlobolohiya: the art and culture project. (Slobology)

The book is recommended for reading by everyone who considers him/herself "an intelligent person", "the elite of the nation", "the soul of the people", "the one who knows the truth", and, eventually, for everyone who has asked him/herself this questions: "Why has Ukraine always had the issues about the history and about the welfare?"
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Stefan Nederytsa. Znayka and Wild Animals. Imagination. "Intelligent Child" Series.

What is creativity? If you define it in the simplest way it is a free flight of imagination, acute intuition, which may transform into inventions and discoveries. There is no doubt that children's fantasies, which adults consider far from the real life, are actually seeds of creativity.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Stefan Nederytsa. Znayka and Birds. Intellect. "Intelligent Child" Series.

Such things as thinking, imagination, creativity, feelings develop after the age of three, but they utilize the base formed before reaching this age. The effect on an infants brain of high-frequency vibration is the most effective way of forming his/her brain and thus his/her talents (intellect).
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Stefan Nederytsa. Znayka in the Village. Memory. "Intelligent Child" Series.

"I remember how impressed I was with a local shepherds playing a homemade sopilka. Melodies poured from it like a horn of plenty... I had no less satisfaction from listening to sounds of the Nature around. Rain, chirr of grasshoppers, birds singing, voices of domestic animals fascinated my ear every second..."
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Okean Elzy. Zemlya. /digi-pack/. (Land)

"Land" is a very grand word. But if we put it simple, then this is space for grain where grain dies in order to generate new life. The basis. What everything stands on, where it returns in order to leave again...
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Halyna Pahutyak. Zapysky Biloho Ptashka. Selection. (Notes of the White Bird)

The book by Halyna Pahutyak "Notes of the White Bird" is interesting due to its plots, elements of fantasy and mysticism that naturally merge with the contemporary reality. In the proposed works, the author in her own way upholds the most important thing that makes people human: dignity and grace.
Domestic price: 94.16UAH, International price: $13.95USD

Pikkardiyska Tertsia. Z Neba do Zemli.

...this album is a collection of Christmas carols, and not only of Ukrainian ones. Thats the reason why it has such a title. After all, the songs like that are not simply ceremonial ones. At the bottom of fact, they are intimate, as they tell us about the joys of peoples souls, about light, which spills from the sky to our Earth, to everything, which is around u...
Domestic price: 357.21UAH, International price: $52.92USD

Platina. Zajvi slova. (Superfluous words)

Music of the group is not heavy, but tends to rock sounding. From additional spices, most perceptible is the influence of hard-rock of the 1970-80s but the group successfully mixes it with modern colors. It is possible to separately emphasize the vocalist it is interesting to follow her intonations, she is able to positively surprise.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Olexander Ponomariov. Z ranku do nochi. (From Morning Till Night)

Did you pay attention that on each of his albums, Olexander Ponomarev acts as not only the performer, but also the author of, at least, music, and sometimes of lyrics as well? This disk is not an exception, and his own songs have become its notable decoration. Time has proved that they have become real hits.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Angelika Rudnytska. Znajdy mene. (Find Me)

...all songs are united by one general feature, by one quality. The case in point is a light tenderness of all melodies. Moreover, the album is recorded, so to say, in a non-national style so, it should be taken in different countries equally well.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Anton Sanchenko. Zemlia Heorhia. (George's Land)

Characters of these six stories are mostly tough, hardy, clever, and enterprising individuals. Although among them there also happens something alien, threatening with its perfidy and hypocrisy, but that "something" catalyzes the innate properties of the Ukrainian nature, which wins with the power of justice..
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Vasyl Shklyar. Zalyshenets /Chorny Voron. (Black Raven)

They were called bandits, gangsters, thugs and even in curses and anathemas they forbade to mention their names. In order to kill in the memory of the subdued masses the idea for which the rebels sacrificed their young lives. On their battle black flag there was the inscription "Freedom of Ukraine or Death"...
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Serhiy Shyshkin. Zapadenska zyma, vesna, lito... /digi-pack/. (Winter, Spring, and Summer from the West...)

There is, you know, a specific kind of songs almost calm apparently, but with a powerful internal drive. Sure, if you listen to the lyrics..
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

SHyZO. Zroby tse... (Do It...)

The guys from the Chernigiv group ShyZO define their own music as sweet rock. At least, it refers to the debut album, which you now see in front of you the musicians quite consciously decided to sweeten it, so that the way to the audience did not become too difficult and thorny. The position is, certainly, clear, thank you for warning but let us disagree.
Domestic price: 69.39UAH, International price: $10.28USD

Oleh Skrypka. Zhorzhyna. /digi-pack/. (Dahlia)

"I consider that the "retro" style, in which the album "Dahlia" is performed, is elegant Oleh Skrypka says. Moreover, jazz, tango, foxtrot, swing are generally considered European and overseas genres, and with this project I want to demonstrate that our country as well has its own rich, unique and high quality music history."
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Khrystyna Soloviy. Zhyva voda. Premium edition. /digi-pack/. (Living Water)

Recording of the debut album was supported, among others, by Olexiy Morozov, Denys Dudko, Alik Fantaev, Milos Jelic... In short, it has happily happened. It sounds interesting and it is not only due to the relaxed, delicious arrangement clarity or the sincerity of intonations. There is also a sort of a special tint in the timbre..
Domestic price: 127.71UAH, International price: $18.92USD

Ostap Stakhiv. Z namy Boh! (Carols). (God With Us!) seems that it is in this project that Stakhiv's skills of modernizing the traditional Ukrainian music have been expressed most distinctly. We have already repeatedly indicated that Stakhiv can do that convincingly and interestingly, so no wonder that now a number of talented persons have come together round him: Oleh Rozumovsky, Myron Bloschychak, chamber orchestra "Lviv Virtuosos"..
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Mariya Stefyuk, H.I. Maiboroda National Honored Bandurist Choir. Zhuravka.

...her voice is a perfectly tuned instrument able to reflect the tiniest melody nuances. This would not be enough, but add here the dramatic talent, the ability to convey the most refined, deepest feelings and then you get performance approximated to the ideal.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Tanok Na Maydani Kongo. Zroby meni hip-hop. /re-edition/. (Make me hip-hop)

...people listen to this album without taking a breath, for them it is like a mosaic, all fragments of which are put into a correct place, fit and have no chinks. Moreover, it is exactly in this album that the songs, which have become classical ones have been recorded...
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

TyshaKids. Zhyva vinila. (Live Vinyl)

..the album is not homogeneous, it has both sadness and joy, and lightness, and twilight, and seriousness, as different expressions of the same and beautiful face. While there is no fear, although words about fear still can be heard from time to time. However, everybody trying to follow his/her path honestly unavoidably reflects on that and slender honesty can be felt in every song of the album.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Folk group "Vesnyanka". Z drevljans'koho dzherela.

There are the so called vesnyanky, Easter songs, bushes songs, berries song, petrivka songs, harvesting songs, wedding songs, everyday songs, Christmas carols and New Year songs here. They all are united by one thing the feeling of native Ukrainian magic, brought to us through the skill of performance.
Domestic price: 222.21UAH, International price: $32.92USD

Folk group "Vesnyanka". Zaprosyny na Polis'ke vesillja. (Invitation to Polissya Wedding)

Wedding has always been a special mystery. It is now that city life makes everything simpler, if not negates. Earlier, a marriage of a man and a woman became, I think, a reflection of relations between the earth and sky.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Volodymyr Vyatrovych. Za lashtunkamy "Volyni-43": nevidoma polsko-ukrainska viyna. (Behind the Scenes of Volyn-43: the unknown Polish-Ukrainian war)

The author proposes to stop dividing between executioners and victims on the national basis and to look at the events of the summer 1943 in Volyn in the context of the Ukrainian-Polish history before, during, and after the Second World War, exploring memories of immediate participants in the events, documents of Ukrainian and Polish underground movements, Armia Krajowa and UPA..
Domestic price: 109.89UAH, International price: $16.28USD

Voanerges. Zlata Vrata.

The guys from the group name their music neo-folk. And they define "neo-folk" as a mixture of gospel, world, ethno, rock, funk, rap, hip-hop finally, it is presently one of the most actual directions for development.
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

The VYO. Zeleny. /digi-pack/. (Green)

With this music there are all the chances to swim to the summer almost unnoticeably, without straining where this is not needed. Ukrainian reggae with a mischievous smile and a hardened core. Just put on repeat so much so that your hand reaches out for that and you should not interfere with it.
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Oscar Wilde. Zoryanyi khlopchyk. (The Star-Child)

When a star fell from the sky in a severe winter, loggers fount a wrapped infant in the forest. The boy grew up handsome and apt, but his heart was cold as ice. And before it came back to life and flourished, the Star Boy had to endure much suffering and experience the true beauty the beauty of goodness, love, and mercy.
Domestic price: 80.66UAH, International price: $11.95USD

Oksana Zabuzhko. Z mapy knyh i lyudey. (From the Map of Books and People)

The first person narrative, subtly interwoven mixed genres of a memoir, review, biography, philosophical reflection and a cultural study will make this book appealing to anyone who has a taste for thoughtful reading...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Zack and Miri make a porno. (DVD).

Lifelong friends and roommates Zack and Miri are facing hard times and a mountain of debt. When the electricity and plumbing get cut off, they seize upon the idea of making a homegrown porno movie for some quick cash, enlisting the help of their friends. The two vow that having sex will not ruin their friendship...
Domestic price: 76.14UAH 51.03UAH
International price: $11.28USD $7.56USD

Zakarpats'kyj sektor. 42 tracks in mp3 format. we have something resembling hip-hop, wedding music, kolomyikas with their banter, chanson, punk a very strange mix. But interesting. It tries to surprise and, frankly speaking, it succeeds in it.
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Za lvivskymy bramamy. Photo album. /premium edition/. (Behind Lviv Gates)

The album book contains the mystery and richness of Lviv hidden from prying eyes. Entrance doors behind open and closed gates, behind which the past and present coexist. And small stories of the people who live in these houses.
Domestic price: 242.46UAH, International price: $35.92USD

Zamky Ukrajiny. (Ukrainian Castles)

Multimedia encyclopaedia. In Ukrainian only.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Zanna Sloniowska. Dim z vitrazhem. (The House with Stained Glass)

The house with stained glass, Lviv, four generations of women (great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and daughter), a slice of the cultural and political life during formation of the Ukrainian statehood these are elements of the exciting, intriguing love story: nobody has even written about Lviv in this way so far.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Zaporozhets za Dunajem. Feature comic music film. Based on the same-name opera by S. Hulak-Artemovsky. (DVD). (Zaporozhian Behind the Danube)

Zaporozhian Cossacks captivated by Turks dream to break free. Gossips about that reach the sultan. He disguises and penetrates unnoticed into the settlement of Cossacks, where he meets Ivan Karas. The sultan invites Ivan to the palace. The clever Karas, though quite drunk, looks closely and notices everything. And when time comes, due to his attentiveness and smartness Cossacks break free.
Domestic price: 80.66UAH, International price: $11.95USD

Zaproshennya na Tsyteru. Fictionalized Biographies /Domontovych, Kosach, Shevchuk/. (Invitation to Kythera)

Fictional biographies of artists of different eras collected in this book make it possible to sense the personal dimension of culture, to think about the price of the dramatic choice between the old and new faith, between the Ukrainian and imperial art.
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Zastil'ni pisni / Koljadky ta schedrivky. DVD Karaoke. (Party Songs / Christmas Carols and Schedrivky)

...during winter holidays, there may not be a more actual karaoke collection than this one in fact, here they have collected both party songs, and Christmas carols and schedrivky, in total as many as 50. The winter is at its peak consequently, do not pass by. In the end, it is only Christmas carols that become hot once a year and the rest, that is party sons, remain actual forever.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Z-Band, Igor Zakus. Zakus Was Here live.

Season 2007 was opened and closed with performances by, actually, Igor Zakus with Z-Band and the both concerts have now become constituent parts of this series. At closing of the season, an absolutely new program sounded "Kolomyiky". Well, and the program "Zakus Was Here" sounded during the opening, and it is it that you are going to hear here.
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz. Vona i Vin pro seks. (She and He About Sex)

"The book is written based on the real stories that as a sexologist and psychotherapist I encountered in my therapeutic practice. Through description of the issues I had to deal with most often, I intended to show differences in views of women and men..." Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz
Domestic price: 93.96UAH, International price: $13.92USD

Zemlja ta Vsesvit. Children's collection. (Earth and Universe)

Squirrel Sopilka will tell you why permanent winds exist, from juice of which tree they make rubber things, which birds do not fly, and which flap their wings 90 times per second, as well as how canyons and waterfalls appear, what place on our planet is considered the driest one, what the height of the lowest tree is, and a lot of other things.
Domestic price: 73.71UAH, International price: $10.92USD

Serhiy Zhadan, Sobaki V Kosmose. Zbroya proletariatu. /digi-pack/. (Weapons of the Proletariat)

The new album includes more stuff. Dirty guitars and rough rhythms decorated with shiny ribbons of the cosmo-disco. Poems by Zhadan an uncompromising weapon to kill worms in the brain, and at the same time a clear enough ideology for anyone who does not agree to live as suggested by the contemporary System.
Domestic price: 201.96UAH, International price: $29.92USD

Serhiy Zhadan. Zhyttia Mariyi. (The Life of Maria)

Zhadan talks about the dearest letters and burnt bridges, lost spots and destroyed cities. In the rhymed verse and in the free verse, with his own words and translated ones. He talks to his guys and to aliens, to saints and those not very saint and, sure, to us. In order to rescue if not us, then at least our children.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Iryna Zinkovska. Zvuky. /digi-pack/. (Sounds)

It is a dramatically different sounding of her talent, more extensive disclosure of her as a singer and a creative person. Iryna Zinkovska has a melodic, beautiful alto with deep sounding at low textures. In the vocal the sound is balanced, measured, diligent, washed to shine, put on high heels and turned to face the sunset.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Z nepokrytoyu holovoyu. Ukrainian Women's Prose. (Bareheaded)

This book is a collection of short stories of the best-known modernist and post-modernist era female authors. It covers the experience of female emancipation and revolution activists of the 1910's, the change in values ​​in the interwar period, eventually, the complexity of discovering a new identity in the post-Soviet decades.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Z Novym ROCKom! Jam FM. (Happy ROCK Year!)

We should admit, the collection has appeared to be great it is not just pleasant and interesting to listen to. It gives multiple occasions to be proud of that Ukrainian rock music, in spite of the frequently scornful attitude on the part of mass media, still not just lives on but becomes more and more diversified, deep, strange, high-quality.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Zroby sam. Children's Collection. (Make It Yourself)

The disc is intended for children of preschool and junior school age, it follows the curriculum of the subject "Labor Studies" at the primary school. Your child will learn to make Christmas tree decorations, new-year masks, postcards decorated with ornament and herbarium, as well as a paper airplane in the origami technique, plus a lot of other things.
Domestic price: 58.12UAH, International price: $8.61USD

Zvonko Karanovic. Try kartyny peremohy. (Three Pictures of the Victory)

Events of the novel take place in Serbia in 1999, during the NATO bombing and after. The total mobilization did not spare George Uzelts Jole, an extravagant city guy, a capricious and superficial member of the self-proclaimed urban elite. He returns from the war devoid of all illusions..
Domestic price: 96.39UAH, International price: $14.28USD

Zymovi melodiji (koljadky, schedrivky ta novorichni pisni). (Winter Melodies - Christmas carols and New Year songs)

...this disc is not meant for accompaniment of some feast. It is meant for creation of festive and solemn mood somewhere deep in our soul...
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24 march 2017
Exclusive! KROBAK: album "Nightbound" for FREE!
24 february 2017
Exclusive! QARPA: album "Made in China" for FREE!
Pavlo Volvach. Sny neofita. (Dreams of the Neophyte)
Dreams of the Neophyte
Domestic: 103.14UAH
International: $15.28USD
L.Yakubova, Ya.Prymachenko. V obiymakh strakhu i smerti. The Bolshevik Terror in Ukraine. (In the Embrace of Fear and Death)
The Bolshevik Terror in Ukraine
Domestic: 120.96UAH
International: $17.92USD
Vasyl Derevinsky. Vyacheslav Chornovil.
Vyacheslav Chornovil
Domestic: 87.21UAH
International: $12.92USD
Yuriy Horlis-Horsky. Kholodny Yar. Academic edition. (Cold Ravine)
Cold Ravine. Academic edition
Domestic: 120.96UAH
International: $17.92USD