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Pravytsya. Kryvy tanets. /digi-pack/. (Crooked Dance)
folklore modernization
Domestic: 114.21UAH
International: $16.92USD
Anya Tchaykovska, Acoustic Quartet. Krosna. /premium, digi-pack/. (Hoop)
inner shining
Domestic: 0.00UAH
International: $0.00USD
Iryna Ihnatenko. Choloviche tilo u tradytsiyniy kulturi ukraintsiv. (The Male Body in the Traditional Culture of Ukrainians)
The Male Body in the Traditional Culture of Ukrainians
Domestic: 103.14UAH
International: $15.28USD
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Alibi. Folk. /digi-pack/.

...arrangements of this album very relevantly intertwine Ukrainian melodies with folk tunes of other nations. The palette is very broad – from klezmer and to gospel – and that, you know, positively impresses. Definitely – "Alibi" grows over itself, and grows in an interesting way.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Sofia Andrukhovych. Felix Austria.

An ordinary spot on the border of the "happy Austria", where they live, suffer... And against the backdrop of the era that for next generations will increasingly get wrapped in myths of an idyllic life – the lives of two women that got so closely intertwined, as if trunks of trees – in an inseparable grasp that does not make it possible to live, or breathe, stay or leave.
Domestic price: 93.96UAH, International price: $13.92USD

H.I. Maiboroda National Honored Bandurist Choir. Folklore Ensemble "Kozaky".

Ukrainian folk instruments are rich and varied. The most ancient music instruments are: tambourine, bandura, torban, dulcimers, basolya, bass, lyre, pan-pipe, dentsivka (Huzul type of the pan-pipe), kuvytsya, trembita, surma, bagpipe, drymba. "Kozaky" ensemble uses virtually all of the instruments mentioned.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Iryna Bilyk. Farby. (re:2008). (Colors)

Starting from here – in the further three albums – Iryna Bilyk practically no longer succeeded in writing weak song... The album "Colors" did not raise her to the same level as that of other stars, as is usually happens, but created an absolutely separate, own height – Iryna Bilyk became the first and the only one...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Ol'ha Bohomolec'. For Lina Kostenko Con Amore. /Hyacinth Sun/. (2CD).

..the whole album is devoted to writings by Lina Kostenko. And one does not even want to say how much beauty, love, pain, intelligence, passion, contemplation are there in her poems.. Yes, all of this is there. But the main thing is that they are – extremely honest. And it is honesty that is able to make these beauty, pain, love, understanding – significant, deep, perceptible and important for others. For us.
Domestic price: 222.21UAH, International price: $32.92USD

Boombox. Family business.

Here, there is simplicity that has nothing in common with primitivism. Here, there is young but not blind energy – and it makes significant, purposeful steps. And you, the listener, walk hand in hand with it. Because there is accuracy of music solutions – and it means that you at once notice what you are listening to.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Deep Tone project. Flow.

..That's right, the music of this album really flows – there is no stagnant water at all here. It's not very much like the sea, but it does not seem to have the temper of mountain rivers either. Confident, powerful, but gentle movement forward...
Domestic price: 0.00UAH, International price: $0.00USD

Esthetic Education. Face Reading. /digi-pack/

The cultivation of taste must simply be carried out - it must continue, and it must be carried out not in a separate point of space or in the framework of a certain musical style or trend.
Domestic price: 85.12UAH, International price: $12.61USD

Fairy-Tales of Peoples of the World. Ukrainian mp3 Collection.

The depth of funds of the National Radio Company of Ukraine opens up from a new side on discs of the series "Ukrainian Mp3 Collection". Actually, it is possible to boldly state that at present each disc of this series contains some pleasant surprises, rare findings.
Domestic price: 134.46UAH, International price: $19.92USD

Fannie Flagg. Smazheni zeleni pomidory v kafe "Zupynka". (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe)

...Love and hatred, racial intolerance and mutual respect, honor and meanness, victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow – all of those intertwine in the interesting relaxed story and seems to involve the reader as a participant of the events.
Domestic price: 93.96UAH, International price: $13.92USD

Alex Fantaev. First Kiss. /digi-pack/ will not be an overstatement if we say that the debut album by Fantaev has been virtually the most expected jazz release 2008 in Ukraine. But even more than that – already following the first concert presentations after the recording but before the official release of the disc, "First Kiss" was named the best jazz program of the year.
Domestic price: 114.21UAH, International price: $16.92USD

Fat People. /Gordos/. (DVD).

We are in a support group for people with excess weight. Where the diet is discussed in the last turn, while in the forefront there is the question "why am I like this?" Behind the wall of fat, high passions rage, fears and desires build up... What if going through life with such a "safety cushion" is exactly what one needs?
Domestic price: 76.14UAH 51.03UAH
International price: $11.28USD $7.56USD

Favourite verses. A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA.

Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Fiona Watt. Velyka rozmalyovka z tsyframy. (Large Coloring Book with Numbers)

The Old Lion has prepared the Large Coloring Book with Numbers for kids. So now drawing may become a true family affair. This coloring book will provide you and, most importantly, your kids with hours of colorful happiness. So hurry up to grab colored pens or pencils and get down to business!
Domestic price: 130.14UAH, International price: $19.28USD

Fizyka. Audio and Video Manual. (2DVDs). (Physics)

Quantum Physics, Atom Physics, Electric stream in various environments.
Domestic price: 134.66UAH, International price: $19.95USD
This item is not available for the moment

Fleur. Fl'orohrafija. /digi-pack/. (Fleurography)

The collection is – the songs for it were selected not by the musicians, but by the audience by voting on the Net. Consequently – it is approximately so, in the opinion of the majority of fans, that a concert of "Fleur" must look like at present. The concert in which each next song immerses you even deeper, even more attentively, more transparently.
Domestic price: 147.96UAH, International price: $21.92USD

Flushed Away. (DVD).

The pampered mouse Roddy Saint-James thinks that life is good... but suddenly he is flushed away into the whirling world of Ninja frogs, killer rats and singing slugs. This amazingly inventive adventure comedy will overwhelm both children and adults with a wave of fun!
Domestic price: 89.64UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Frankenweenie. (DVD).

From creative genius Tim Burton comes Frankenweenie, a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life-with just a few minor adjustment...
Domestic price: 80.66UAH, International price: $11.95USD

Frankenweenie. /Blu-ray/.

From creative genius Tim Burton comes Frankenweenie, a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life-with just a few minor adjustment...
Domestic price: 89.64UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Franz Kafka. Tvory. /Novels, short stories, diaries, letters/. (Works)

This is the first comprehensive collection of Kafka's works in Ukraine executed by three well-known translation experts: Evgen Popovych, Oleksa Lohvynenko, and Petro Taraschuk. The book of selected works presents short stories from all lifetime and posthumous publications, the novels, as well as his letters and diaries.
Domestic price: 98.62UAH, International price: $14.61USD

From Paris with Love. (DVD).

A personal aide to U.S. Ambassador in France, James Reece has an enviable life in Paris and a beautiful French girlfriend, but his real passion is his side job as a low-level operative for the CIA. All James wants is to become a bona fide agent and see some real action. So when he's offered his first senior-level assignment, he can't believe his good luck – until he meets his new partner...
Domestic price: 76.14UAH 51.03UAH
International price: $11.28USD $7.56USD

Borys Hmyrya. From the Treasury of the World Performing Arts.

The love theme in songs by Grieg-Andersen, as well as in folk poetry, are closely linked with nature. And this is understandable. Only in nature and through it you can find the purity and lyrical originality of the feeling that permeated music by Grieg and poetry by Andersen ...
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Jamala. For Every Heart. /digi-pack/

Jamala – and the debut album illustrates this very nicely – creates light music in the best Western tradition. And not just coolly – at a high quality level. Her love for soul, funk, jazz, burlesque and even classical music – it's all here, in this music so many things are mixed that you cannot guess everything at once...
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Jamala. For Every Heart: Live at Arena Concert Plaza. (CD+DVD). /digi-pack/.

The concert performance – it is different, and not only due to presence of a new song. The sound, nuances of arrangements, team of musicians – but, above all – the energy. And this is the case when, even while just listening to the recording, you experience a kind of happening – not least due to Jamala's affection for gospel.
Domestic price: 195.21UAH, International price: $28.92USD

Dmitry Krasnoukhov. Fairy Peace. (Magic World)

Recently, Dmytro Krasnouhov has released two new discs at once – "Magic World" is one of them. And this is really a magic world of transparent simplicity, some almost childish ability to notice small secrets inside of every ordinary day – the ability to see bright adventures where hustling people see names only.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Mykhaylo Krymov, Olexander Lyubchenko. Fourth Key. Live in Dnipropetrovsk. /digi-pack/

Virtuosity of Olexander Lyubchenko really strikes – one can only regret that the disc does not contain a video recording. But what strikes even more is how voluminous, open to all sides of the wind his music is. It seems to have absorbed true colors from various corners of the world remaining at the same time – distinctly personal...
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

State chamber ensemble "Kyiv Soloists". From Romantic Times. Kyiv Soloists Play.

All three composers – Grieg, Sibelius and Mendelssohn were wonderful at orchestration and that is why they often adapted their choral and chamber music for orchestra. This debut album from the "Kyiv Soloists Play" series is in a way a true anthology of orchestra transcription.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH 80.59UAH
International price: $14.92USD $11.94USD

Mad Heads XL. Forever.

In the sphere of music, the group has developed and deepened the stylistics set with the album "There Is Hope" – thus, drive has became a bit less hard, but in some respect even more powerful, plastic. But there is also another aspect.Vadym Krasnooky becomes – forgive my loose definition – a lyrically-cheerful philosopher, and this does impress.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

the Maneken. First Look. /digi-pack/

It is not a secret that Maneken is Evgen Filatov, across whose remixes in the quality of DJ Major you quite often come in our store in albums of lots of popular performers. Well, and now it's time for an acquaintance with the author's music by Evgen – and it truly deserves favorable attention and proves that with practically each track of the disc.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

NeDilya. Fortissimo.

..the impression is that Dilya has finally discovered and realized what he aspires to in actual fact. The impression is that "Fortissimo" is currently not only the best of his albums, but also one of the best pop-rock albums of the recent time in general. It resembles a picture drawn with wide strokes, skillfully and freely, with passion – but also a lot of attention to nuances.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Pelican Jazz Quartet. From Spain to Brasil. /re-edition, digi-pack/.

...the disc by a completely different jazz project by Serhiy Krasheninnikov – Pelican Jazz Quartet. I hope you will enjoy this music – spontaneous, slightly peppery, far from finished grinding, unpredictable, as is Life itself. Indeed, Jazz is free music of free people! Free both in life, and in their self-expression...
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Perkalaba. Familia PERKALABA. Tribute to Gutzul Sound System. (2CD). /digi-pack/.

Like-minded friends – very different, sometimes diametrically. But all together it is wonderful – it impresses with its integrity, some unconscious common code. Do you want to learn something non-obvious about Perkalaba? Here's a look from behind the mirror. Two hours of Joy and Happiness for the Orchestra and all those who are com-passionate..
Domestic price: 201.96UAH, International price: $29.92USD

Bohdana Pivnenko, Valeriy Matiukhin, Valentyn Sylvestrov. Fleeting Melodies. (premium release). /digi-pack/

"...there is a certain analogy with Bach's cycle "The Art of the Fugue"; in Bach's work the didactic idea and its application are primary. I could have called this cycle "The Art of the Melody", but in this name the didactic idea is missing and only the "art" is represented; thus "fleeting melodies" – the expanse, in which melodies exist on the boundary between their appearance and disappearance..."
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Tanya Radosteva, Aby MC. F5. /digi-pack/

There happen moments in life when suddenly you understand that you are happy not some time after, not some time ago – but right now, right here, just as you are – happy... This album is full of exactly such happiness – it exists right here and now, it quietly shines in each melody. Here, it is very cozy...
Domestic price: 161.66UAH, International price: $23.95USD

Revenko Band. Felicity.

Airy, almost weightless, joyful – although with a light pensive note, but without anchors of sorrow. This is not slow, heated summer – rather, fresh coolness of early spring, which is not afraid to become an attentive autumn in the course of time.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

SAMATA. Fire-show.

If music of the album were not interesting, even then this release would be worth buying – for the sake of the booklet, because it is a separate transparent trip. However, we a lucky – the music also opens for us something new indeed. Or, maybe, you know other works in the style of "Carpathians new-age with elements of ethnic jazz"?
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Sax Kings. Fever. /digi-pack/.

"Fever" is a studio work. So, on the one hand, there is no living "breathing of the audience", the proper concert experience. But on the other – there is no room for concerns, everything is polished to shine (although, I must say, at concerts the quartet also sounds so smoothly that sometimes it seems almost unbelievable)...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Pavlo Shepeta, Danylo Zverkhanovsky Quartet. Facing You. Jazz Kolo live. (DVD).

The video version of the concert that took place on June, 8, 2010 within the framework of the concert series "Jazz Kolo". The quartet of Danyl Zverkhanovsky – a student of Volodymyr Shabaltas – performed in the first part of this concert. The second part of the concert is performance by the renowned jazz masters: Pavlo Shepeta Trio includes, besides him, Maks Gladetsky and Valery Volkov.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Valeriy Shevchuk. Four Novels.

The new book by the famous contemporary Ukrainian writer includes four well-known novels and stories. Events in these works cover five centurie...
Domestic price: 98.62UAH, International price: $14.61USD

Natalka Snyadanko. Frau Muller ne nalashtovana platyty bilshe. (Frau Müller is Not Willing to Pay More)

Irony, social philosophy, sexual and psychological sparkles, plus indestructible Ukrainian historical reflections – such a sophisticated but delicious cocktail. This is, sure, "women's prose" – but by Natalka Sniadanko, thus not in the banal sense of that. This book should be read by everyone – to better understand everyone...
Domestic price: 67.16UAH, International price: $9.95USD

Stoned Jesus. First Communion. /digi-pack/.

The third numbered album by Stoned Jesus has been released surprisingly quickly – there are only four compositions, but it's 40 minutes of vigorous and controversial beauty. Moreover (note the title), this is the album that could become the first one in the group's discography..
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Vopli Vidopliassova. Fayno. /anniversary release, digi-pack/.

Only one thing remains unchanged at each new occurrence of these musicians - it is high quality and power of creativity. This is not a "live" concert, but you may be convinced, that charismatic Oleh Skrypka still can break the internal protective borders of listeners and take them to the next level of feeling and perception.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Vchid U Zminnomu Vzutti. For Ever. /digi-pack/.

In the end, this album turns out... at the intersection between a certain sense of nostalgia and the desire to comprehend one's place and take a step forward. Of course, it is not without irony – but you know, even in their smiles adults always allocate some space for sorrow. Such a double bottom drive...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Halych Chamber Choir "Yevshan". Fol'klorna skrynja.

Here usual Ukrainian songs sound as spiritual ones, though they seem to have nothing to do with the church. So then, here a song as it is acquires a new quality and a new content – to be exact, an old and almost forgotten content.
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Igor Zavadsky. Festival. (2CD).

"Festival" is the fifth consecutive album by Igor Zavadsky, it consists of two discs. In addition to solo performances, a duo with the accordion, and the performance accompanied by a chamber orchestra, for the first time on the disc Igor Zavadsky used the sound of his instrument as part of a large symphonic orchestra and choir.
Domestic price: 202.16UAH, International price: $29.95USD

Danylo Zverkhanovsky Quartet, Pavlo Shepeta. Facing You. Jazz Kolo live. (2CD). /digi-pack/

The quartet of Danyl Zverkhanovsky – a student of Volodymyr Shabaltas – performed in the first part of this concert. The second part of the concert is performance by the renowned jazz masters: Pavlo Shepeta Trio includes, besides him, Maks Gladetsky and Valery Volkov.
Domestic price: 147.96UAH, International price: $21.92USD

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13 january 2017
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30 december 2016
Congratulations and – our action "48 Hours"!
Serhiy Zhadan. Plyvy rybo plyvy. /art book/. (Swim, Fish, Swim)
Zhadan. Swim, Fish, Swim. /art book/.
Domestic: 100.71UAH
International: $14.92USD
Maria Burmaka. The Second Child Album. (+ karaoke). /digi-pack/.
The Second Child Album
Domestic: 120.96UAH
International: $17.92USD
N.Klymenko, P.Melnyk-Krysachenko. Ukrainska lehko! (Ukrainian Easily!)
Ukrainian Easily!
Domestic: 127.71UAH
International: $18.92USD
Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music. Collection. 6 CDs box-set.
Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music
Domestic: 604.26UAH 513.61UAH
International: $89.52USD $76.09USD