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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Iryna Bilyk. Forever. (mp3).

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Iryna Bilyk. Forever. (mp3).

Iryna Bilyk is not just the person who was at the sources of the modern Ukrainian pop music. To a certain extent, she was this source, the figure so crucial that it is practically impossible to over-estimate that. The first and, presumably, the only Ukrainian pop queen – there is nobody to compare with her, although there are different ones, but those are already different. This person is talented enough to influence – and it has already happened not once – the change of directions of the pop stage development in Ukraine. I understand that it sounds ambitious – but, first of all, Iryna Bilyk’s ambitions can hardly be called modest, and, secondly, she does have reasons for them. But let’s leave it aside and better pay attention to something not less interesting. For example, the album "Krajina". Right after its release, it became a rarity as quickly, as it became popular – and there was never the second release. And, to the best of my knowledge, no releases are planned in the near future, unfortunately. But, in the end, almost all works by Iryna, except for a couple of the recent ones, are rather difficult to find today – and they really deserve being found. Check that yourself – this disc gives you that opportunity – and visit us again. And we will be waiting – and searching.

Format: mp3

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Publisher: Astra Records
Year: 2006

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Iryna Bilyk

Domestic price: 194.60UAH
International price: $13.90USD
  Kuvala zozulja (1990)
1.  Do tebe
2. Mp3Kuvala zozulja
3.  Dyvnyj son
4.  Poljuby mene, Juro
5. Mp3Hodi vzhe
6. Mp3Zorjana nich
7.  Rizdvjana pisnja
  Ja rozkazhu (1994)
8.  Lyshe tvoja
9.  Pislja kohannja
10.  Scho bulo
11.  Haj zhyve nadija
12. Mp3Ja rozkazhu
13. Mp3Bozhevil'na
14. Mp3Nova
15.  Nich novorichna
  Nova (1995)
16.  Nova (dance remix)
17. Mp3Nich jak nich
18.  Doroha v nikudy
19. Mp3Paramy
20.  Pislja kohannja (remix)
21.  Bozhevil'na (dance remix)
22. Mp3Ty mij
23.  Hochu
24.  Pislja kohannja (dubmix)
  Tak prosto (1996)
25.  Daj ruku meni
26.  Fransua
27. Mp3Taku prosto
28. Mp3Doschem
29.  Baju
30. Mp3Tia-tu (ja pyshu tobi lysta)
31.  Prosto lito
32. Mp3Ja idu na vijnu
33.  Tobi
34.  Tak prosto (dance)
35.  Zabula
  Farby (1997)
36. Mp3A ja plyvu
37. Mp3Odynokaja
38. Mp3Farby
39.  Schastja moje
40.  Ja ne znaju
41.  Serce
42.  Sonce
43.  Te, choho nema
44.  N-a-r-k-o-t-y-k-y
45.  Ja budu
46.  Montserrat
  Oma (2000)
47.  [Bez nazvy]
48. Mp3Bez nazvy
49.  [Viter]
50. Mp3Viter
51. Mp3Vybachaj
52.  Skazhy
53.  Ni
54. Mp3De more, jak ja
55.  Padaly...
56.  [OMA]
57.  OMA
58.  Vzhe osin'
59.  Vybachaj (akustychna versija)
60.  Bila pisnja
  Krajina (2003)
61. Mp3Doroha
62. Mp3Tvoji ruky
63.  Obcy ty
64.  Ja vidrizhu hvyli
65.  Sorry
66.  Ty anhel
67. Mp3Krajina
68.  A meni b tudy
69. Mp338
70. Mp3Ne plach, Marichko
71.  Cherez vysoki hory
72. Mp3Banduryste, orle syzyj
73.  Do pochatku
  Ljubov'. Jad. (2004)
74.  O ljubvy
75. Mp3Pomnyt'
76.  Ne takaja, kak vse
77.  Shutka
78. Mp3Sneh
79. Mp3Ljubov'. JaD
80.  Esly ty hochesh'
81.  Kyev – Lenynhrad
82.  Luchyky
83.  15 shahov
84.  Ljubov' – эto...
85.  Ty – na sever, ja – na juh (Iryna Bilyk, Danilko)
86. Mp3Vverh po reke
87.  Navsehda

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 194.60UAH
International price: $13.90USD
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Gaytana, Vitalij Kozlovs'kyj. 90 + 105 Minutes of Music. (mp3).

None of these two still has an extensive discography – but this may be considered as a lack only in view of their considerable popularity. From them, the audience constantly expects something fresh, bright – for each of these artists, and each in his/her own way, is a real decoration of the modern Ukrainian pop-scene.
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Assia Akhat. 320 Minutes of Music. (mp3).

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Natalka Karpa. mp3 Collection.

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Reviews (11)

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