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Natalka Karpa. mp3 Collection.

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Natalka Karpa. mp3 Collection.
In spite of her young age, Natalka Karpa today is not only a well known but also a really popular singer. At the same time again, disregarding her youth she has already had time to release as many as four solo albums, and each next album was more successful than the previous one. Moreover, Natalka has managed to found a producing center, which successfully enough takes care of a number of young performers. Thus, no matter how you approach that, it always results in that you look at a talented and successful girl who without haste but confidently heads towards peaks of her popularity. Therefore, release of this disc seems quite deserved the singer's popularity fully justifies appearance of such collection. However, the Christmas album by Natalka Karpa is not included into it still, that is not too strange instead, there is the currently latest "History" album. Well, and, sure, some bonuses.

Important notice! Record is made in mp3 format. All files names are in Ukrainian.

Disclamer: All software proposed AS IS. We do not guarantee that it will be working on your PC. We have tested every CD on our PC and it works fine.

Publisher: LIDA
Year: 2008

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Natalka Karpa

Domestic price: 166.60UAH
International price: $11.90USD
  Ljubov vrjatuje svit
1.  Ja nikoly ne zmozhu zabuty tebe
2.  Sertse kryzhane
3. Mp3Anhele miy
4.  Ja za toboju shaleniju
5.  Senyoryta
6. Mp3Mylyy
7.  U doli - svoja vesna
8.  Ja - tvoje krylo
9.  Shchoroku - i vesna, i osin
10.  Khto ty takyy?
11. Mp3Khudozhnyk
12.  Povernys nazad
13.  Ja zberezhu
14.  Ljubov vrjatuje svit
  Ty probach meni
15.  A kalyna ne verba
16.  Pidu za toboju
17.  Bez tebe muchus
18. Mp3Tobi, tobi odnomu
19. Mp3Zacharuy mene
20.  V sadu huljala
21.  Zelenyy lystochok
22. Mp3Ja dodomu povernus
23.  Vesilna
24.  Miy charivnyk
25.  Hrinho
26. Mp3Zyma
27.  Znaju (duet z Henykom)
28.  Ty probach meni (duet z Henykom)
29. Mp3Vpershe
30.  Tviy holos
31. Mp3Davay tantsjuy
32.  Opera kokhannja
33. Mp3Moje sertse
34.  Ja dlja tebe zhyvu
35.  Bili nochi
36.  Chas nadiy (feat. MAXIMUS
37. Mp3Anakonda
38.  Shokoterapija
39.  A kalyna ne verba (remiks)
40. Mp3My istorija
41.  My istorija (remiks)
42.  My istorija (remiks)
  Kolektsija foto

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Domestic price: 166.60UAH
International price: $11.90USD
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22 february 2022
The "Return Alive" Foundation
13 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock. Olena Teliha" the album as a present!
Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection. /digi-pack/.
Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection.
Domestic: 222.60UAH
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