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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Serhiy Zhadan. Zhyttia Mariyi. (The Life of Maria)

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Serhiy Zhadan. Zhyttia Mariyi. (The Life of Maria)
"The easiest thing to do during a war is hating others. The hardest thing is to reach understanding. Even with your guys. But we must try, otherwise the war will never end. And in order to reach understanding, one needs to talk. The key thing without losing humanism, that is with love and care. Zhadan talks about the dearest letters and burnt bridges, lost spots and destroyed cities. In the rhymed verse and in the free verse, with his own words and translated ones. He talks to his guys and to aliens, to saints and those not very saint, to the fallen military and living refugees and, sure, to us. In order to rescue if not us, then at least our children."

In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 114x164 mm
Number of pages: 184
Publisher: Knyhy-XXI, Chernivtsi

- R.M.Rilke (z tsyklu "Zhyttja Mariji"). Blahovishchennja

1. Virshi

- Nashi dity, Marije, rostut, niby trava

- Zvidky ty, chorna valko, ptashyna zhraje?

- Vizmy lyshe nayvazhlyvishe. Vizmy lysty

- Choho lyshe ne pobachysh na tsykh vokzalakh

- Os ja lyshaju zbroju y pochynaju povzty

- Soldatske vzuttja same dlja tsykh kamjanykh dorih

- Chorna, lamana, zla, zymova

- Ne rozumijuchy pislja, ne spryymajuchy do

- Tomu shcho nikoly tebe ne vyrvesh

- Lito lyshylo tobi vysoku pshenytsju

- Vnochi ja ne vstyh pro tse skazaty

- I shcho robyty z usim tsym teper

- Zoloto na vodi y vohni za rikoju

- Ptakh unochi zabyvajetsja do kimnaty

- Ja by nikoly ne hovoryv tsykh sliv, jakby ne ymovirnist

- Mozhlyvo, ja prosto ne vmiju peredaty vse tse slovamy

- Davay, skazhy jiy shchos, zupyny

- Ja tak i ne zrozumiv kilkokh rechey

- Pershi dni lystopada

- Dobre, dobre, znyshchuy lysty

- Des na pochatku oseni zjavljajutsja tysha y mits

- I vzhe koly ty spysh, pochynajetsja snih

2. Chomu mene nemaje v sotsialnykh merezhakh

- Holka \\ Poshukovyk \\ Sekta \\ Chechenka \\ Psykh \\ Maroder \\ Pleyjer \\ Kapelan \\ Shpyhun \\ Nosorih

- A zaraz ja rozpovim tobi, jak zustrichavsja z dyjavolom

- Z choho vse pochalosja?

- Ja z neju y poznayomyvsja tsilkom vypadkovo, v chuzhomu misti

- Tsilu nich vona spivaje v svojiy kimnati

- Na ranok rozhledity kolir jiji ochey

- Zranku tut padaje snih, niby minjajut lashtunky

- Bilshe nichoho ne bude, vona povtorjuje

- Dekomu krashche vdajutsja pryholosni, dekomu holosni

- Pamjatajesh? pytaju

- Kochehare, doky bjetsja zalizne sertse mashyny

- Vahitnist

- Violonchelist

- Ryba v tsomu ozeri dyvna: skilky lovymo jiji

- Plyvy, rybo, plyvy

- Jak vono, pytaje vin, zhyty bez pochuttja provyny?

- V nastupnomu zhytti, bud laska, zhodnykh rozmov pro zhyttja

- Stilky vysokoho dymu y teplykh sporud

- Prokydaysja. Doky ty spysh, tramvaji pochuvajutsja vynnymy

- Slova, jakymy mozhna vse pojasnyty, zavzhdy prosti

- Salman trymav na vokzali kiosky

- Svoboda (2 berdychivski jevreji)

- Perelyvannja nas robyt bayduzhymy do krovi

- 2015-yy rik

- Starshi pytajut Fomu

- Os i tobi, Mahdalyno, rizdvjanoji nochi

- Doky tebe sterezhe tvoja spraha

- Pryfrontove misto naperedodni Rizdva

3. Pereklady. Cheslav Milosh

- Pisenka pro kinets svitu \\ Bidnyy khrystyjanyn dyvytsja na hetto \\ Pisnja hromadjanyna \\ Kavjarnja \\ Peredmistja \\ Bidnyy poet \\ U Varshavi \\ Dytja Jevropy \\ Shchastja \\ Ne bilshe \\ Oda do ptakha \\ Povynen, ne povynen \\ Postavljat tam ekrany \\ Dyfiramb \\ Tviy holos \\ Zakljattja \\ Tak malo \\ Zavdannja \\ Dar \\ Vtecha

Publisher: Knyhy-XXI
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176140856
Year: 2015

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Serhiy Zhadan

Domestic price: 236.60UAH
International price: $16.90USD
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Serhiy Zhadan. Spysok korabliv. (The Ships List)

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80 new poems written over the past two years. 80 attempts to experience by touch the time that we live in, that we breathe, that we talk about. The time every touch of which burns. The time where private diary entries may turn out to be a military chronicle, and Biblical stories morning news.
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Iryna Tsilyk. Hlybyna rizkosti. (The Depth of Sharpness)

..almost every woman can do that: give birth to a baby and start to intensively recall her own childhood; see her husband go to the war and start drawing parallels with the wars long past. But not everyone can with such love and determination express that, making the past as sharp as the present, and the present as deep as the past.
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Bohdana Matiyash. rozmovy z Bohom. /second edition, extended/. (talking to the God)

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Borys Khersonsky. Kosmosnash.

"...I think that the most important things about my poems are sight and memory. Medieval Christianity commands us to remember the four "last things" death, Judgment, hell, and paradise. But while these things have not been fulfilled, we remember the penultimate thing. Let's call it to be short life." Borys Khersonsky
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Nazar Honchar. Avtoportrety. "Ukrainian Poetry Anthology". (Self-Portraits)

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Andriy Panchyshyn. Na vulytsy Batiarskiy. Songs from Lviv. (In Batiarska Street)

The collection of Lviv batyar songs created by Andriy Panchyshyn will takes you to the Lviv that today is almost gone. Sincere street romanticism, unique humor, colorful language...
Domestic price: 152.60UAH, International price: $10.90USD

Oksana Zabuzhko. Poems, 1980-2013.

This volume of selected poems by the famous Ukrainian poet includes the best of her writings in 1980-2013. In addition to the texts that were previously published, the publication includes selected poetry translations from various years (of R.M.Rilke, Sylvia Plath, C.Milosz, Y.Brodsky et al.), as well as new poems published for the first time.
Domestic price: 320.60UAH, International price: $22.90USD

Halyna Kruk. Spiv/isnuvannya. (Singing of Existence/ Coexistence)

What is it like coexistence of everything with everything? What is it like that singing of existence? The God of our time polysemy tempts us with shimmer of meanings, the desire to reconcile the irreconcilable. How is it possible to sing the entire diversity of the world in one song? This is what the new poems by the famous Lviv poetess Halyna Kruk..
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