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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Bohdana Matiyash. rozmovy z Bohom. /second edition, extended/. (talking to the God)

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Bohdana Matiyash. rozmovy z Bohom. /second edition, extended/. (talking to the God)
This small book, in fact, is as if some log cabins in fairy-tales. Those, you know, that outside look small, but when you enter them you find there a palace sometimes, and sometimes even a whole country. While in this case the whole Universe is hidden there... Open, defenseless, soft but it is for this reason, though it might look paradoxically, that it is very strong. Bohdana Matiyash has managed not to describe, not to convey with words what she wanted to say. Instead, her words so simple, transparent and frank have turned into the door opening into the warm heart and through it probably, into infinity... "Talking to the God" is such honest, deep, true intimacy that one almost fails to believe: is it really a book of the 21st century? That restless and inattentive one where we are living really? And do we live, indeed? But here, right in front of you, is a proof of true life, as it seems to me. In which there is, for example, the desire to search and the ability to find. Not necessarily answers possibly, just ways. But a way is also, in the end, an answer...
Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)
Kost' Moskalets once referred to this book as the most sensational poetic publication of the year, and Andriy Bondar suggested that "Conversations with God" over time would become a cult book...

In Ukrainian.
Illustrations: Oksana Tryhub
Type of the edition: soft cover
Format: 190x165 mm
Number of pages: 80, illustrated
Publisher: Discursus, Brusturiv
- 1 "mozhe skazhesh meni Bozhe shcho v tsomu nemaje..."
- 2 "rybu miy Hospody teper zavzhdy dovodytsja..."
- 3 (4) "ty bachysh jak meni skladno hovoryty z..."
- 4 (5) "sohodni ja vchusja tebe slukhaty..."
- 5 (8) "a bachysh ja vse odno shche ne mozhu..."
- 6 (9) "znajesh Bozhe tsi ostanni dni..."
- 7 (10) "bachysh shche trokhy y zmozhu hovoryty z toboju inakshe..."
- 8 (11) "a mozhe Bozhe inakshe mozhe moje sertse..."
- 9 (16) "Bozhe znaju shcho ja khotila by tobi podaruvaty..."
- 10 (18) "bude vesna bude taka pohozha jak u dytynstvi..."
- 11 (19) "chujesh jak dovkola tykho..."
- 12 (21) "Bozhe doshch proshu tebe ne vidchynjay..."
- 13 (29) "berezhy Bozhe vsikh u koho mokri ochi..."
- 14 (32) "tak ne mohla tak ne mohla ni hovoryty ni bachyty..."
- 15 (35) "nashi lysty Bozhe nashi slova chasom ljahajut iz-pid paltsiv..."
- 16 (36) "ty tak harno movchysh sohodni ty tak harno..."
- 17 (40) "i todi tak tykho spochatku vseredyni..."
- 18 (45) "ty zh bachysh sohodni nemaje chasu..."
- 19 (48) "jak nemovljata torkajutsja rukamy povitrja..."
- 20 (49) "chasom dumaju Bozhe chasom prosto..."
- 21 (57) "ja nikoly ne vmila dobre maljuvaty..."
- 22 (58) "a potim ja kydajusja bihty cherez..."
- 23 (59) "a teper zalyshit mene a teper..."
- 24 (60) "zakhlynajusja vid vody..."
- 25 (61) "sestrychko moja ridnenkaja vizmy mene..."
- 26 (62) "ja khotila by Bozhe shchoby ty zalyshyv meni..."
- 27 (63) "sered tsijeji oseni ja vyhljadaju duzhe nedorechno..."
- 28 (64) " kozhen bil jakby ty zakhotiv Hospody mih by..."
- 29 (66) "djakuju shcho mozhu buty sohodni djakujuchy..."
- 30 (67) "vin smijetsja vin kazhe shcho na mene spuskajutsja pavuchky..."
- 31 (69) "vidkhekajemosja vid usoho jak dosvidcheni..."
- 32 (70) "meni podobajetsja shcho ryby..."
- 33 (71) "ja zasynaju tilky todi..."
- 34 (73) "ty dyvujeshsja shcho moji ruky ta y zreshtoju vsja shkira..."
- 35 (74) "naybilshe u sviti..."
- 36 (79) "sohodni ja duzhe vidchuvaju jak sumuje shkira..."
- 37 (80) "napysavshy tobi lysta zasynaju poobitsjavshy..."
- 38 (82) "ponad lystja kulbab..."
- 39 (83) "ljubov ta shcho prykhodyt kazhe vidday..."
- 40 (85) "napovny mene vdoju miy Hospody bo..."
- 41 (89) "meni tak shkoda shcho..."
- 42 (92) "skuchaju koly..."
- 43 (93) "znajesh jakby mozhna bulo prosyty pro molytvu..."
- 44 (95) "kozhnym podykhom..."
- 45 (97) "shcho my robytymemo tsey vechir Hospody..."
- 46 (98) "duzhe skuchaju Bozhe za zhinkoju jaku ty zabrav..."
- 47 (99) "ja obertajusja rivno nastilky shvydko..."
- 48 (101) "ja duzhe radiju Hospody ja tak bahato radiju..."
- 49 (102) "dobre shcho my nikoly ne odni..."
- 50 (103) "vsi shcho prykhodjat prykhodjat rozkvitajuchy..."
- 51 (104) "meni staje sumno des sered dnja..."
- 52 (105) "koly ty zapytujesh..."
- 53 (106) "tak stvorjujesh svit shchob nam u vsomu maty pevnist..."
- 54 (108) "shvydko zatsvitut irysy..."
- 55 (109) "i zemljamiy Bozhe staje taka vidchutna..."

Publisher: Discursus
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789669731418
Year: 2013

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Bohdana Matiyash

Domestic price: 152.60UAH
International price: $10.90USD
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Serhiy Zhadan. Zhyttia Mariyi. (The Life of Maria)

Zhadan talks about the dearest letters and burnt bridges, lost spots and destroyed cities. In the rhymed verse and in the free verse, with his own words and translated ones. He talks to his guys and to aliens, to saints and those not very saint and, sure, to us. In order to rescue if not us, then at least our children.
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Marianna Kiyanovska. DO ER: selected works.

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Oksana Zabuzhko. Poems, 1980-2013.

This volume of selected poems by the famous Ukrainian poet includes the best of her writings in 1980-2013. In addition to the texts that were previously published, the publication includes selected poetry translations from various years (of R.M.Rilke, Sylvia Plath, C.Milosz, Y.Brodsky et al.), as well as new poems published for the first time.
Domestic price: 320.60UAH, International price: $22.90USD

Kateryna Babkina. Hirchytsya. Naive Poetry. (Mustard)

Of course, for each of readers and thus re-readers the list of favorite parts of this collection will be individual. Yet, where all of us will agree is that Katya Babkina has absolutely succeeded in the intonation and we've believed her. This sadness mixed with irony, this light, as after six coffees, bitterne...
Domestic price: 138.60UAH, International price: $9.90USD

Halyna Kruk. Spiv/isnuvannya. (Singing of Existence/ Coexistence)

What is it like coexistence of everything with everything? What is it like that singing of existence? The God of our time polysemy tempts us with shimmer of meanings, the desire to reconcile the irreconcilable. How is it possible to sing the entire diversity of the world in one song? This is what the new poems by the famous Lviv poetess Halyna Kruk..
Domestic price: 180.60UAH, International price: $12.90USD

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Oleksa Hryschenko. Moi roky v Tsarhorodi 1919-1920-1921. (My Years in Constantinople)
Oleksa Hryschenko. My Years in Constantinople
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As If I Am Not There
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