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Traditional Wedding Music of Ukrainians. Music Heritage of Ukraine.

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Traditional Wedding Music of Ukrainians. Music Heritage of Ukraine.
It is not a secret, especially for our constant visitors, that in Poltava region musical tradition has been preserved a little bit better than in any other region of Ukraine. It also concerns ceremonies and rites, in his particular case it concerns a wedding ceremony. In our time a wedding party is as a rule the case of several hours, if not minutes. Many yeas ago wedding festivities lasted several days. It is quite understandable that such an event could not take place without dancing and singing. This disc contains musical compositions that accompanied the key events of the ceremony – arrival of bridesmen and bridesmaids to the house of a bride, arrival of a bridegroom, dressing up of a bride, leading of a bride and a bridegroom to the altar. There are also dramatic moments here, such as unplaiting or parting of a bride with her family. Still, a certain period of time passes between the events, and this time should be filled in as well, that’s why the disc contains ballads, jokes and dances. Thus, the disc gives the listener a chance to gain the entire insight of a traditional Ukrainian wedding party – the way it used to be in Poltava region in old times. Especially since the performance here is authentic.

Publisher: JRC
Catalogue number: JRC 05081 - 2
Year: 2005

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1.  Pol'ka-jora
2. Mp3Kotylysja j orishky
3.  Nema-nema Tanjushechky doma
4.  Oj ne hody, ta rozkudrjavyj
5.  Dajesh mene, nen'ka moja, molodoju
6.  Krakov’jak
7.  Oj tam, za lisochkom
8.  Brala vodu pid kalynoju
9.  Oj u poli na rozdoli
10.  Oj sluhajte, chy ne hrim hrymyt'
11. Mp3Oj hljan', maty, da na novu lavu
12.  Parapet
13.  Pomalen'ku jdite
14.  Oj ljudy, ljudy – vorohy
15. Mp3Ukrajins'kyj hopak
16.  Scho v sinechkah holubok hude
17.  Zdvyhnulasja hata
18.  Oj ne sydy, Tetjanochko, bokom
19.  Vylitalo halenja
20. Mp3Scho v nashoho bat'ka
21.  Komaryns'ka
22.  A letjat' halochky
23.  Jak posiju rozhu
24.  Oj da na vyhoni kozy pasla
25.  Val's
26.  Ta zasvity zh ty, maty, svichku
27.  Letila zozulja, na berezhku sila
28.  A v Kyjevi na rynochku
29.  Hrechanyky
30.  Oj tam na hori
31.  A zelenaja ta dibrovon'ka
32.  Oj dizhechka, dizhechka, oj dubovaja
33.  Ta kosyv bat'ko, kosyv ja
34.  Chas dodomu, chas
35.  Pol'ka
 Total playing time: 68:40

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Reviews (2)

  , Прилуки, Ukraina
26-09-2005 19:53

Є такий гарний український мультфільм - Жив був пес... Нашій малечі він дуже подобається... І от якось ми із жінкою посперечалися, чи є пісня "Та косив батько, косив я" народною, чи ні... У всьому інтернеті я знайшов лише два посилання на цю пісню... Одне з них - на цьому сайті... Ми замовили диск та отримали просто чудову підбірку полісько-слобожанських українських пісень... Дуже рекомендую всім поціновувачам...


  , Pavlograd, Ukraina
12-09-2005 10:33

Blahoslovy Vas, Bodge, za Vash vysoki trudy! Naj beredge Vas Prechysta Joho Matir u zdorov'ji ta dobrobyti!