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Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
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Holosy mynuloho. Zhyvi perekazy Poltavschyny. Music Heritage of Ukraine. /digi-pack/. (Voices of the Past. Live Narratives of Poltavschina)

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Holosy mynuloho. Zhyvi perekazy Poltavschyny. Music Heritage of Ukraine. /digi-pack/. (Voices of the Past. Live Narratives of Poltavschina)

If a person is truly interested in the past, he/she will use any occasion to listen to history narrated by eyewitnesses, and not to read retellings of what was retold. Evidently, it is easy to use such approach only in relation to history that is not too ancient. But there are some valuable exceptions from this rule. For example Ц ancient folk songs in authentic performance. For during the ages they have preserved not only texts, but also the characteristic features of performance, intonation virtually unchanged. That is why, actually, virtually unchanged is the space to which it is possible to relate through these songs Ц and this space is also hundreds and hundreds years of age. Consequently, it appears that authentic performance is one of the few ways following which a modern person can arrive at the immediate sensation of the past of humanity. And even make an attempt to live through it. And as Ukrainian Poltavschina is famous for its riches of authentic material Ц it is normal that researches in this area bring rich results. One of them is now in front of you. The album offers to the listener traditional Poltava music of various styles and epochs Ц without arrangements, in the pure form. Such recordings may grow almost impossible in a very close future. Thus, listen Ц and do not say that you did not see it.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Melnychuk V.V.
Year: 2006

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1.  Vesnjanochka-panjanochka (the spring song)
2. Mp3Oj hodyv Donec' (ballade)
3.  Iz-za hory viter vije (the spring song)
4.  Vylitala halka (lyrical)
5.  Oj, pohmarylosja, zatumanylosja (lyrical)
6.  Oj zhuravko-zhuravko (strokova)
7. Mp3Z-pid kamenja a voda teche (lyrical)
8.  Kotylasja ta jasnaja zorja (lyrical)
9. Mp3Oj sho ja toho nedorostka (lyrical)
10.  Nedaleko mylyj ore (lyrical)
11. Mp3Ta zaskrypily vorit ochky tysoviji (wedding song), Pol'ka (tanec')(the dance)
12.  Komu volja, nam nevolja (lyrical)
13.  Oj iz-za hory z-za krutoji (wedding song)
14.  Puschu konja oj na jar na dolynu (kazaks song)
15.  Svity, maty, svichku (wedding song)
16.  Pol'ka 23
 Total playing time: 52:30

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