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Bel Kaufman. Vhoru skhodamy, scho vedut unyz. (Up the Down Staircase)

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Bel Kaufman. Vhoru skhodamy, scho vedut unyz. (Up the Down Staircase)
"A funny and touching story about a young inexperienced idealistic teacher who wants to change lives of her students. And about the students, who still need to survive in the bureaucratic chaos of the education system. How to protect teenagers from drugs, racial bias, and crime? And will there be a space for love in this story? And if so, for what kind of love?"
Translated from English by Iryna Serebryakova
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 130x200 mm
Number of pages: 472
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, Lviv


- Peredmova

Chastyna 1:

1. Zdorov, ticherko! 2. Nekhay tse stane dlja vas vyklykom 3. Z poshtovoji skryn‘ky mis Barret 4. Iz vnutrishn‘oho shkil‘noho lystuvannja 5. Navchaty vin zhadav... ¹1. 6. Tut nikoho nemaje 7. Navchaty vin zhadav... ¹2

Chastyna 2:

8. Zi shkil‘noji hazety "Horn" 9. Khto ne mozhe... 10. Protokol pedahohichnoji narady 11. Vykladats‘ke navantazhennja 12. Doza anhliys‘koji 13. Seredovyshche ta in.

Chastyna 3:

14. Persefona 15. Z koshyka dlja paperiv mis Barret 16. Plach Makheyba 17. Zi skryn‘ky propozytsiy 18. Dosi vchyteljujete? 19. Pidzemna Hretsija

Chastyna 4:

20. Zhyttjeva sytuatsija 21. Z doshky oholoshen‘ u 304-y 22. Hostre pytannja 23. Pomichaty smishne 24. Iz pravoji shukhljady stola u 304-y

Chastyna 5:

25. Lyst do Harsiji 26. Torkatys‘ ran 27. Roz'jasnennja statusu 28. Zi skryn‘ky propozytsiy

Chastyna 6:

29. Nekhodzhena doroha 30. Avtor namahajet‘sja skazaty 31. Mystetstvo komunikatsiji

Chastyna 7:

32. Doshka oholoshen‘ bilja hodynnyka 33. Den‘ vidkrytykh dverey 34. Vy zh tut vchytel‘ka 35. Prokhannja ne styraty 36. Intehratsija

Chastyna 8:

37. Okhayno chornylom 38. Prykryy vypadok 39. Dosjahnennja i problemy 40. Zi skryn‘ky propozytsiy

Chastyna 9:

41. Chy planujete Vy polasuvaty indychkoju? 42. Ja ne spysuju, ja shul‘ha 43. V konteksti otsinok 44. Suprovid do vbyral‘ni 45. Meni stalo vidomo... 46. Zi skryn‘ky propozytsiy

Chastyna 10:

47 Moje chytats‘ke zhyttja 48. Shcho ja propustyla? 49. Villoudeyl 50. Svitla storona osvity 51. I vy tezh poljubit‘ mene 52. Den‘ "Vchytel‘ na odyn den‘"

Chastyna 11:

53. Vhoru skhodamy, shcho vedut‘ unyz 54. Vitannja z nahody vashoji khvoroby 55. Nayvyshchyy bal za starannja 56. Suviy 57. Ser / madam

Chastyna 12:

58. Zdorov, patsyku!

Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176795568
Year: 2020

Domestic price: 222.60UAH
International price: $15.90USD
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