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Larysa Denysenko. Ya i Konstytutsiya. (I and the Constitution)

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Larysa Denysenko. Ya i Konstytutsiya. (I and the Constitution)

The group of authors, apart from Larysa Denysenko, ​​includes: Oleksandr Ilkov, Andriy Stelmaschuk, Alyona Shulima.
"Do you know what the Constitution of Ukraine is? And how our entire life and the life of the entire country can fit in one book? This is the supreme law that establishes and determines the state system, controls authorities, reminds us of respect, and makes it possible for you to feel safe and to make all of your dreams come true."
In Ukrainian.
Illustrations: Zhenia Oliynyk
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 160x250 mm
Number of pages: 88, illustrated
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, Lviv

- Vstupne slovo

- Shcho ty znajesh pro te, jak mozhesh rozvyvatysja?

- Shcho vazhlyvo znaty pro nashu neodnakovist‘?

- My – rizni ta unikal‘ni. A jednaje nas hromadjanstvo. My – hromadjanky ta hromadjany Ukrajiny!

- Pryhadaymo shche raz tviy den‘ narodzhennja

- Zhorstoka povedinka doroslykh abo ditey nepryynjatna nide i za zhodnykh obstavyn. Navit‘ bat‘ky ne majut‘ prava tebe prynyzhuvaty

- Konstytutsija rozpovidaje i pro duzhe nezrozumili, na pershyy pohljad, ale vazhlyvi rechi. Napryklad, pro prezumptsiju nevynuvatosti. Shcho zh tse take?

- A teper pomirkuymo pro te, jak my hovorymo. Chy mozhemo vyslovljuvatysja vil‘no?

- Ale mozhna ne til‘ky povazhaty prava inshykh ljudey, a y zajavljaty pro svoji vlasni prava, svobody, interesy ta potreby

- A teper pohovorymo pro osvitni prava, jaki odnochasno je i tvojimy obov'jazkamy

- Mrija kozhnoho – nikoly ne khvority, ale tak buvaje ne zavzhdy

- Shche na nashomu zdorov'ji poznachajet‘sja navkolyshnje seredovyshche (dovkillja) ta bezpechnist‘ toho, shcho my spozhyvajemo. Dovkillju tezh mozhut‘ zashkodyty ljudy. Sprobuymo z'jasuvaty, shcho tut i jak

- A shche kruto zaymatys‘ uljublenoju spravoju

- Konstytutsija okhoronjaje i pravo pryvatnoji vlasnosti

- A zaraz ujavy: os‘ tobi vypovnylosja 18 rokiv. Jak mozhe zminytysja tvoje zhyttja, na shcho vkazuje tviy kompas – Konstytutsija?

- A shcho zh robyt‘ Parlament? Prezydent – to odna ljudyna. A v Parlamenti pratsjuje azh 450 osib!

- Dlja choho i jak pratsjuje urjad

- Ty vzhe bahato pro shcho dovidalasja chy dovidavsja. Nastav chas poznayomytysja iz tym, jak pratsjuje pravosuddja

- My z'jasuvaly, khto zakhyshchaje ljudey, pravda? A teper sprobuymo z'jasuvaty, khto i jak zakhyshchaje Konstytutsiju

- Jak mozhe zminjuvatysja Konstytutsija?

- Moji notatky

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Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176796213
Year: 2019

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Larysa Denysenko

Domestic price: 270.20UAH
International price: $19.30USD
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