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Yulia Lyaschynska. Lelya z budynochka na derevi. (Lelya from the Tree House)

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Yulia Lyaschynska. Lelya z budynochka na derevi. (Lelya from the Tree House)
"Lelya is an ordinary girl, but she lives with her father and mother in a small house on a tree. One day evil neighbors come, who want to deprive them of their cozy home. However, resolute and brave Lelya, even though young, decides to defend the house..."
In Ukrainian
Illustrations: Lyudmyla Stetskovych
Edition type: hard cover
Format: 172x214 mm
Number of pages: 128, illustrated
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, Lviv

- Ja, burja i borshch

- Prababusja i jiji zasidka

- Nespodivana novyna

- U kabineti tatusja

- Opovidka pro Raviolja

- Laskavo prosymo z rohalykamy

- Nikoly ne pljuy proty vitru

- Jak zrobyty pryntsesu iz kerivnyka rjatuval‘noho zahonu

- Pan Synjupka prykhodyt‘ u hosti

- Shcho take "notarius"

- Pershyy den‘ oblohy

- Skarby pidzemellja

- Rychard vychikuje, Lelja balansuje

- Lelja na "zarobitkakh"

- Duplo-hoduval‘nytsja

- Svynoprynts ta yoho zvirjatko

- Hlybokyy strakh pani Synjupky

- Operatsija Ve-Be-Er-Ka-z-Er-Pe, Vyzvolennja bidolashnoho ruden‘koho kotyka z Rychardovoho polonu

- Lelja dumaje, jak viddaty velycheznyy borh

- Try rechi dlja torhivli na bazari

- Lelja-prodavchynja

- De bezslidno znykaje kovbasa

- V'jaznytsja imeni Rycharda Synjupky

- Lelja hotuje vtechu

- Shpyhuns‘ke vbrannja z pidruchnykh materialiv

- Lelja na zavdanni

- Vishchyy son

- Lelja vykorystovuje tajemnu zbroju

- Nemynucha myt‘

- Mandrivka pokynutym pidzemelljam

- Chas velykykh zmin

Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176793656
Year: 2017

Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
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