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Igor Zavadsky. Danielf. Concert recording.

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Igor Zavadsky. Danielf. Concert recording.
Ihor Zavadskyi is not simply an accordion player performing a broad classical repertoire. He is the only owner of "Golden Lyre" in Ukraine, which is a special prize of the World Confederation of Accordion Players, and also the owner of four golden medals won at international contests. Today Ihor Zavadskyi has five albums, and according to chronology, "Danielf" is the fourth of them. You may buy all four albums together, of course, or you may buy them separately, but it is not worth listening to all of them at once. Anyway, it is worth while listening to this particular album separately at least because it is a recording of an alive concert. You understand by yourselves that the energy of a studio will never come up with the energy of a large and alive audience. Especially if – as in this particular case – the recording has a very good quality. In this album both new compositions and new adaptations of old compositions from previous albums are presented. Besides, there’s a special attraction here. As a matter of fact, it is "Danielf" – the author’s tarantella-fantasy composed by Ihor Zavadskyi himself and devoted to his friends from Iceland.

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2004

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Igor Zavadsky

Domestic price: 264.60UAH
International price: $18.90USD
1.  Harpsychord concerto d-moll (excerpt)
music: J. S. Bach
2.  „The Thunderstorm” from „The Seasons”
music: A. Vivaldi
3.  Organ toccata d-moll
music: J. S. Bach
  A. Vivaldi. „Winter” from „The Seasons”
music: A. Vivaldi
4.  Allegro non molto
5.  Largo
6. Mp3Presto
  A. Vivaldi. Violin concerto a-moll
7.  Allegro
8.  Largo
9.  Presto
10.  Fragments from waltzes Nos. 7, 10, 14
music: F.Chopin
11.  „Asturias” (shortened version)
music: I.Albeniz
12.  Old waltz „Danube waves”
music: I.Ivanovichi
13.  „Turkish march” (rondo)
music: W.A.Mozart, arr. I.Zavadsky
14.  Tarantella-fantasia „Danielf” (to friends from Iceland)
music: I.Zavadsky
15.  Braziliana
music: E.Morricone
16. Mp3„Libertango”, with improvisations
music: A.Piazzolla
17.   - „Tico-tico”
music: Abreu, arr. I.Zavadsky
18.  Waltz-musette „Indifference”
music: J.Columbo
19.  Fantastic czardas
music: J.Moutet-A.Verchuren
20.  Waltz from „My tender beast” soundtrack
music: E.Doga
21.  Old polka „Grandfather”
22.  Karelian-Finnish polka, with improvisations
23. Mp3„Birthday” (cartoon soundtrack, arr. U.Yutila, w. impr.)
music: V.Shainsky
24. Mp3„The Cuckoo”
music: L.C.Daquin
25.  Badinerie from suite No.2
music: J. S. Bach
 Total playing time: 69:37

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Are you retard maria?? this is the greatest music ever!

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i dont ike your musik make some think intrested

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