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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Igor Zavadsky. Mysterium. (2CD).

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Igor Zavadsky. Mysterium. (2CD).
"Mystery" is the sixth album and the continued music performance anthology by Igor Zavadsky, where capacities of the accordion in various genres are demonstrated as extensively as possible: classics, jazz, avant-garde, modern adaptations of folk and popular music. As well as the previous album, it was recorded at various concerts by the musician throughout the year and it also consists of two discs. In addition to pieces performed solo, in variety art arrangements, as well as with the choir, chamber and symphonic orchestras, the button accordion of Igor Zavadsky sounds for the first time: in a duet with the trumpet, in a trio with the trumpet and the button accordion, with a saxophone quartet, with the saxophone accompanied by the symphonic orchestra, with the contrabass and a percussion group, with sounds of nature. On the second disc, 13 performers from six countries demonstrate their virtuosity and individuality: from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, China, Germany, and Italy (6 button accordion, 6 key accordion, 1 harmonica).

(information from the official press release)

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2006

See all albums and songs of the musician(s) on our site:
Igor Zavadsky

Domestic price: 390.60UAH
International price: $27.90USD
1. Mp3Requiem: "Confutatis"
music: W.A.Mozart
2.  Requiem: "Lacrymosa"
music: W.A.Mozart
3. Mp3Concerto in A minor, Allegro
music: A.Vivaldi
4.  Passepied
music: A.Destouches
5. Mp3Prayer
music: B.Marcello
6.  Tempo impetuoso d'estate
music: A.Vivaldi
7. Mp3Concerto in D minor, Grave
music: A.Vivaldi
8.  Concerto "Winter", Allegro non molto
music: A.Vivaldi
9. Mp3Organ choral prelude in F minor
music: J.S.Bach
10.  Badinerie
music: J.S.Bach
11.  Adagio
music: T.Albinoni
12.  Slavic dance
music: A.Dvorak
13.  Oblivion
music: A.Piazzolla
14.  Libertango
music: A.Piazzolla
15.  Waltz from the film "My tender beast"
music: E.Doga
16.  Melody from the film "The Gipsy"
music: V.Zubkov
17.  Czardash
music: V.Monti
18.  Requiem: "Lacrymosa"
music: W.A.Mozart
 Total playing time: 70:46
1. Mp3Hungarian dance # 1 (Pavlo Fenyuk (Ukraine)
music: J.Brahms
2.  March (Chan Fon (China)
music: S.Prokofiev
3. Mp3Sparks (Yuriy Kipen' (Ukraine)
music: M.Moshkovsky
4.  Tango "Double-bass" (Dmytro Mazur (Ukraine)
music: A.Piazzolla
5. Mp3Waltz "Margo" (Elena and Ruslan Krachkovsky (Germany)
music: R.Galiano
6.  Dance of the wind (Olga Mitkevych (Ukraine)
music: L.Pikhlayama
7. Mp3The ballet mania (Roman Litsman (Ukraine)
music: V.Melocchi
8.  Yesterday the fox on a visit was (Igor Kvashevych (Belarus)
9. Mp3Russian folk song "Thin rowan" (Vitaly Isaev (Ukraine)
music: V.Kanayev
10.  The gipsy rhapsody (Vitaly Isaev (Ukraine)
music: V.Grydin
11. Mp3Black eyes (Ivan Yergiyev (Ukraine)
music: Y.Peshkov
12.  Nightingale (Paul Uhanov (Russia)
music: A.Alyabiev
13.  Toccata (Pavel Uhanov (Russia)
music: E.Derbenko
14.  Rhapsody # 2 (Pavel Uhanov (Russia)
music: E.Derbenko
15.  The Oryol souvenir (Pavel Uhanov (Russia)
music: E.Derbenko
16.  "La Cumparsita", improvised by performer (Renzo Rugieri (Italy)
music: M.Rodriguez
17.  Grande Jo (Renzo Ruggieri (Italy)
music: R.Ruggieri
18.  Carnevale (Renzo Ruggieri (Italy)
music: R.Ruggieri
 Total playing time: 71:25

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 390.60UAH
International price: $27.90USD
See also:

Igor Zavadsky. 9th Planet. (2CD).

In the "9th Planet" the chronological period to which the musical pieces included in the CD refer was expanded now ranging from the XVI cent. to the XXI cent., which is a half of a millennium! The repertoires genre variety was also widened: Igor played rock and worlds pop hits of the XX and XXI century for the first time.
Domestic price: 390.60UAH, International price: $27.90USD

Igor Zavadsky. Ave Love. (2CD).

"Ave Love" is the 8 th music album by Igor Zavadsky. "Ave" (Latin: "angel's greeting") in some other languages, for example, in German, means both "hi" and "goodbye"... All recordings of the album "Ave Love" were made at Zavadsky's concerts in the period between January 21, 2008 and January 21, 2009.
Domestic price: 390.60UAH, International price: $27.90USD

Strelchenko-Band. My Day. seems that "My Day" is the first Ukrainian jazz album "spin" round the button accordion... Spin perfectly Kostyantyn Strelchenko has proved to be a true master. This refers, sure, to the purely technical virtuosity as well and it does impress. But one would like to separately emphasize another mastery, the internal one...
Domestic price: 250.60UAH, International price: $17.90USD

Igor Zavadsky. Festival. (2CD).

"Festival" is the fifth consecutive album by Igor Zavadsky, it consists of two discs. In addition to solo performances, a duo with the accordion, and the performance accompanied by a chamber orchestra, for the first time on the disc Igor Zavadsky used the sound of his instrument as part of a large symphonic orchestra and choir.
Domestic price: 390.60UAH, International price: $27.90USD

Motion Trio. Pictures from the Street.

It seems to me that none who has at least once heard performance by Motion Trio and the more so none who has seen it will ever forget, mix it up with anybody. And the thing is not only original composition although you will hardly find among performers of jazz, art rock, folk fusion another trio what would consist exceptionally of accordions.
Domestic price: 382.20UAH, International price: $27.30USD

Igor Zavadsky. Danielf. Concert recording.

You understand by yourselves that the energy of a studio will never come up with the energy of a large and alive audience. In this album both new compositions and new adaptations of old compositions from previous albums are presented.
Domestic price: 264.60UAH, International price: $18.90USD

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