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Yuriy Shutko. Yuriy Kot. The Prayer to Orpheus.

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Yuriy Shutko. Yuriy Kot. The Prayer to Orpheus.
The both musicians indicated here – both Yuriy Shutko, and Yuriy Kot – are acknowledged masters. Presumably, it will not be a mistake to say that Yuriy Shutko is today one of the best flutists of Ukraine, Europe – and, possibly, of the world. Similarly, solo performances of Yuriy Kot were a success both in Ukraine and in countries of Europe, in the USA and in Japan. Consequently, we have nothing but to be glad that they came together and recorded this joint work – it will certainly bring pleasure to fans of classic music. However, this duet plays so neatly and easily, that it will possibly also charm those who until now have never listened to such music. The more so that beauty of the pieces represented here does not need proofs – this music speaks for itself, and speaks confidently. Here is passion, and thin lyrics, and deep thinking, and – just unearthly elevation of spiritual forces. The disc includes works by people each of whom not only enriched, completed the music world – but also made a qualitative step forward, showed new vectors of development. However, probably, it is worth listening to these works as though you did not know names of the composers. Let this music itself speak about the reason, talent and beauty of this world...

Publisher: Rostok Records

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Yuriy Shutko

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International price: $14.90USD
  Franz Shubert
1. Mp3Variationen e-moll uber das Lied "Trockne Blumen" D 802 (op. 160)
  Paul Hindemith. Sonate for flute and piano
2. Mp3I. Heiter bewegt
3.  II. Sehr langsam
4.  III. Sehr lebhaft
5.  IV. Marsch
  Sergei Prokofiev. Sonate#2 (D-dur) for flute and piano op. 94
6. Mp3I. Moderato
7.  II. Scherzo. Presto
8.  III. Andante
9.  IV. Allegro con brio
  Francis Poulenc. Sonate for flute and piano
10. Mp3I. Allegro malincolico
11.  II. Assez lent
12.  III. Presto giocoso
  Louis Aubert
13. Mp3"Madrigal" op. 9 #1
 Total playing time: 75:14

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