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Kyiv Chamber Choir. Romuald Twardowski. "Kyivska" Liturgy.

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Kyiv Chamber Choir. Romuald Twardowski. "Kyivska" Liturgy.

Romuald Twardowski is a known modern Polish composer having Ukrainian and Lithuanian roots. Recently, he has been paying considerable attention to church, spiritual music he is even the permanent chairman of the jury of the Church Music Festival in the town of Hajnowka in Poland from 1983. Actually, it is here, at the Festival, that he became acquainted in the 1990s with creativity of the chamber choir "Kyiv", he made friends with its creative leader and conductor Mykola Gobdych. The communication appeared to be fruitful and mastery of the collective, as we see, did not leave the composer indifferent. As a result, Romuald Twardowski composes in 2006 "Kyivska" Liturgy and dedicates it exactly to the chamber choir "Kyiv". Such honor and attention could not remain without an answer consequently, as it could be expected, the choir became the performer of the Liturgy... This is, sure, a good record transparently soft and strong at the same time. And it is not by chance that we mentioned roots at the beginning the Liturgy harmoniously combines Western European and Ukrainian melodics. Thus, another beauty able to wash out borders appears...

Publisher: author
Catalogue number: CCK 04-1
Year: 2008

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Kyiv Chamber Choir

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1. Mp3The Great Litany of Peace (Myrna jektenija)
2.  Bless the Lord, O My Soul. Short Litany 1 (Blahoslovy, dushe moja, Hospoda. Mala jektenija 1)
3. Mp3Praise the Lord, O My Soul (Khvaly, dushe moja, Hospoda)
4.  Only Begotten Son. Small Litany2 (Jedynorodnyy Syne. Mala jektenija 2)
5.  In Thy Kingdom (Vo Tsarstviji Tvojem)
6. Mp3Come let us worship (Pryydite, poklonimsja)
7.  Holy God Trisagion Hymn (Svjatyy Bozhe)
8.  Raeding of the Apostle. Alleluia (Chytannja Apostola. Allyluja)
9. Mp3Litany of Fervent Supplication (Suhuba jektenija)
10. Mp3Cherubic Hymn (Kheruvymska pisnja)
11.  Credo (Viruju)
12.  Mercy of Peace. We Praise You (Mylist myra. Tebe pojem)
13.  Hymn to Holy Mother of God (Dostoyno je)
14.  Litany of Thanksgiving (Prosytelna jektenija)
15.  The Lord's Prayer (Otche nash)
16.  Praise the Lord from on High (Khvalite Hospoda s nebes)
17.  Blessed be the Name of the Lord (Budy Im.ja Hospodnje)
18.  Glory to the Father, and to the Son (Slava Ottsju i Synu)
19.  God grant them many years (Mnohaja lita)
 Total playing time: 69:14

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Reviews (2)

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  , Willemsoord, Netherlands
30-07-2008 22:45

The Kyiv Choir is the best choir in the world. All the cd's of the choir are so beautiful. This one also. I hope they bring many new ukrainian church music. Look on my website,; all my churchmusic cd's are mentioned. Also all of the Kyiv Choir.