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Esthetic Education. Werewolf.

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Esthetic Education. Werewolf.

Well, the second album had finally been released – we had to expect for that for practically two and a half years. Though, this time was not really empty – Esthetic Education had time to release a maxi-single and a concert album. However, they waited for a new studio work impatiently – the group at the first attempt became a bright, unordinary phenomenon on Ukrainian scene. Actually, no global changes have happened here, music by Esthetic Education remains special indeed. And – the group continues to justify its name. It easily combines the somewhat nervous manner of indie rock with the best displays of brit-pop, with cool emotionality of Scandinavian underground. However, these are nothing but relative definitions. Speaking otherwise, light, graceful melodiousness plus furious onslaught – elegance and, at the same time, enormous tension of all forces. In this music, there are a few layers, varied flows at once. And they sometimes intersect, fight – and then the sounding of fighting takes in all other sounds. And sometimes – they simply flow parallel and transparent, and then it is possible to see several distances deeper. As well as human soul – sometimes turbid, and sometimes clear. But, in any case, live. At least – while it is not indifferent.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM CD-520
Year: 2007

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Esthetic Education

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
1. Mp3Unbelievable
2.  Crucify
3. Mp3Wind in the Willows
4.  Regret
5.  Mercury Rising
6. Mp3Shedry Shedryk
7.  Ordinary Saturday
8.  The King is Dead
9.  Resonance
10. Mp3Butterfly
11.  Broken Arrow
12. Mp3Werewolf
  bonus track:
13.  Vasil Vasiltsiv
 Total playing time: 56:30

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Reviews (3)

29-09-2007 14:20

думала, що Щедрик - пісня українською мовою... але... естетики так і не спромоглися видати щось справді УКРАЇНСЬКЕ... жаль..

  Родион , Днепропетровск
28-05-2007 17:06

Если честно, купил альбом просто для коллекции...Почему то в последнее время никто из бывшего ОЭ не вдохновляет. Как всегда отличная работа, но почему то не захватывает...в качестве фона - отличный вариант

24-05-2007 17:46

цей альбом це шось...шось таке шо я ще не чула...
я його слухаю поступово)
...щедрик дуже подобається