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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Esthetic Education

Esthetic Education was formed in 2004 after Dima Shurov and Yura Khustochka left Ukraine's most successful rock band (Okean Elzy) and decided to form Esthetic Education with Louis. Immediately after its first concert on September 4th 2004, the band was hailed as the new voice for post-soviet rock music and quickly established its distinctive voice in the Ukrainian and Russian show business. 2005/2006 has been extremely active for the band. They have shot three video clips, released a Maxi Single on Lavina Records (Ukraine). They have released a live album "Live at Ring" on "Soyuz". The band is featured with "Stereolab", "Be your own Pet" and "The young Gods". Their video clip "Leave us Alone" aired on MTV Russia and their song "Machine" was number one on the hit parade of Ukraine's Music Channel M1, and was number 1 for 3 weeks in a row on radio Maximum in Russia. They have been voted Ukraine's best new band and discovery of the year. In past 18 months Esthetic Education has played in front of more than 200'000 people. They've opened for Moby at the Palace of Sports in Kiev (the hall where the Eurovision contest was held), had bottles, lighters and other objects hurled at them while playing at the Mega House Festival in Moscow, performed an epic concert at Exit Festival in Yugoslavia (2005),performed on Sziget (07) WAN 2 stage, did a tour of Ukraine's largest cities (Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnieperpetrovsk, Donetsk, Kiev) and played in Moscow's and Kiev's best clubs and festivals. Esthetic Education has been invited on numerous TV and radio shows. Here are the highlights: Live shooting for Russia's third National channel TVC in Studio 5 at Mosfilm studios (Russia's legendary film studios where Tarkovski shot Solaris), New Year TV show for Ukraine's National Television Channel 1+1 (complete with fireworks, flames and confetti's), live performance for Novi Kanal (the equivalent of UK's channel 4) during the morning news program, Prosto Radio "Golden Best"program, Radio Maximum's morning show. Esthetic Education has also had its picture taken for: Elle, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Ego, Max, Afisha (cover shot), Moloko (cover shot), Time Out, Shtushka, Pink, TV Week, etc.. In December 2004 Esthetic Education played at the Bars en Trans Festival in France, at the legendary club La Scene in Paris, and at the Dublin Castle and the Spitz in London. "Horrible Disaster" was released on the limited edition CD "Spitz Live 2". The band is releasing their new album "Werewolf" in April 2007. Recently they have opened a production company in Kiev (Esthetic Music) and they will make their first steps in Europe and America this year.
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Esthetic Education. Face Reading. /digi-pack/

The cultivation of taste must simply be carried out - it must continue, and it must be carried out not in a separate point of space or in the framework of a certain musical style or trend.
Domestic price: 207.90UAH, International price: $18.90USD

Esthetic Education. Leave Us Alone.

From the very beginning these people promised that they would compose a high-quality European music, and to my mind it is exactly the thing they are busy with at the moment. This maxi-single, I think, is another confirmation of this fact.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Esthetic Education. Live At Ring.

...I very clearly feel here the attitude to music as to the goal and way of existence, not a product, however qualitative it might be. I think that it brings the group to balancing on the thin verge rock, pop, art, magic, bread and show, temptation, the truth of art and art of the truth... this music is in a search. And it finds.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Esthetic Education. Werewolf.

It easily combines the somewhat nervous manner of indie rock with the best displays of brit-pop, with cool emotionality of Scandinavian underground. However, these are nothing but relative definitions. Speaking otherwise, light, graceful melodiousness plus furious onslaught elegance and, at the same time, enormous tension of all forces.
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD


Z Novym ROCKom! Jam FM. (Happy ROCK Year!)

We should admit, the collection has appeared to be great it is not just pleasant and interesting to listen to. It gives multiple occasions to be proud of that Ukrainian rock music, in spite of the frequently scornful attitude on the part of mass media, still not just lives on but becomes more and more diversified, deep, strange, high-quality.
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

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19 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock" series as a present!
13 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock. Olena Teliha" the album as a present!
Kazuo Ishiguro. Zalyshok dnya. (The Remains of the Day)
The Remains of the Day
Domestic: 196.90UAH
International: $17.90USD
Oleksandr Dovzhenko. Trilogy. (3 DVDs, box-set).
Dovzhenko. Trilogy. (3 DVDs, box-set)
Domestic: 295.90UAH
International: $26.90USD
Solomia Chubay. POETY, symphonic poetic album. /premium, CD+book/.
Chubay. POETY (CD+book in Ukr)
Domestic: 295.90UAH
International: $26.90USD
Vivienne Mort. Anthology-II. /eco-pack/. (5CD box-set +poster+stickers).
Vivienne Mort. Anthology-II. (5 CDs)
Domestic: 438.90UAH
International: $39.90USD