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Katya Chilly. Ja molodaja. (I Am Young)

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Katya Chilly. Ja  molodaja. (I Am Young)

She is so little and tiny that it is even hard to imagine that such a great amount of different kinds of voices are contained in her. Anyway they are not only contained but co-exist organic, making queer delicate flower. Katia Chilly was probably the first who have joined authentic Ukrainian melody and the hi-tech style of music several years ago and then disappeared. But she have come back in order to take the lead over the rest of her colleagues for at least on one step forward. In music world which she created the folklore tune, folk songs themselves, modern music with the electronic polyrhythmic stuffing and something from opera in the vocal are rebraided together. All of this creates an unforgettable effect. Its like you are tasting something cool, sunny and bitter at once. I dont know why but in this case glass and metal constructions do not destroy flax and wooden aesthetic but underline its significant being on the contrary. And this relation is loop back, because life exists even in an inanimate things. Strange, interesting and unexpected.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Ukrainian records
Catalogue number: UR-0905-2
Year: 2006

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Katya Chilly

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1. Mp3Krashen vechir
2.  Pivni
3.  Tebe nema
4.  Vyshen'ka
5. Mp3Krasno-jasno
6.  Syn
7.  Ja molodaja
8.  Ponad hmaramy
9.  Electronique superstar
10.  Krynychen'ka
11. Mp3Sonce
12.  Zozulja
13. Mp3Ljubov moja
 Total playing time: 55:03

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Reviews (24)

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26-09-2008 13:40

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  , Sevilla, Spain
06-03-2008 17:08

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25-05-2007 01:00


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14-05-2007 15:24

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26-03-2007 22:59

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15-02-2007 13:35

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  , Barcelona, Spain
30-12-2006 13:42


  Raul , Munich, Germany
29-12-2006 20:41

Powerful voice, specially in Krashen vechir. Original mixture of roots and modern times. I am glad I bought this CD, it keeps me going in my exploring.

  , Tarzana, United States
20-11-2006 07:14

Although i do not understand the lyrics of her c/d, the haunting vocal quality of Katia and the uniqueness of her style and production transcends any lanuage barriers and this is certainly a c/d for all time! I look forward to more from her.

  , j, j
26-09-2006 23:08


  , Pismo Beach, CA, U.S.A.
01-09-2006 21:48

I did not know exactly what to expect when I purchased this CD. I was very pleasantly surprised! Katya is a giant among vocal artists. Her music and singing are truly innovative -- a breath of fresh, clean air. Do not hesitate to buy this CD!

  , Edmonton, Canada
24-07-2006 18:35

This is a world-class album -- both the content and the production are excellent! I particularly enjoy the songs where she incorporates elements of the folk tradition --- it's a wonderfully positive general trend that can be heard in a lot of the new music on Molode Radio. (Apropos, I would love to get a copy of Katya Chilly's first recording, "Rusalka in da House", which I know was on audio cassette.)

03-07-2006 14:49

She's simply the best!!!

  , Cardiff, UK
27-06-2006 15:41

Now this is not really my style... I prefer hard guitars, heavy sounds, and if there's one thing I hate it's darkwave EBM techno wanna-be Goth music. So I was pleasantly surprised by Katja Chilly... no, more than that, I was pretty amazed! I don't know many other musicians who can make electronics 'come alive' like this (Jean-Michel Jarre is one, but very different...). Thank the web - without downloads to sample, I would never even have considered buying this album. How would you classify this stuff? I can easily imagine she's pretty unique and I want her to play at my concert!!!

  . , ,
18-06-2006 19:43

. . . . , . !! .
Chilly - ! !