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Ruslana. Wild Dances.

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Ruslana. Wild Dances.

With these songs, Ruslana not just loudly declared herself and Ukraine – she actually vanquished Europe. At least, in the end of May, 2006, they conducted a poll – and Ruslana’s song "Wild Dances" was recognized as the best song during the whole history of the "Eurovision" contest (51 years!). It was not some board that recognized that, but usual spectators and listeners all through Europe. So, the thing here is the issue most valuable for a performer – recognition by people. It seems that it can justly be called the triumph. However, it is not necessary to take into account anybody’s opinion – you’d better listen yourselves. Ruslana suggests a new perspective of popular culture – actually, as of a version of culture, and not just some consumer goods. At least, pop-music may become such – sated with historical, cultural associations and transformations, reconsiderations. Pop-music is also able to rely on deep ethnic roots. And Ruslana convincingly shows what powerful results can be achieved when making this kind of steps.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Comp music
Year: 2005

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1. Mp3Wild dances (Victory Dance)
2. Mp3Dance with the Wolves (Extreme Dance)
3.  Accordion Intro (Ethno Dance)
4. Mp3The Same Star (Night Dance)
5. Mp3Play, Musician (Joy Dance)
6.  Like a Hurricane (Drive Dance)
7. Mp3The Tango We Used to Dance (Love Dance)
8.  Wild Dances (part 2) (Sympho Dance)
9.  Wild Passion (Molfar Dance)
10.  Wild Dances (harem's percussion mix) (Thanks to Turkey)
  Bonus Tracks:
11.  Ring Dance With The Wolves
12.  Wild Dances (C.Y.T. vs DJ Nick 2005 (Club Edit))
13.  The Same Star (DJ Small & LV Club Mix)

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Reviews (11)

  , tyler, usa
10-09-2007 02:31

I have to agree with with the statements before me! Pop-rock mixed with a flavor of folk music gives a great flavor to the music and vocals. I just want to dance when listening to this album! I recomend this album to
everyone I see. As for the english songs..I have no problem understanding the songs, I have been doing english for 50 years now ;-)). My hat is off to the lovely Ruslana for doing songs in english! For me ,Ruslana is my number one listening pleasure!
Thank you UMKA for a great expierience in buying music, you are customer care thoughtfull ! ;-))
Viva Ruslana !! Viva Ukraine!! ;-)) PaKa!

  , Vittoriosa, Malta
18-06-2007 13:37

I enjoy hearing music by Ruslana. She is a highly talented performer.
I truly hope that she will perform in Italy too. I have lots of Italian friends who would like to see Ruslana perform Wild Dances in Italy.
Wildest regards,

  masia , England, Los Angeles
06-11-2006 23:01

is very very lovely

  , St. Petersburg, USA
13-10-2006 19:39

Really unique use of rythms and folk influences for contemporary pop music. It deserves to be considered much more than just "dance" music. (Paul Simon got a lot of recognition for adopting African influences.) I would never have heard of Ruslana if I hadn't visited Ukraine last year. We miss a lot of important international artists in the US. Ordering direct from this site was quick and easy.

  , Chinnor, England
10-09-2006 14:56

Ruslana is so da best j'taime

  , Hebron, USA
12-06-2006 15:19

For completists only but still great. Nice package.

  , UK
15-04-2006 17:42

Another nice addition to my Ruslana collection.
It would be nice to see a DVD from her with a Live Concert and Video Clips of her Hits.
Ruslana is a real Mega Star...

  , Landshut, Germany
14-03-2006 19:41

I am your greatest fan,Ruslana.I like your music style .You can very good sing!!!

  , espania, madrid
13-03-2006 19:53

RUSLANA soy de ukrania y megusta mucho tus cansiones yo tengo todos tus diskos sige asi wapa un besito muy fuerte VIKTORIA

  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 21:15

Ruslana. A name evryone should know when they think of superb dance music! Ruslana's tracks are energetic, passionate and raw. Each song evolves into the next, almost as if one long piece. The album is put together very well, and has a few bonus-track remixes twoards the end. Ruslana's energy is in full throttle on tracks such as "Wild Dances," "Dance With the Wolves," "The Same Star," "Play, Musician" and "Like a Hurricane." Although Ruslana looses a bit of her appeal whilst singing in English, the tracks are nevertheless thouroughly enjoyable! This album will be a gem in anyone's music collection!

*I also reccomend supplemeting this album with the other Ruslana albums. They all go together quite nicely.

  Meindert , Holland
27-01-2006 21:20

Verry good cd, but the original Ukraine version is better, I personaly don't like the (Swedish produced) new songs not as much as the ones they replaced (from the Ukraine "Wild Dances" cd). But still, great singer, great songs, great personalaty. Ruslana is my singer-princes!

THe calender looks very nice!