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N.Leshchenko, R.Pavliuk. The Ukrainian Culture. /bilingual, premium/.

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N.Leshchenko, R.Pavliuk. The Ukrainian Culture. /bilingual, premium/.
"A luxurious encyclopedia of the Ukrainian life, the best idea for a present! This book is an unforgettable journey along the paths of the Ukrainian folk culture. Exciting articles, bright photos, ancient documents and legends – all of these fascinate and inspire to explore traditions and customs of our ancestors."

In Ukrainian / English.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 240x330 mm
Number of pages: 192, illustrated
Publisher: Bookclub, Kharkiv

- Vstup / Introduction

1. Svitohljad ta ujavlennja / World outlook and beliefs

2. Remesla ta mystetstvo / Arts and Crafts

3. Jizha / Food

4. Pratsja / Peasant's Toil

5. Arkhitektura ta pobut / Traditional Architecture and Everyday Life

6. Odjah ukrajintsiv / Ukrainian Costume

7. Holovni ubory / Headwear

8. Prykrasy / Adornments

9. Sim’ja / Family

10. Kalendarna obrjadovist‘ / Calendar Ritualism

11. Rodynna obrjadovist‘ / Family Ritualism

- Literatura / References (Sources)

Publisher: BookClub
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789661492560
Year: 2015

Domestic price: 306.90UAH
International price: $27.90USD
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