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Ruslana Kalyna. Tobi... (For you...)

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Ruslana Kalyna. Tobi... (For you...)
Well, now we have one romantic singer more on the Ukrainian stage. As Ruslana Kalyna is from Lviv, and she mostly co-operates with her countrymen – these songs acquire some special shades. That is, it might seem to be simply popular variety art, without superfluous stratifications – but there are in the arrangements some notes, swings, instruments that faultlessly indicate that it is music from the west of Ukraine. Well, and, moreover, in addition, Ruslana Kalyna's manner of singing also differs somewhat from the general one – here, she somehow combines elements of variety art, opera, folk and chamber singing. In various proportions, but on the whole – both interestingly and quite unexpectedly. At first sight, maybe, you will not say which there is more of – however, it only makes the process of acquaintance more thrilling. And consequently, we will not describe this disc in detail – listen, draw your conclusions, enjoy.

Publisher: ZMZ records
Year: 2007

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Ruslana Kalyna

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1.  Jakscho u dushi Vesna
2. Mp3Tebe ne vpiznaju
3.  Nich na Ivana na Kupala
4.  Nache spalah zori
5.  Schastja ne mynaje
6. Mp3Osin'
7.  Balada pro dvi skrypky
8. Mp3Bude ljubov
9. Mp3Moja vesna v tvojih ochah
10.  Dyvys'
11.  Lastivky hnizdo
 Total playing time: 41:25

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