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Shock! Super Dance Ukraine.

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Shock! Super Dance Ukraine.
Well, it is not exactly a shock, but a certain element of unexpectedness is present here. On the one hand, some of the best songs of the last months are presented at this disc, moreover, the range is wide from Skryabin to Yevhenia Vlasova. It is that modern Ukrainian pop art, which has had no time yet to become paunchy and boring, but it is not already too young and inexperienced. In other words, it is its happy medium, thanks to which Ukrainian music of this trend has the capability to go beyond the bounds of Ukraine and to win real recognition. Besides, this generation knows very well what night and dancing clubs are, that is, they are a part of this subculture. Thats why it comes as no surprise that none of the compositions presented here sound in an original version - all are remixed. But personally I did not expect such a demarche from some performers. By the way, it is that unexpectedness, which I have mentioned at the very beginning. And in general everything came out to be rather cheerful. At that, this generation (wasnt it called the generation of Pepsi?) knows exactly what it does and does it well.

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 070705
Year: 2005

Domestic price: 130.20UAH
International price: $9.30USD
1. Mp3Arkan (new wave mix) (Ruslana)
2.  Ljudy, jak korabli (2Special remix) (Skryabin)
3.  Harjacha i hirka (remix) (Talita Kum)
4. Mp3Na pershomu misci (remix) (Kryhitka Cahes)
5.  Mam-ma (remix) (StEX)
6. Mp3Ja - zhyvaja reka (remix) (Jevhenia Vlasova)
7.  Shigi Rigi (Karpati) (Max Chorny)
8. Mp3Nadija je (remix) (Mad Heads)
9.  Pociluj (remix) (Ani Lorak)
10.  Polissja (remix) (Haydamaky)
11.  Serden'ko (remix) (Olexander Ponomariov)
12.  Riddle Day (Nik_To)
13.  Ring Dance With The Wolves (Ruslana)
 Total playing time: 47:35

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Reviews (5)

  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 20:00

SHOCK! Superdance Ukraine is overall a good abum. There is a nice thransition in the tracks, and they are nevertheless energetic. However, a few of the tracks get to be a little tedious in the middle. But after sluggishly moving along, twoards the end the energy picks up again. My favourite tracks are the Ruslana tracks, the Ani Lorak track, Mad Heads XL, Talita Kum, Olexander Ponomariov and Skyrabin.
As a final verdict, I would ceartainly give this disc a try!

  Galja , Heilbronn, Deutchland
29-01-2006 23:35

widrod#yjet'sja i xochet'sja #utu ta powertatusja do istunu...Spasubi!!

  , ,
02-11-2005 04:27

Stexa , 80 . )))

20-10-2005 12:40


09-10-2005 03:56

- (remix) ( ) - ? ..