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Run. Over the Border.

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Run. Over the Border.

All those who have already had an occasion to listen to the first album of the "Run" group, but have not yet listen to the new album – you no longer know the "Run" group. Something has changed. This "something" is difficult to catch with words, but the perception is very clear – it seems the "Run" has indeed stitched through not one border, and not a single customs service was an obstacle to them (maybe, this time, artists were on duty there, not customs officers?), and not a single heart was superfluous... Therefore, stop hustling, during the next hour only music should be heard – light live flow in the boundless air – only it. In the world, certainly, there are quite a lot of people who play Celtic music – and even more say that they play it. But not everyone is able, having taken a correct basis, to correctly invest his or her own breathing into it – so that the harmony really came to life. "Run" – you will hear that yourself – taught their music not simply breathing. It sings and flies, it dances lightly, as only joy can dance – and real joy is not afraid of either sorrow, or a dream. For everything passes by, but for the heart, everything disappears, but for clear eyes – we only have salt left as a memory about the north, we only have apple-tree blossom left...

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

Mykola Ivanov – viola, violin, mandoline
Igor "Dolphin" Sivak – flute, whistles, accordion, pipes, bandura
Illya Nikiforov – whistles, bones, bodhran
Anastasia Kandyrina – violin, viola
Olga Kuzmanenko – bodhran
Andrey "Ruth" Yakovenko – bouzouki, guitar

Publisher: Med
Catalogue number: K0153
Year: 2006

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Domestic price: 320.60UAH
International price: $22.90USD
1. Mp3Smugglers (reels)
2.  Mist covered mountains (jigs)
3.  John Rayan (polkas)
4. Mp3Mrs McDermot (by O'Carolan)
5.  Sliabh Russel (slides)
6.  Farewell to Chornobyl (reel)
7.  Mist covered the mountain (Scottish air)
8.  Sweet Molly (Scottish reels)
9. Mp3Drunken piper (Scottish bagpipe tunes)
10.  Give me your hand (air)
11.  Mary's wedding (flings)
12. Mp3Mountain lark (reels)
13. Mp3Hungry rock (slow jig)
14.  Whinny hills of Leitrim (slip jig & slide)
15.  Road to Lisdoonvarna (jig & reels)
 Total playing time: 65:05

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Reviews (2)

  scarecrowd , Россия
29-08-2009 18:06

Исполнение прекрасное, но, ИМХО, немного подвела аппаратура и непогашенное эхо. Прошлый альбом, "Kid on the Mountain", лучше по качеству звука, я его даже сперва приняла за родной ирландский. Но ничего, в целом твердая четверка с плюсом, ждем добавки.

  Алиса , Киев
25-05-2008 20:09

"Рун" и их музыка - просто Чудо! Эти музыканты, наверное, настоящие эльфы из прекрасной Ирландии и Шотландии... Вы дарите своим слушателям Сказку. Какое счастье, что вы есть. Низкий Вам поклон от благодарных слушателей.