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Sax kolo live. (DVD).

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Sax kolo live. (DVD).
Video version of the concert project "Sax kolo".
The project "Sax kolo" presented the updated concept of the concert and publication series "Jazz-Kolo", which during the period of its existence has already had time to come into notice of the numerous audience. In contrast to the previous season, when each concert of the series was a performance of some concrete collective, in the new season the concerts are organized round some concrete instrument. Accordingly, saxophonists were involved into this concert – seven from among the best ones. However, the division into the best vs. the worst in this case can be only conditional and subjective – as the musicians represented works of absolutely different styles, from avant-garde to pop-jazz. Thus, the concert does not create any hierarchy, but rather offers an opportunity to find out the modern state of the art. And it is pleasant to note that the Ukrainian jazz scene can really offer music for any taste – and all of that sounds professional, confident, the listener only has to choose something to his / her liking. There is a choice.

Finally – a remark for those who visited the concert represented here in person. Although that evening stuck in memory of the whole audience because of certain confusions with the sound, in the recording these problems were successfully overcome, therefore you will be able to listen to all of the compositions in normal quality.

saxophone: Dmytro "Bobeen" Alexandrov, Artem Mendelenko, Yuriy Yaremchuk, Olexander Rukomoynikov, Bohdan Humeniuk, Ivan Bondarev, Ihor Rudiy
piano, keyboards: Natalia Lebedeva, Yuriy Shepeta, Olexiy Saranchin, Serhiy Davydov, Yuriy Bondaev, Pavlo Lytvynenko
double bass, bass guitar: Ihor Zakus, Andriy Arnautov, Illya Alabuzhev, Mark Tokar
drums: Olexander Har‘kavy, Yevhen Selezniov, Oleh Markov, Alex Fantaev, Pavlo Halytsky
guitar: Mykhaylo Ban‘kovsky, Dmytro Kovalenko
flugelhorn: Dennis Adu
back-vocals: Daria Mineeva, Roman Polonsky

Video format - PAL.

DVD Region: 1-8.

Publisher: Tempora
Catalogue number: 035/02
Year: 2009

Domestic price: 214.20UAH
International price: $15.30USD
1. Mp3Snova (Dmitry "Bobeen" Alexandrov)
music: P. Metheny
2. Mp3Eastern Eyes (Bohdan Humenjuk)
music: B. Gumeniuk
3.  Stomatology (Bohdan Humenjuk)
music: I. Alabuzhev
4. Mp3Composition 4 (Juriy Jaremchuk)
music: Yu. Yaremchuk
5.  Quartet (Olexander Rukomoynikov)
music: O. Rukomoynikov
6. Mp3Autumn Song (Artem Mendelenko)
music: P. Tchaikovsky
7. Mp3Enlightenment (Ivan Bondarjev)
music: Yu. Bondarev
8.  Ship of Dreams (Ivan Bondarjev)
music: Yu. Bondarev, I. Bondarev, V. "Stariy" Savenko
9.  Night City (Ihor Rudyy)
music: Yu. Shepeta, I. Rudiy
10.  Slide-show

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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