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"Bozhychi" folk ensemble, Serhiy Okhrimchuk. School of the Traditional Ukrainian Folk Dance. Part 1. (CD+DVD).

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"Bozhychi" folk ensemble, Serhiy Okhrimchuk. School of the Traditional Ukrainian Folk Dance. Part 1. (CD+DVD).
This video school, as it was promised, is a logical continuation of the previously released audio album "Ukrainian Dances. Part 1" recorded by the folklore ensemble Bozhychi together with Sergiy Ohrimchuk (the mentioned album is a component part of this release as well).

"School of the Traditional Ukrainian Folk Dance" is the first in Ukraine manual on rural dances. Its appearance became possible due to creation on January, 21, 2005 of the "School of the Traditional Folk Dance" the first club of the authentic folk dance that operates on the basis of the Ukrainian center of folk culture "Museum of Ivan Honchar" (Kyiv). Actually, unless the "School" existed, there would be no opportunity to develop and test the methodology of teaching authentic (not stage) Ukrainian folk dances. (...)

...Now about the dances contained in this manual. Dances with the same name are not variants of the same dance. A variant in the concept of this manual is what can be performed simultaneously by various pairs (threes) or separate dancers. In most cases each dance has such variants, and there is an account on them, even though they are not indicated in the register. Indication of the variants of Oira is related to that in fact these variants are two different dances, although they can be performed simultaneously. That is why all dances with identical names are dances absolutely different in their concept. (...)

(quoted from the booklet to the release (in it, you will find far more detailed information). The text in the booklet is in Ukrainian)

The movie is in Ukrainian.

DVD Region: All.

Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM DVD 514
Year: 2009

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"Bozhychi" folk ensemble
Serhiy Okhrimchuk

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1. Mp3Orlytsja
2.  Narjechenka
3. Mp3Polka "Koketka" abo Oyra
4.  Korobochka
5. Mp3Hrechanyky
6.  Karapet
7. Mp3Padespanets
8.  Molodychka
9. Mp3Polka "23" (na dva boky)
10.  Jakiv
11.  I shumyt, i hude
12.  Zherevska polka
13.  Kartoshka
14.  Misjats
 Total playing time: 50:17
1.  Kroky
2.  Indyvidualni povoroty
3.  Parni povoroty
4.  Prokhodka
5.  Polka prosta na chvert oberta
6.  Polka prosta na pivoberta
7.  Polka na dva boky
8.  Polka na dvi pary
9.  I shumyt, i hude (s. Atjusha-Korop-Chernihiv)
10.  Polka "Koketka" abo Oyra (2 varianty: m. Kyjiv ta s. Bezhiv-Chernjakhiv-Zhytomyr)
11.  Kartoshka (s. Velykomykhaylivka-Pokrovske-Dnipropetrovsk)
12.  Molodychka (s. Kocherezhky-Pavlohrad-Dnipropetrovsk)
13.  Padespanets (m. Kyjiv)
14.  Padespanets (s. Bohuslav-Pavlohrad-Dnipropetrovsk)
15.  Narjechenka (m. Kyjiv)
16.  Korobochka (m. Kyjiv)
17.  Jakiv (s. Bezhiv-Chernjakhiv-Zhytomyr)
18.  Hrechanyky (m. Kyjiv)
19.  Hrechanyky (s. Masany-m. Chernihiv)
20.  Hrechanyky (s. Pusta Hreblja-Korop-Chernihiv)
21.  Korobochka (s. Chkalivka-Kryvyy Rih-Dnipropetrovsk)
22.  Misjats (s. Zapsillja-Krasnopillja-Sumy)
23.  Karapet (m. Kyjiv)
24.  Misjats (s. Masany-m. Chernihiv)
25.  Orlytsja (s. Lynovytsja-Pryluky-Chernihiv)
26.  Misjats (s. Pusta Hreblja-Korop-Chernihiv)
27.  Hrechanyky (s. Jerky-Myrhorod-Poltava)
28.  Narjechenka (s. Pusta Hreblja-Korop-Chernihiv)
29.  Korobochka (s. Pusta Hreblja-Korop-Chernihiv)
30.  Narjechenka (s. Vuhly-Khmilnyk-Vinnytsja)

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