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Tina Karol. Nochenka. (Sweet Night)

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Tina Karol. Nochenka. (Sweet Night)
(item from the "Rare Discs" section)
Quite recently, Tina Karol' released her first album and here, we already have the continuation. Actually, I would call this work exactly the continuation of the first disk, its supplement but not a new album. A sort of a maxi-single including everything that develops, enforces conceptions of the debut album. Here, you have new, tender and lyric song in Ukrainian. There are two Russian-language versions of loud hits from the first album, which have already become separate hits. And there are two new songs in Russian also very soft, romantic. One of them, "Sweet Night", appeared on air just a few days ago but has already inspired real furor. Actually, watch the video and you will understand at once what the thing is. Tina Karol is completely naked there. In Ukraine, nobody seems to have made such straightforward filming. However, it appears beautiful but nobody doubts that Tina has something to demonstrate apart from her voice... By the way, in two other videos, there is also something that could keep your eyes occupied... Add here the three karaoke version of the favorite songs, the remix and we get what they call the complete set. This disk proves once again Tina Karol absolutely deserves the popularity that she enjoys. And is far from stopping at what she has achieved.
songs are in Russian.

Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM CD 479
Year: 2006

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Tina Karol

Domestic price: 251.90UAH
International price: $22.90USD
1. Mp3Nochen'ka
2.  Vyshe oblakov
3. Mp3Namaljuju tobi
4.  Pupsyk
5.  Ty otpusty
6.  Vyshe oblakov (remix)
7.  Nochen'ka (karaoke)
8.  Vyshe oblakov (karaoke)
9. Mp3Pupsyk (karaoke)
10.  Nochen'ka
11.  Vyshe oblakov
12.  Pupsyk
 Total playing time: 30:05

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Reviews (64)

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  , Brisbene,
09-08-2007 12:43

ҳ,  , 7 . . . , , . - !!!

  , Frankfurt am Main, Germany
22-07-2007 22:04

Tina tvoj golos prosto super, tvoja pesnja "Nochen'ka" prosto podymaet volosy na tele... :) Ja gelaju tebe udachi!!!

  , orlando, united states
20-07-2007 03:08

I really enjoyed this album and glad to have the ukranian version of honey on it. I was upset when most of the songs on show me your love were english versions anyways this mini album is great. The videos are awesome the songs are beautiful i love them nochenka is great and touching and the instruments are gorgeous this is a better buy than her first album :)

08-06-2007 13:40

.Ҳ. ʲ ²

  , ,
08-06-2007 09:49

ҳ ʳ . 䳿 - , ,,!!!

  , ,
29-05-2007 16:39

29-05-2007 11:04

!!! !!! !!!

  ҳ , ,
24-05-2007 12:03

  , Nicosia, Cyprus
21-05-2007 10:33

This is fantastic!! I wish the best for Tina and she must be sure that Greece and Cyprus will be near her! GOOD LUCK T!NA KAROL :-)

  Matthew , Charlotte, USA
20-05-2007 18:56

Between this album and the "Show Me Your Love" album this one is by far the better of the two. This (short) album is in Russian & Ukrainian and that truly helps set it apart from her other full length album. The title track captures a spirit rarely seen let alone felt through music alone. It is catchy and quite haunting. Even if you don't understand the lyrics you can feel all the emotion that goes into each and every song. There is not a single mediocre track on this (all too short) album. If you like pop music at all you will love this album. Even if you don't you probably will love it just as much too!

  , ,
14-05-2007 15:11

Ostap , ! !

  , ,
12-05-2007 21:02

ҳ !!! !!! !!!

  , ,
28-04-2007 13:59

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25-04-2007 08:42


  , ,
23-04-2007 21:59

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