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Braty Hadyukiny. Vrodylo! (2CD). (It Has Given Birth!)

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Braty Hadyukiny. Vrodylo! (2CD). (It Has Given Birth!)

"Braty Gadjukiny" do not leave us at rest or, maybe, something does not leave them at rest. Thus, all those who did not manage to attend the latter (or was it really the last?) concert of the group you may smile, because this concert is here, on these two discs. And those who did go there smile and cry, because it is recorded well. Personally I after that concert had my ears humming for two days and here everything is ok, you can hear everything well, nothing goes off scale, vsjo chotko... It appears, it is this album that has become for the group the first really high-quality live record, because all the previous ones were recorded directly to the recorder, that is everything is clear about their quality however, that only adds a special taste to them. But here everything is quite adult, the record was done to 24 channels. And, honestly speaking, it is very pleasant to listen to that indeed. Forgive my repeating it nothing can be compared with high-quality record of a live performance, because here is not only the idea and trade, but also the living soul, direct intercourse of energies of thousands of people. In this connection, I am happy to emphasize this record was done not in vain, because "Braty Gadjukiny" obviously have not lost their skills both in music, and in communication. The both discs are listened to, as they say, at one go, and it becomes easy and transparent due to that. There happens, you know, such pleasant fatigue after some well-done work this is exactly the case. And you know what, "Braty"? Do not leave us at rest...

Anton Jozhik Lejba (Hedgehog)

Video of the concert:

Publisher: GAD Records
Catalogue number: GDR-004
Year: 2006

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Braty Hadyukiny

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1.  Intro
2.  Bulo ne ljubyty Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
3. Mp3Arividerchi Roma Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
4.  "Karpaty" prohraly futbol Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
5.  Oj, lyho Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
6. Mp3Zv'ozdochka moja Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
7.  Mostys'ka Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
8.  Shejk Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
9. Mp3My hodyly, dyly, dyly
10.  Narkomany na horodi Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
11.  Mis'ku vvazhaj Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
 Total playing time: 49:16
1.  Roxoljana Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
2. Mp3Ternopil' Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
3.  Sorok pachok "Verhovyny" Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
4.  Ameryka Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
5. Mp3Dupa dzhalizovaja Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
6. Mp3Libido
7.  Zhovti strichky Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
8.  Divchyna z Kolomyji
9.  117 stattja Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
10.  Vs'o chotko Song text
lyrics: S. Kuzmynskyy
 Total playing time: 48:42

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