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Collection "Ocean Elzy". Set of 5 CDs.

Reviews (24)
Collection "Ocean Elzy". Set of 5 CDs.
Four albums and live concert of the popular Ukrainian rock-group.

Unfortunately we do not have some items of this set on the stock.
This set consists of:
Okean Elzy. Supersymmetry.
Pay attention at the title of the album it displays its content and its essence very well. The composition of the album and every of its songs, as well as their forms and content, strive to logical harmonicity, adjustedness of every musical move, every note.
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Okean Elzy. Model.
From the one hand, the songs on this disc are very different, but on another hand, they have common energy deeply inside. This album is a juicy mixture of hard rock music of 70-th, Oriental melodic and modern electronic rhythms.
Domestic price: 207.90UAH, International price: $18.90USD
Okean Elzy. Tam, de nas nema.
On this album they are still young man, which inherent children's awkwardness, any other "thoroughbred puppy". It is frank music, and outstanding Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's lyrics. His songs are as silent light in a fog.
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Okean Elzy. Yananebibuv. (re-edition). /digi-pack/.
This group represents Ukrainian rock'n'roll music of today. It is popular in Ukraine and in Russia by its drive music, strong, unusual vocal, own style. This is their second album. Their style has slightly changed according to modern music tendencies.
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Okean Elzy. tvij format.
"Frankly speaking, seventy percent of our songs I like much more in this variant then in album versions. Especially Divchyna" (S. Vakarchuk, leader of OE)
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Unfortunately we do not have some items of this set on the stock.
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Reviews (24)

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  , Kyjiv
06-06-2006 10:55

OE is the best rock-band in the world.I can not live without their music.They are great.just listen to their songs.

  , madrid, espaa
16-05-2006 12:42

ce naikashche sho ya sluhala v svomu gytti. Ce prosto super

  , Broooklyn, NewYork
03-04-2006 06:09

i just like it!

03-02-2006 20:44


  , Melbourne, Australia
30-12-2005 04:23

I am married to a Russian speaking Ukrainian and she introduced me to Ocean Elzy. They are great. I would like them to record something in English (like Ruslana) but even not understanding many of the words, their music surpasses that. The Western world don't know what they are missing!!

  , Athins, Greece
29-12-2005 19:02

myzuka jaky slyxajt vsi pokolinnja i jaka cinyjtsja v Evropi...!!!
ce myzuka pid jaky mogna rozslabutus,poplakatu,i navit poveselutus v drygnij kompanii...
ce myzuka jaka pidxodut dlja vsix...

  , Havelock north, New Zealand
01-10-2005 09:04

I want it!

  andriy , californiyska gycylshuna truckee
08-05-2005 04:36

mysuka sho tiagne dodomy zmyshyuchu sabytu nesrusymili standandartu jutia tyt dlia ykrainskoi dyshi!

  , new york, usa
29-04-2005 19:45

taka sbirka choturioh cd je chydovum podarynkom dlia vsih hto nemav moz'luvosti zibratu kozen okremo.