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Igor Zakus, Z-Band. Ukrainian bass song. /digi-pack/

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Igor Zakus, Z-Band. Ukrainian bass song. /digi-pack/
In his time, Igor Zakus became virtually the first jazz bass-player in Ukraine who released a solo album (currently, there are already 5 studio and concert CDs and 1 DVD). Thus, the new album by Igor Zakus is what nobody seems to have done before in the Ukrainian jazz. And the word "song" in the title "Ukrainian Bass Song" appears far not by chance. Generally speaking, this is also an album of duets – out of the 11 plays, only two are instrumental ones. The idea is good and, lately, very popular in the whole world. Igor tracks global trends, therefore no wonder that he decided to support this idea – but in his own manner. Pay attention to the album's content: two folk songs, one "evergreen" (with Ukrainian lyrics), and the rest – exclusively author material. Interesting, cool material – authentic. Plus the individual aspect of the work – the interpretation method: this time Igor decided to step back from funk moods and tricks giving obvious preference to the depth of pauses and the fragile force of melodies. Well, and the fact that the realization as a result appears just cool – nobody, I believe, could expect anything different, because Zakus has always aspired to top quality. And – sure, he achieves it. In the end, listen. Even if you don't know that the voices of Nina Matvienko, Yulia Roma, Mlada, Tetyana Balakyrska sound on the disc. Even if you don't know that Z-Band are, actually, the best Ukrainian jazzmen, a sort of a "dream team". Listen. And say – isn't it beautiful, isn't it strong, isn't it gentle?..

Igor Zakus: 6 string fretless bass (all tr. exc. 3,4,8,9), acoustic bass (all tr. exc. 2,7,10,11), 5 string bass (2,5), 6 string bass (3,4,10)
Natalya Lebedeva: keyboards (1,2,3,6,10)
Rodion Ivanov: keyboards (7,9)
Yuri Shepeta: keyboards (5,11)
Olexander Pavlov: guitar (1,2,3,7,9,11)
Olexander Lebedenko: drums (all tr. exc. 4,7,8,10), udu (2,7), percussion (7)
Serhiy Tabunshchik: drums (7)
Myron Bloshchychak: ethnic woodwinds (11)
Vocals by:
Nina Matviyenko (6)
Victor Pavlik (10)
Yuliya Roma (2,7,9)
Mlada (1,4)
Tetyana Balakyrska (3,5,8)

Publisher: Tempora
Year: 2010

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Igor Zakus

Domestic price: 306.60UAH
International price: $21.90USD
1.  Bass Song (feat. Mlada)
2. Mp3Lullaby (feat. (Yuliya Roma)
3. Mp3Rain Song (feat. Tetyana Balakyrska)
4.  Under the Cloud (feat. Mlada)
5.  A Soul (feat. Tetyana Balakyrska)
6. Mp3Oh My Sweet (feat. (Nina Matvienko)
7.  Melancholy (feat. (Yuliya Roma)
8. Mp3My Funny Valentine/ Why (feat. Tetyana Balakyrska)
9.  Thank You (feat. (Yuliya Roma)
10. Mp3I Like You (feat. (Victor Pavlik)
11.  American Land
  bonus video:
12.  Bass Song
 Total playing time: 53:06

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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