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Likhoshva-Ovsianikov quartet. Swing Brothers.

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Likhoshva-Ovsianikov quartet. Swing Brothers.

It seems that in this case it is already possible to speak about a certain line. For the previous work by Sergiy Ovsianikov – the solo album "Bride" – was also recorded, as the saying is, "live in studio". But this time we already see not a solo but a joint project – the quartet of Likhoshva-Ovsianikov (the guitarist Volodymyr Likhoshva, as known, names himself a student of Ovsianikov). Thus, this time two guitarists at once will stand in the center of the project. And – in the tandem they sound very convincingly. If we already try to describe that with words, the feeling is such that this music – flows. Freely, calmly – but by no means slowly, and the more so there is not a trace of stagnant water. The both musicians lead an equal dialogue – and that is really a talk, live communication, in which one can clearly hear both attentiveness and respect to the interlocutor. However, actually it is a dialogue for four – certainly, we cannot but pay its due to the rhythm section. Andriy Arnautov and Oleksiy Fantaev unobtrusively but expressly and confidently outline the riverbed, in which this music flows so easily, so nicely. Here, nobody "beats the wave" – maybe, it is for this reason that everybody has time to say his own significant word, and not once. Listening to this kind of communication – is pleasure.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Sergey Ovsianikov – guitar (left channel)
Vladimir Likhoshva – guitar (right channel)
Andrew Arnautov – double bass
Alex Fantaev - drums

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 5099 9 521076 2 7
Year: 2008

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Likhoshva-Ovsianikov quartet

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
1. Mp3Grasshopper (Konyk-strybunets‘)
2.  Barefoot (Bosonizh)
3.  Happy River (Vesela richka)
4. Mp3Voyage (Vojazh)
5.  Diana
6. Mp3Dancing In the Rain (Toy, shcho tantsjuje pid doshchem)
7. Mp3Love Dance (Tanets‘ kokhannja)
8.  Lazy Blues (Ledachyy bljuz)
 Total playing time: 38:07

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