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Hycz Orkestr. Pid markoyu Ivana Yakovycha. /premium, mini-book+CD/. (Under the Brand of Ivan Yakovych)
poetic art-folk-rock
Domestic: 179.74UAH
International: $18.92USD
Lesya Ukrainka. Lysty. 1876-1897. (Letters)
Lesya Ukrainka. Letters. (1876-1897)
Domestic: 221.16UAH
International: $23.28USD
DakhaBrakha. Shlyakh. /premium, digi-pack/. (The Road)
the Ukrainian Zen
Domestic: 255.74UAH
International: $26.92USD
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Jean-Pierre Froehly. Away from the crowd. The music of Attila Zoller.

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Jean-Pierre Froehly. Away from the crowd. The music of Attila Zoller.
(item from the "Rare Discs" section)
There is the impression that Ukrainian jazz today is deep in, let us say, searching for its own face more and more authors' music of various types is being created and released. This is cool. And that is why, presumably, it is expectable that our musicians did not have a chance for a while to come in contact with the "traditional" jazz in the sense of the tradition of releasing arrangements of "evergreens" and various tributes. In the whole Ukrainian discography one will find, maybe, a dozen of such albums and one of them, a dedication to Attila Zoller, you see now. Thus, what is characteristic, not a Ukrainian became the initiator of this project: Jean-Pierre Froehly till recently was the cultural attaché of the embassy of Germany for Ukraine. And at the same time one of the most active musicians in the Ukrainian jazz space.

Probably, you know music by Zoller. The key zest of this album, however, is that the main emphasis is put, strangely enough, not quite on the guitar. The impression is that together with drums and the contrabass it creates the basic canvas, and the already mentioned contrabass together with the flute and, from time to time, the piano add to the sounding the brightest and deepest colors, and not only solo (here we should do justice to Maksim Gladetsky and Volodymyr Zinkovsky). However, it is exactly such neat, soft, tolerant sounding of Froehly's guitar that looks very, very much appropriate here. And the drums by Oleksander Khorev deserve separate gratitude: he involves with not authority, but, one could say, a tender technique. Does nothing superfluous and at that quietly let us enjoy the nuances. To make it short, if you have been looking for tasty, harmonious mainstream, this album is what you really should try in a soft evening.

Jean-Pierre Froehly guitar
Vladimir Zinkovsky flute, piano
Max Gladetsky double bass
Alexander Chorev drums

Publisher: Ukrainian records
Year: 2008

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Jean-Pierre Froehly

Domestic price: 122.74UAH
International price: $12.92USD
1. Mp3About birds and bees
2.  At twilight
3. Mp3Hungarian jazz rhapsody
4. Mp3Mr. Heines blues
5.  Hedwigs song
6. Mp3Sweet Nathalie
7.  Away from the crowd
 Total playing time: 46:19

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 122.74UAH
International price: $12.92USD
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Konstantin Ionenko. Noema. /digi-pack/.

..these are anyway not flashes or explosions, but light fog, hints, mid-tones, mid-shades.. Heat and cool interweave here rather whimsically one only needs to make a little step aside to be inside, in the heart of the music, and for it to appear in one's heart.
Domestic price: 122.74UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Hryhoriy Lukyanenko. Pory roku. /digi-pack/. (Seasons)

...And once again one gets convinced that it is not by accident that the guitar remains one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is able to convey this palette of feelings and so brightly when in trained hands that words become simply redundant.
Domestic price: 113.24UAH, International price: $11.92USD

SV Savana. Two Ways.

That's right: it is a fusion of diverse, multi-style guitar music and spicy rhythmic patterns all of that together sounds very emotional and surprisingly rich. Another proof of that in order to create interesting, live music one does not necessarily need to gather a bunch of people.
Domestic price: 122.74UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Oleh Yarema. Prysutnist'. (Presence)

Oleh Yarema has managed to develop a very lyrical, soft, transparent and fresh picture it is softly lit from within, and one feels cozy with the light... I think that "Presence" has all chances to please both those who appreciate just a good performance technique and fans of beautiful, emotionally saturated melodies and subtle patterns.
Domestic price: 122.74UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Lush Life. Cafe Au Lait / Coffee with Milk. /digi-pack/.

If we speak about Lush Life this is virtually the only group in Ukraine today that performs music in the jazz-manouche style. And already absolutely sure this is the author of the first Ukrainian album with such music. The debut is convincing, and more than that just beautiful. Cool.
Domestic price: 126.16UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Mykhaylo Krymov, Olexander Lyubchenko. Fourth Key. Live in Dnipropetrovsk. /digi-pack/

Virtuosity of Olexander Lyubchenko really strikes one can only regret that the disc does not contain a video recording. But what strikes even more is how voluminous, open to all sides of the wind his music is. It seems to have absorbed true colors from various corners of the world remaining at the same time distinctly personal...
Domestic price: 116.66UAH, International price: $12.28USD

SV acoustic. Waitin' For.

this music sounds timely although, possibly, the point is that it simply does not belong to any definite time. And for this reason, having no rigid anchors, it feels comfortable anywhere, in any surroundings. In the end, one can hear in it echoes of the rock heat of the 1960s, and passion of flamenco, and blues and jazz greetings, and the school of the classic guitar, and country...
Domestic price: 122.74UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Alexey Krupsky, Alexey Wagner. April Sky. /digi-pack/

The idea of the recording arose quite spontaneously, unexpectedly for the musicians themselves however, the album sounds regular, balanced, sometimes even a bit cool. And at the same time warm, transparent, delicate, soft. Nothing strange for the April sky is so changeable...
Domestic price: 122.74UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Likhoshva-Ovsianikov quartet. Swing Brothers.

Thus, this time two guitarists at once will stand in the center of the project. And in the tandem they sound very convincingly. The both musicians lead an equal dialogue and that is really a talk, live communication, in which one can clearly hear both attentiveness and respect to the interlocutor.
Domestic price: 113.24UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Mykhaylo Kovalchuk. Miko.

He is in the very heart of Flamenco.
Domestic price: 122.74UAH, International price: $12.92USD

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