23 april 2021

Kiev Acoustic Trio: Moment album – as a present!

We announce the special offer "Kiev Acoustic Trio: a first album – For Free!"
During the action, you will have the opportunity to receive as a present the CD "Moment"!!

For this purpose, you need to order no less than 3 of any of our other paid items (discs or books) – and then you will be able to receive this album free, AS a PRESENT!

Attention!!! In order to receive the free disc, you need to write in the comment to your order: Moment – as a present. The disk in this case should not be included into the order – only if you want to receive more than one copy (it should be mentioned in the comment too).

In a similar way, you can obtain "Recovery" by ILLya Alabuzhev and other items from "For FREE!" section as a present