Natalka Snyadanko

Natalka Sniadanko has published six books of fiction, in addition to short stories and poems in literary journals and anthologies. She is a talented translator, fluent in German, Polish, English, and Russian in addition to her native Ukrainian. Her translations include Nobel Prize winners Czeslaw Milosz and Gunter Grass as well as Franz Kafka and Zbigniew Herbert. She is the Ukrainian editor for the trilingual online journal RADAR. She has won numerous prizes for both her writing and her translations and has held residencies in Poland and Germany.
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Natalka Snyadanko. Okhayni propysy ertshertsoha Vilhelma. (Neat Orders by Archduke Wilhelm)

The core of the novel is the individual story of one of the most extravagant members of the Imperial Habsburg family, Wilhelm, better known in Ukraine by his battle pseudonym Vasyl Vyshyvany. In the novel, he does not die in the walls of Lukyanivska prison, as it actually happened, but finds himself in the soviet Lviv, gets married...
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Natalka Snyadanko. Pershe slidstvo imperatrytsi. (The Empress' First Investigation)

The novel based on documentary materials of the life of the imperial family (in particular, the legendary Austrian Empress Sissy) immerses the reader into a detective story with political connotations. More intrigue is added by the two-dimensional plot story, due to which the events of the mid-19th century suddenly echo poignantly in Lviv at the beginning of the third millennium.
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