Sobaki V Kosmose

The band Sobaki V Kosmose was formed in 2000 year. The band could be ascribed to Indi bands. Really, the band Sobaki V Kosmose achieved everything on their own. Firstly, Sobaki V Kosmose became the most outstanding ska band in their native city Kharkov. Then they started to attract attention all over Ukraine. So, the developing process is carrying on... Today the band has a great experience of playing gigs in clubs and other different concert places. Sobaki V Kosmose took part in such festivals as "Raz.Live" (2003, 2005), "Musician Island" and "Tavrian games". It was 2003 year when guys recorded their first album "Vafli" (waffles). In the December of 2007 Sobaki V Kosmose are waiting for the release of their new album "Gruppa ishet producera" (The band is looking for producer). Some of the band’s songs were included to different collections. Such as "Rock format" – 2003 year; "SKA Unity Review" – 2006 year; "Serhiy Zhadan and the choir of Mongolian Policemen" – 2007 year; "The first musical 3" – 2007 year. The last collection was the beginning of collaboration with the company "Odyssey". Now the band Sobaki V Kosmose has frequent performances and the number of their fans increase swiftly.
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Serhiy Zhadan, Sobaki V Kosmose. Sportyvnyy klub armiji. (Sports Club of the Army)

...Consequently, we have in one pot epatage, sarcasm, philosophy, lyric poetry, ska, reggae, punk, folk singing and just drive – both in words and in music. And if you prefer not too trimmed art – this is the album that should not miss your attention.
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Sobaki V Kosmose, Serhiy Zhadan. Byjsya za neji. /book-comics-CD/. (Fight for Her)

Serhiy Zhadan is one of the most "flexible" contemporary authors in Ukraine in what relates to the means of communication with the public. This is true both about live performances, and about the ways of, actually, publications. And "Fight for Her" is just another experiment of the kind. Cool poetry, tough, "raw" music, and interesting graphic...
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Yevshanzillya 4. Rock Collection 2010. (mp3).

In 2010, following the tradition now, "Yevshanzillya" (already for the fourth year in succession) has become the first rock collection in the New Year. And, again as usual, the main focus is not on pop-rock and heavy alternative – as it happens in the majority of rock collections – but on a wide range of every other rock music.
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