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Natalka Karpa. Kolyadky ta novorichni pisni. (Carols and Christmas Songs)

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Natalka Karpa. Kolyadky ta novorichni pisni. (Carols and Christmas Songs)
The impression is that in 2013 Natalka Karpa summed it up then she also released two collections: "The Best" and "KARPAration". Well, and the next year she seems to aspire to the fairy tale... Anyway, at the end of 2014, her first book "New Fairy-Tales Under the Pillow" was released, and Natalka wrote one of the tales for it well, and, as you can see, there is the holiday album "Carols and Christmas Songs". Here, you can find mostly traditional Ukrainian Christmas songs but there are also author compositions, and Natalka Karpa is the author of a couple of them. The album is developed in the style habitual for Karpa this is dance and lyrical pop music. But, due to the stated theme, it has a festive flavor. And, finally, Natalka seems to have properly picked up the intonation so, the album leaves one in a light mood.

Publisher: Moon records
Catalogue number: MR 5717-2
Year: 2014

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Natalka Karpa

Domestic price: 152.90UAH
International price: $13.90USD
1. Mp3Pid Novyy rik
2.  Novorichna
3. Mp3Boh sja Rozhdaje
4. Mp3Rizdvjana nich
5.  Try slavniji tsari
6. Mp3Nova radist stala
7.  Spy, Isuse, spy...
8. Mp3Vo Vyflejemi nyni novyna
9. Mp3Nebo i Zemlja
10.  Svjata nich, tykha nich
11. Mp3Dobryy vechir tobi
12.  Staryy rik mynaje
13.  Zyma
14.  Koljaduy z ditmy
15.  Molytva
16.  Pid Novyy rik
17.  Rizdvjana kazka
 Total playing time: 51:26

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