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Ethnic Culture of Polissya. Traditional Music. (4CDs).

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Ethnic Culture of Polissya. Traditional Music. (4CDs).
"Rivne Polissya still preserves a significant number of archaic features in the material and spiritual culture and is characterized by conservatism and remainders of pre-Christian beliefs, ancient customs, world view and visions of the Ukrainian people. The folklore tradition of this region was formed in difficult historical conditions... However, it is residents of Rivne Polissya, as well as of Polissya on the whole, that are guarding the unique cultural tradition able to surprise the whole civilized world with its depth, beauty and originality. The first three compact discs represent traditional music performed by rural musicians from northern parts of Rivne region, while on the fourth one – the music folklore of the region is represented by the ethnic group Silska Muzyka. The folklore materials offered to the listener on these compact discs provide the opportunity of being introduced into the best examples of the traditional musical culture of Polissya residents and of touching the live folk tradition, which, in spite of the impact of the contemporary, is preserved and functions in the conditions of the modern Polissya village."
Viktor Kovalchuk
(information from the CD's polygraphy)

Publisher: Ukra¿nika
Year: 2009

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1. Mp3Oy u batsjen‘ka y odin synochok
2.  Khodila pava
3. Mp3Oy tam na hori tserkov budujut‘
4.  Oy cherez pole da y shyrokeje
5. Mp3Oy tam na hori tam horjat‘ ohni
6.  Oy tam za liskom
7. Mp3Na tvojim dvori
8.  Dobry vechir tobi pan-khazjajinu
9. Mp3Oy pid verboju pid zelenoju
10.  Oy po-pud ljeskom
11. Mp3Oy rano-rano kury popeli
12.  Oy tam pid horeju
13. Mp3Tam vysoko v synim nebi
14.  A vchora zvechora
15. Mp3Na Rizdvjane svjato
16.  Za lisom-lisom
17.  Oy rano-rano pivni spyvaly
18.  Pan-hospodare vstavay z posteli
19.  Oy shchedryy vechor day dobryy vechor
20.  Oy shchodrukha shchedruvala
21.  Shchodrivon‘ka-dobrivon‘ka
22.  Hylja-hylja na Vasylja
23.  Shchedryky-vedryky
24.  Vykhod‘te vesnjanky
25.  Oy ty zymo nasha bila
26.  Idy zymo
27.  Vesna krasna
28.  Oy porosti krope
29.  Vesna krasna shcho ty nam vynesla
30.  Zbyraymosa divky-molodytsy
31.  Cherez nashe sel‘tse
32.  Oy uzhe vesna
33.  Oy vykhod‘te devon‘ky
34.  Volodar
35.  Skache harabeyko
36.  Doshchechka-doshchechka
37.  Bojar my vam pryshly
38.  Na horodi koryto
39.  Koly ty krayhuren‘ka
40.  Brala konopel‘ky
41.  A shchotka hrebyonka
42.  Skache horobeyko po toku
43.  V’jettsa kapusta
 Total playing time: 74:29
1. Mp3Ne zhal‘ meni vechorochka
2.  Da posiju mak
3. Mp3Pokololasa day od sontsa lyshchyna
4.  Oy pidu ja dorohoju
5. Mp3Oy u poli zhyto
6.  Oy zarzhaly kony
7. Mp3Z mora voda vylyvajetsa
8.  Vchora bula suboton‘ka
9. Mp3Oy ja zhala day ne lezhala
10.  V Snedovychakh ohon‘ horyt
11. Mp3Hanukhyna mat‘onka
12.  Oy poydu ja v chyste pole
13.  Oy poydu ja pod hay spaty
14.  Oy z-za hory kam’janoji
15.  Oy poydu ja do brodu
16.  Popid nashym sadochkom
17.  Zashumila dubrovushka
18.  Oy lanite rozhen‘ku
19.  Kalino-malino
20.  Kotilasa da jasnaja zora
21.  Ty kalino ty malino
22.  Siju rozhu pry dorozi
 Total playing time: 57:31
1. Mp3Pastushi nahravannja
2.  Oy ubraly Kusta
3. Mp3Oy my buly y vylykomu lisi
4.  Troytsa, Troytsa
5. Mp3Oy bolyt‘ holovka
6.  Oy ty dube zjeljenen‘kyy
7. Mp3Oy zhuravko-zhuravko
8.  Oy orol, ty orol
9. Mp3Da zhila vdovushka odna
10.  I ottsjul‘ hora, i ottul‘ hora
11. Mp3Poshla zh djevka u lis za hrybamy
12.  Kotilasa bochechka dubovaja
13. Mp3Oy ljubo-milo na toy bereh divitsa
14.  Oy jakeje stalo dyvo
15.  Na Ivana Kupala
16.  A vzhe vechor vechorije
17.  Oy posiju mak
18.  Ponad temnymy luhamy
19.  Da dubrovoju voli hnala
20.  Oy za valom, za valom
21.  Kalyna-malyna
22.  V nashoho starosty
23.  Oy borom-borom
24.  Zelenaja dibrovon‘ka
25.  Kalyna-malyna
26.  Da kolo nashykh voritets‘
27.  Pastushi nahravannja
 Total playing time: 67:38
1.  Pol‘ka (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
2. Mp3Oy, tam bilja rjechky (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
3. Mp3Zjeljenyy dubochok (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
4.  Oy nje rosti kropje (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
5. Mp3Val‘s (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
6.  Pol‘ka (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
7.  Oy, sered sela (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
8. Mp3Oy, navkolo bolotechka (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
9.  Oy, ty dube kucheravyy (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
10. Mp3Oberek (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
11.  Oy ryknula korovon‘ka (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
12. Mp3Da tsjemna khmara (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
13.  Da posjeju mak (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
14. Mp3Dribnen‘ka pol‘ka (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
15.  Oy ja zhala da zazhalas‘ (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
16. Mp3Ja v boru zhyto zhala (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
17.  Da y na hori zhyto (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
18.  Oberek (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
19.  Oy ty, holube (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
20.  Oy poshla djevka do brodu po vodu (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
21.  Pol‘ka "Rukhlja" (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
22.  Oy brat sestru da za stol vede (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
23.  Oy bilja nashykh voritets‘ (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
24.  Pol‘ka (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
25.  Marsh (Ethnogroup "Silska muzyka")
 Total playing time: 64:18

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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  , Lviv, Ukraine
30-04-2010 12:15

Real ethnic music, fine quality