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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Folklore group "Stari Koni" (Old Horses). Stari Koni. (Old Horses)

Reviews (2)
Folklore group "Stari Koni" (Old Horses). Stari Koni. (Old Horses)

Not that long ago I heard singing of this group for the first time – and now it already seems to me that it is just impossible not to fall in love with them. And no wonder that they were recognized everywhere they performed – and it is strange that only now these records have been released in proper quality with a normal number of copies. And – happily. For the voice of, for example, Dominika Chekun is really something incredible. Unusual, bright – and very expressive, natural, somehow... age-old. It seems to me that it is able to come into notice and charm anyone – both those who are already experts in authentic singing, and those who hear something of the kind for the first time. And here you have not one voice, but four, and all of them are not simple. Moreover, the complicated, elaborated melodies – for Polissya is famous for preserving archaic samples of the song culture. Well, and the high level of mastery of the performers results in that the audience not just observes – it experiences an extremely deep immersion in time. And, believe me, the highest quality impression remains. Quite possible that you won't immediately want to go to the village of Stari Koni – but, I am sure, you will listen to this disc not once.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2006

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Folklore group "Stari Koni" (Old Horses)

Domestic price: 320.60UAH
International price: $22.90USD
1.  A vchora zvechora (koljadka)
2.  Oj tam na hori (koljadka)
3. Mp3Tam vysoko v synim nebi (koljadka)
4.  Za lisom-lisom (schedrivka)
5. Mp3Oj ty zyma nasha bila (vesnjanka)
6.  Zelenaja shmorodyna ("postova", zvychajna)
7.  Oj saditesa molodychky ("vesna", kustova)
8. Mp3Oj, a sho zh taja bidna vdivon'ka dije ("vesna", kustova)
9.  Oj ubraly Kusta ("vesna", kustova)
10.  Zelenaja dibrovon'ka ("lito", zhnyva)
11. Mp3Oj pojdu ja lisom-borom ("lito")
12.  Oj navkolo bolotechka ("lito")
13. Mp3Oj davno-davno ("osin'", zvychajna)
14.  Oj ty dube kucheravyj ("osin'", zvychajna)
15.  Oj v sadu, v sadu ("osin'", zvychajna)
16.  Kalyna-malyna (zvychajna)
17.  Ne hylysa hilko (zvychajna)
18.  Oj posiju mak (zvychajna)
19.  Oj ubraly Kusta (zvychajna)
20.  Oj bilja nashyh vorotec' (zvychajna)
 Total playing time: 57:40

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 320.60UAH
International price: $22.90USD
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Koljadky ta schedrivky Rivnens'koho Polissja.

It has turned out to be that even now real finders are able to find something interesting, true, variegated – and unknown.
Domestic price: 264.60UAH, International price: $18.90USD

Postop'janka z Podljashsha. Ukrainian ethnic music.

Pidlyashshya is a south-western region of Ukraine situated at the border, so naturally its culture is influenced by close neighbours – Belarus and Poland. In those parts along with usual songs you may also hear spiritual songs, Russian romances and songs, which once used to be Polish, but now have already become Ukrainian.
Domestic price: 278.60UAH, International price: $19.90USD

Reviews (2)

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