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Andrey Kiritchenko, Ojra. A Tangle Of Mokosha.

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Andrey Kiritchenko, Ojra. A Tangle Of Mokosha.
I first heard "Ojra + Andrey Kiritchenko", it seems, in 2008, at Gogol Fest in Kyiv, thus, let me note that the album notably differs from what sounded there and then. Moreover: if it did not differ it would not exist at all. This is a principally important moment. On that evening, Andriy said that in Ukrainian folk songs there was surprisingly a lot of cruelty, death and things of that kind (just such songs were played at the concert). Beautiful musically but this does not rid them of the negative "lining". Therefore, the album (recording of which was already planned then) would happen only provided light colors definitely prevail in it. And thus I'm pleased to say: light colors do prevail in this album definitely! Thanks to all the musicians, while the major persons guilty of this are Halyna Breslavets and Andriy Kyrychenko) First, Halyna sings so that even sad songs which, however, do not constitute the majority sound transparent, without deep shades and black-and-white make-up. Halyna not just sings she works magic, submerges.. it is real meditation, and very beautiful one.. While Andriy he always works with the sound space neatly, with care. And in this album his tolerance, delicate nature are revealed very brightly not a single superfluous motion, tone, hint... The space remains clear decorations appear fragmentary and absolutely unobtrusive. They afterwards form their own layer of fragile patterns but the space all the same remains clear and transparent, therefore the general picture acquires depth, immensity, extraordinarily lots of warm, light, heartfelt overtones sound in it... In the end, one just does not want to turn off this disc)
Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)
Halyna Breslavets voice, kazoo
Natalka Dudynska violin
Petro Yuha sopilka, dvoyanka, guitar
Yurko Yefremov bass, dulcimer, drymba, bayan, buhay, kalimba
Andrey Kiritchenko electronics, field recordings, mouth harmonica, percussion

Publisher: NexSound
Catalogue number: nsp05
Year: 2010

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Andrey Kiritchenko

Domestic price: 251.90UAH
International price: $22.90USD
1. Mp3Svity Misyachenko
2. Mp3Volyky
3.  Chi bulo lito
4.  Luli luli
5. Mp3Dva holubi
6.  Na Yordantsi
7.  Kotyku Sirenkyi
8. Mp3Na Ivana Kupala
9.  Kohannya
10. Mp3Khata
 Total playing time: 44:18

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Domestic price: 251.90UAH, International price: $22.90USD

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