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Skryabin. Cherez chuzhi okuljary. Tribute. (Through other's glasses. Tribute)

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Skryabin. Cherez chuzhi okuljary. Tribute. (Through other's glasses. Tribute)
"A person does whatever he whims, and the whole country goes crazy of him", – I do not remember who said this. But it was said, that I remember precisely, about Kuzma, the front man of the "Skryabin" group. I recollected that, as there is nothing to object – that is approximately how the things are. Well, maybe even not the entire country, but really a lot of people – that's true. At that, consider that Kuzma has always been able to hammer a rusty nail in the public opinion. Actually, it is an infrequent case not only for the Ukrainian, but also for the world showbiz – a person is commercially successful, while remaining himself. Experience of the recent years has proved that Kuzma is one of very few popular performers who are not afraid to say what they think. Even when his standing is, mildly speaking, unpopular. And, actually, he never stops thinking – every new album is a confirmation of that. So, copper pipes have not subordinated him yet – that's really pleasant. As he is able to write real songs, that is not empty ones – it is not surprising that so many people have taken part in the given project. Thus, twenty talented, famous and not so much performers, twenty songs by "Skryabin" of different years. Twenty meetings with the clever and even rather elegant, but still punk. As it is all the same first of all a way of thinking, and only after that épatage.

Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM CD 446
Year: 2006

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Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
1.  Chorni ljubljat' moloko (Chornobryvci)
2. Mp3To moje more (Flyza)
3. Mp3Stari fotohrafiji (Vitalij Kozlovs'kyj)
4.  Pam param pam (Harik Krychevs'kyj)
5.  Sam sobi krajina (Nota)
6.  Chornobyl' Foreva (Liapis Trubetskoy)
7.  Klej (Faktychno Sami)
8.  Hodynnyk (Meri)
9. Mp3Mudryj, bo nimyj (Nimi & (Perkalaba)
10.  Prytulysja (Sasha Bjelina)
11.  Zlamani kryla (Suhonosov feat. Unerase)
12.  Ljudy, kak korably (Tarshys)
13.  Dva ozera povni sliz (U-nik)
14. Mp3Education (Siryk B.A.N.D)
15. Mp3Nedilja Ponedilok (Vchid U Zminnomu Vzutti)
16.  Ollja (Victor Pavlik)
17. Mp3VodaVohon' (Natalja Valevs'ka)
18.  Movchaty (Zurbahan)
19.  Nikomu to ne treba (Tartak)
20.  Davaj z toboju (Natalia Mogilevska)
 Total playing time: 70:13

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Reviews (5)

  , Київ, Україна
07-03-2008 22:46

Так Тартак супер :)
Порадували також Флайза, Перкалаба та Ляпіс.
Від Карпи також чекав кращого.
А от Таршис не зрозуміло чого заспівали російською - нє то :(

  , Oldenburg, Deutschland
05-05-2007 17:35

Ky3my diycno ne 3aminutu!!!
ya yogo procto obognyy!!!
nema ni4ogo kraw4ogo,nig clyxatu nawe ridne!!!
"Ckryabin"---ce procto cyyypppeeerrr!!!:)

  Джура , Україна
10-02-2007 08:27

Сподобалось... Навіть дуже, особливо старіші пісні. Але Кузьму дійсно не замінеш!

  Artem , Germany
03-12-2006 11:05

Ожидал большего. Все-таки Кузьму не заменишь! :-)
Фактически протащился только от 4-го трека.
Для разнообразия подойдет, но лучше слушать в исполнении самого Кузьмы. ;-)

  , Запоріжжя, Україна
17-10-2006 02:13

Сприймається дуже класно!!!Особливо Тартак(супер!!!),Перкалаба(Дуже цікаво!!!),В.У.З.В.(Є!!!) і Сірик прикольно!!!Приємно вразили Зурбаган,Кричевський та Могилевська.А,ну,звісно,Флайzzzа і Чорнобривці цікаво!Розчарувала Карпа.Інше якось не запам'яталося.Раджу всім-там всього потрохи!!!