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Okean Elzy. Gloria.

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Okean Elzy. Gloria.

I did not expect that. And what can you say here? A lot of people waited impatiently for the release of this album, so it will be sold off irrespective of what will be said about it – whether it is good or boring, green or speckled violet (not to forget to knock! We are also the mystery of the third planet, aren’t we?). Still, really, something has changed for better – because here and now smearing of tears over a face, which is called crying, is gradually turning into sobbing, and I say that figuratively, not for the sake of offending somebody. You see, to cry or to whimper is one thing, but to wail and to sob is another thing - there is some pathetic element in it, some passion and energy, which may as well exceed the scale, tore clothes and uncover not only breasts, but also bones and blood pulsation. Considering the matter from musical point of view, personally for me this manner of presentation sometimes reminds stones, which are rolling – well, you understand what I am talking about. This is a compliment, but the quality of the album – yes - deserves compliments. There was a film entitled "Crazy Dog and Gloria". I don’t remember its content now, but as for its title – it’s wonderful. It seems to me that the same thing happened to "Ocean Elzy" at last. May be, for the sake of that it was worth while changing the group members – with the exception of Guru, of course. Now it is interesting what will happen next. Because judging by ears – to be continued.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Lavina Music
Year: 2005

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Okean Elzy

Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
1.  Persha pisnja
2. Mp3Ty i ja
3. Mp3Vysche neba Song text
4.  Sonce sidaje
5. Mp3Nikoly
6. Mp3Bez boju Song text
7.  Tin' tvoho tila
9.  Vidchuvaju
10.  Ikony ne plachut'
11. Mp3Jak ostannij den'
12.  Ne pytaj
 Total playing time: 40:38

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Domestic price: 250.60UAH, International price: $17.90USD

Reviews (70)

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  , Pforzheim, Deutschland
29-03-2007 21:44

Besser als Uriah Heep, und genauso so gut , wie Led Zeppelin!!!

23-02-2007 14:31

Ви просто супер! Дякую за те, що ви є! А від пісні "не питай" реву щоразу! Ви найкращі! Шукаю новий альбом.

14-12-2006 15:51


  елена , Москва
20-11-2006 00:15

Надо больще публиковать такие песни, как "Холодно", "Без бою"
Не жмитесь! Это достояние всего народа на земле, который может оценить такую музыку.

  Andre Hotzler , Munich, Germany
28-10-2006 00:42

Impressive! This album is a masterpiece, the best pop/rock album i ever had.

  , Edmonton, Canada
21-08-2006 20:05

I dont have a Ukrainian keyboard, but this CD and song #7 has stuck in my head ever since I came to Ukraine in 2005 to visit family! I searched Canada for a year to find this CD and I finally have- Its awesome! It makes me sooo proud of my roots and home country when I hear this music Molodtsi! Dyaku-u za vashu contrebutsiu do muzyky- You make Ukrainians like me proud!

  Owen , London, England
21-07-2006 02:30

I have one other Okean Elzy album and it's average but this new album is a MASTERPIECE. Every track is a classic. Two of the singles, "Bez boju" and "Vidchuvaju" are my personal favourite tracks. I can't understand a word they're saying but it doesn't matter because the music is so strong. The best Ukrainian CD I've ever heard and one of the best albums of the last 12 months from anywhere!

  Вовченя , Вінниця, Україна
05-07-2006 17:43

О.Е. Я Вас просто обожнюю! Ви самі кращі!

  Sasha , USA
19-06-2006 17:25

Ne zgodna z tym sho zmina skladu pogirshila zvuchannia!!! Ya vvazhayu, navpaky, duzhe vidchuvaetsia poyava ludey z klassichnou muzykalnoy osvitou (Den i Milosh), tse dodae zuzitsi novogo, bilsh doskonalogo zvuchannia. A poyava prypankovannogo Peti urivnovazhue vpliv konservatoriyi. Vzagali, vvazhau, sho Okeany stali mayzhe doskonali - vidverta, schira liryka plus yakisna ta tsikava musica. Spasyi Vam, hloptsi.

  , Wien, Цsterreich
18-06-2006 18:24

Echt super !
Okean Elzy haben wieder einmal bewiesen, dass sie die beste Rockband der Ukraine sind.
Hab schon alle Alben hier bestellt.

  dari , Екатеринбург, Россия
11-05-2006 12:06

Альбом меня удивил, но приятно. Пусть не совсем настоящий рок, но зато оригинально, КРАСИВО И ГЛАВНОЕ В ТЕМУ. Голос у Славки очень красивый. Уважения заслуживают точно. Надрыва много, опять же эмоций, но все ( повторюсь) В ТЕМУ! вообщем молодцы!

  Гітарист гурту Швидкість Світла , Тернопіль, Україна
16-04-2006 16:11

Мені попередні альбоми більше подобались,але хлопці роблять професійну музику,тому скажу що вони молодці!!!

  x , Playas, Mexico
08-03-2006 18:42


  , Запорожье, Юкрэйн
22-01-2006 03:21

ничего особенного...ощущается разочарование,все таки вакарчук уже не тот,да и тексты у него глупые

  , Chernivtsi - Pagosa Springs ( CO ), Ukraine - USA
28-12-2005 23:58

Sorry, but I have only English letters on my keyboard - that's why I'm writing in English. I'm a foreign exchange student from Ukraine and I'm 16. Right after you created your new CD "GLORIA" my parents sent it to me from Ukraine. And... I was sooo impressed!!! I just love it! I gave it to listen to my American friends and they were like: "Wow! Ukraine rocks!!!".
Thank u so much, OE, for a great and an awesome time that your music gives!!! I just love it! + When I listen to your songs I always remember that wonderful time that I spent in your mother city - Lviv!!!
Thanks a lot. Love, Olha Kostash. 28/12/05
Gosh, I miss Ukraine... :-(