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Okean Elzy. Gloria.

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Okean Elzy. Gloria.

I did not expect that. And what can you say here? A lot of people waited impatiently for the release of this album, so it will be sold off irrespective of what will be said about it whether it is good or boring, green or speckled violet (not to forget to knock! We are also the mystery of the third planet, arent we?). Still, really, something has changed for better because here and now smearing of tears over a face, which is called crying, is gradually turning into sobbing, and I say that figuratively, not for the sake of offending somebody. You see, to cry or to whimper is one thing, but to wail and to sob is another thing - there is some pathetic element in it, some passion and energy, which may as well exceed the scale, tore clothes and uncover not only breasts, but also bones and blood pulsation. Considering the matter from musical point of view, personally for me this manner of presentation sometimes reminds stones, which are rolling well, you understand what I am talking about. This is a compliment, but the quality of the album yes - deserves compliments. There was a film entitled "Crazy Dog and Gloria". I dont remember its content now, but as for its title its wonderful. It seems to me that the same thing happened to "Ocean Elzy" at last. May be, for the sake of thatit was worth while changing the group members with the exception of Guru, of course. Now it is interesting what will happen next. Because judging by ears to be continued.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Lavina Music
Year: 2005

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Okean Elzy

Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
1.  Persha pisnja
2. Mp3Ty i ja
3. Mp3Vysche neba Song text
4.  Sonce sidaje
5. Mp3Nikoly
6. Mp3Bez boju Song text
7.  Tin' tvoho tila
9.  Vidchuvaju
10.  Ikony ne plachut'
11. Mp3Jak ostannij den'
12.  Ne pytaj
 Total playing time: 40:38

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Reviews (70)

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  Nastya , kiev, Ukraine
10-12-2005 17:32


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06-12-2005 11:10

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(Mark Knopfler)

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- %*!

  , boussoit, belgique
01-12-2005 16:44

gloria okan elze a encore fait notre admiration avec e nouveau album qu'ii continue a nous faire rver avec ses mlodies et ses beaux pomes en ukrainien lava lava

  , Reni, ukraine
30-11-2005 14:50

.. UMKe . , D.

  , New Jersey, USA
28-11-2005 01:46

Vitannya vsim!
Ya vvazhayu, scho cej al'bom ne te same, scho OKEAN ELZY kolys' buv, ale vin ne ye poganyj. Todi vony strvoryly svoyu ideologiyu kohannya, a teper my, ta vony, vyrosly i yihnya muzyka vyrosla z nymy. Ce ne toy staryj, dobryj Okean, yakogo my znaly, i po notah yakyh my kohaly, ale ce dostojna zamina yomu.

  Anna , Herndon, USA
24-11-2005 17:20

Great album!!! I am waiting for more!!!Love you guys!

  , . , :
24-11-2005 15:15

!!! DiABOLO V !!!

.. ,,,


  Oksana , Portugal
24-11-2005 11:21

Ilike your songs becauce your songs best in the world

  , Almaty, Kazakhstan
23-11-2005 16:19

You, guys are awesome and the new album is just wonderfull, but still there is something missing in it. Yes, the energy is there, yes, Slava Vakarchuk still deserves the titul of sex-symbol of Ukraine, and not only Ukraine, but the charm, the style, the uniq part that made OE so unlike everyone else and the one I fall in love with a year ago is gone.. I just cant find it in any song on the album.. Its just not there. All the songs are perfect. WAY TOO PERFECT.. Its like wearing jewelry. When its not so much of it, it makes you look better and gives you your uniq charm, but when you are covered by just spoils all your outfit!! So better not wear it at all in that case..
Anyway, good job, guys. Just try to get the OE style back

  ³ , -,
21-11-2005 12:01

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15-11-2005 10:56

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Ͳ !!!

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12-11-2005 11:03

  Philip , Newton, Massachusetts, USA
06-11-2005 00:51

More and more proving themselves to be a classic rock band capable of almost anything. Shades of Freddie Mercury in many of the tracks...and the band has the talent to lay a solid and creative foundation. They keep getting better and better. Highly recommended! Now when does an album in English come out - that would be something! The world is waiting!

  Viktoriya , Zaporizhzhya-Perry, Ukraine-the USA
04-11-2005 01:10

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  , Odessa, Ukraine
31-10-2005 14:20

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