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Bohdan Ihor Antonych. Knyha Leva. Rotatsiji. (The Book of the Lion. The Rotations)

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Bohdan Ihor Antonych. Knyha Leva. Rotatsiji. (The Book of the Lion. The Rotations)
"Antonych's exquisite urban poetry is represented to the fullest in his two top collections, "The Book of the Lion" (1936) and "The Rotations" (1938). While the first can be referred to as "mythification" of reality, the second one, according to the poet himself is "some kind of surreal naturalism". "The Rotations" still remain an unsurpassed example of the Ukrainian urban poetry."
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover, dust cover
Format: 170x198 mm
Number of pages: 140
Publisher: Piramida, Lviv


- Viktor Neborak. Zapysy na storinkakh "Knyhy Leva" i "Rotatsiy"


Persha hlava:

- Znak leva \\ Danyjil u jami leviv \\ Baljada pro proroka Yonu (Apokryf) \\ Pisnja pro dochasne svitlo \\ Samarytjanka bilja krynytsi \\ Shist‘ strof mistyky \\ Skarha ternu \\ Teren spivaje \\ Pisnja pro chorni lavry

Pershe lirychne intermetstso:

- Shljub \\ Vesinnja nich \\ Trojandy \\ Hvozdyky \\ Pivoniji \\ Tjulpany \\ Fijalky \\ Chomu? \\ Sutin \\ Pisenka do snu \\ Try strofy z zapysnyka \\ Litniy vechir \\ Ars poetica \\ Ars critica \\ Druzhnja hutirka \\ Podviynyy kontsert

Druha hlava:

- Monumentalny krajevyd \\ Ploshcha janholiv \\ Apokalipsys \\ Zorelev, abo Suzirja Leva \\ Charhorod, abo Jak narodzhujutsja mity \\ Pisky \\ Khorovid \\ Zaterti slidy \\ Pisnja pro neznyshchennist materiji \\ Okeanija, abo V dolynakh morskykh leviv \\ Poljarija \\ Arktyka

Druhe lirychne intermetstso:

- Molytva do zir \\ Siryy hymn \\ Kolo zmin \\ Marnotratnyy hymn \\ Dno peyzazhu \\ Miy davniy holos \\ Burja \\ Dyvo \\ Vishchyy dub \\ Kolodiystvom \\ Cheremkhy \\ Batkivshchyna \\ Uryvok \\ Zabuta zemlja \\ Chervona kytayka \\ Do kholodnykh zir

Tretja hlava:

- Slovo do rozstriljanykh \\ Slovo pro Chornyy polk \\ Slovo pro Zolotyy polk \\ Kolyskova \\ Na try shljakhy \\ Stjahy v kurjavi \\ Slovo pro polk pikhoty


- Rotatsiji \\ Mista y muzy \\ Vesna \\ Verbel \\ Baljada provulka \\ Nazavzhdy \\ Baljada pro blakytnu smert \\ Dno tyshi \\ Kinets‘ svitu \\ Kontsert z Merkurija \\ Mertvi avta \\ Surmy ostannyoho dnja \\ Zakinchujuchy

- Prymitky

Publisher: Piramida
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789664415993
Year: 2020

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Bohdan Ihor Antonych

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