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Tina Karol. Show Me Your Love.

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Tina Karol. Show Me Your Love.

Several absolutely young but bright personalities have appeared on the stage and Tina Karol is, certainly, one of them. It is even surprising how quickly she passed the way from the first public performance, the first video clip to participation in the international competition of variety performers. But she did pass it and, actually, her vocal makings deserve recognition. With music everything is also ok but it is a somewhat different thing. What Tina Karol is doing now is pop music of the international level and appropriate quality. But I hope that it not forever as with such voice as hers, it is also possible to sing with the same success folk songs, R'n'B, soul, and disco, and try and search for something in jazz. In general, qualitative pop music already contains various elements today, it is normal. But with such characteristics as those of Tina Karol, I think, it would be rational to try more purposeful, precisely outlined experiments in various directions, styles. Having listened through the album, I suppose, you will also consider that such a bright start is just obliged to have not less bright continuation. The album is, by the way, in English. Not surprisingly as it appeared right on the eve of Tinas departure for participation in the Eurovision competition.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM CD 459
Year: 2006

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Tina Karol

Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
1.  Money Doesn't Metter
2. Mp3Russian Boy
3.  Life Is Not Enough
4.  Honey
5.  Love Of My Life
6. Mp3Show Me Your Love Song text
7.  Silent Night (ukrainian version)
8. Mp3Honey (fiesta edit)
9.  Money Doesn't Metter (remake)
10.  Show Me Your Love (REMIX radio edit)
11.  Show Me Your Love (REMIX club edit)
12. Mp3Vyshe oblakov
13.  Vyshe oblakov (video)
 Total playing time: 40:33

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Reviews (147)

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  , Albania, Tirana
22-05-2006 14:25

Hey Tina you was and are the BEST.

  Rakel , Iceland
22-05-2006 02:24

Til hamingju me rangurinn eurovision!! Elska lagi :D:D

  , Struga, Macedonia
21-05-2006 19:24

I think that Tina with her song "Show me your love" was one of the best in Evrovision 2006 and Russia and of course our Elena with "ninanajna". This year I first saw Tina and I liked! She is great singer and she is good-loooking too! Good luck!!! I hope she'll be very famous singer in the world!!!

  Matthew , Tarnów, Poland
21-05-2006 17:40

I cannot find words to express how much I love Tina Karol!! I am looking forward to hearing her at any concerts in Poland and I hope they will take place. I would also like to say that I wish Tina to make an European career!

21-05-2006 13:41

Perfect. I am from Netherland and I find this music prefect.

20-05-2006 19:35

!!! - !!!)))

  , Antalya, Turkey
20-05-2006 17:48


TOLKO TI OTlICHNO...Sevodnie Nochi vsju moi poddejka budet S Toboy!!!TI SUPER!!!

20-05-2006 09:42

! ,

  , ,
20-05-2006 09:14

ҳ - !!! , ! ' , , - ҳ, !!!

19-05-2006 14:19

I love song: Show me your love! It's awesome and Tina is so pretty! Good luck to Eurovision contest Tina! But i hope Lordi wins cause they are from Finland and i am too :P Lol x

  , ,
19-05-2006 10:44

, . : , , - - !!!

19-05-2006 01:16

A great album from a New Ukranian Star...
This album deserves to be released in other countries as Tina proves that she is going far in the music world... Her performance on the Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final was by far the best of all the entrants.. A very strong voice and excelent presentation.. This CD has to be a must for those looking for something new..