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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Volodymyr Luciw. Mizhnarodni pisni. (International songs)

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Volodymyr Luciw. Mizhnarodni pisni. (International songs)
"Volodymyr Luciw's professional career was launched in 1961, when he represented England at the International Singing Contest (today's Eurovision Song Contest) in Belgium. As a professional singer Tino Valdi (V. Luciw's artistic name) he performed numerous international revues, concerts, radio and television programs. He appeared on some of the biggest stages of Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, where, accompanied by orchestras, choirs, the piano or his beloved bandura, he popularized Ukrainian songs and ballads for several decades. V. Luciw did not focus solely on Ukrainian music. He also successfully performed many international and particularly Neapolitan songs, which he recorded, for the first time, in Ukrainian. His recording of "O sole mio", for instance, instill the listener with the powerful energy of the sky above sunny Italy. But "Mama" he sang with particular feeling. The lyrics seem to reflect the fate of the maestro himself. Recalling his mother, whose image personifies Ukraine, he sings: "...the way back to you is long and hard, for I am in a foreign land. But I will return to you once more..."..."

(information from the polygraph of the disc)

Unfortunately the quality of some recordings on this CD is not very good. But we decided to present this CD on the web site because it may be interesting for many admirers of Ukrainian music.

Publisher: Nash Format
Year: 2009

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Volodymyr Luciw

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
1. Mp3O Sole Mio
music: E. Di Capua
lyrics: Ukrainian text: V. Kolomijets
2.  Canta peMe
music: E. De Curtis
lyrics: Ukrainian text: M. Weres
3. Mp3Aprite le Finestre
music: V. Panzuti
lyrics: Ukrainian text: M. Lytvynets
4.  Occhi Turchini
music: L. Denza
lyrics: Ukrainian text: H. Boyko
5.  Mamma
music: C. A. Bixio
lyrics: Ukrainian text: L. Maciuk
6. Mp3Santa Lucia
music: Neapolitan song
lyrics: Ukrainian text: V. Kolomijets
7.  O Mari, O Mari
music: E. Di Capua
lyrics: Ukrainian text: I. Honcharenko
8. Mp3Der Biber
music: L. van Beethoven
lyrics: Ukrainian text: M. Weres
9.  Autumn Leaves
music: J. Kosma
lyrics: Ukrainian text: V. Juhymovych
10. Mp3Anema e Core
music: S. D'Esposito
lyrics: T. Manlio
11.  La Paloma
music: S. Yradier
lyrics: Polish text: E. Chudzynski
12.  Twist
music: S. Norbert
lyrics: E. Chudzynski
13. Mp3Ciao, Ciao, Bambina
music: D. Modugno
lyrics: Polish text: E. Chudzynski
14.  Alamo
music: D. Tiomkin
lyrics: Polish text: E. Chudzynski
15.  Once in Every Lifetime
music: F. Ebb
lyrics: G. Magenta -J. Larue
16.  Marta
music: Golbert
lyrics: Simons
17.  I Believe
18.  Non Ho Leta
music: N. Salerno
lyrics: M. Panzeri
19.  Interview (R. Tagliani & T. Valdi)
20.  Take Me in Your Arms
music: F. Markush
lyrics: M. Parish
21.  The Cry of the Wild Goose
music: T. Gilkyson
lyrics: T. Gilkyson
 Total playing time: 68:07

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
You may order this item as a part of the following item set:

Volodymyr Luciw. Collection. (3CD box-set).

The premium box set includes the following CDs: - "With Ukraine in heart", - "International songs", - "Ukrainian folk song & dumy".
Domestic price: 751.80UAH 676.62UAH
International price: $53.70USD $48.33USD
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Zhanna Bodnaruk. All the Best.

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Domestic price: 250.60UAH, International price: $17.90USD

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