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Ruslana. Dyki Tanci. (Wild dances)

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Ruslana. Dyki Tanci. (Wild dances)

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Promotional action of the album Wild Dances says that this is a revolution for the Ukrainian pop-music. I must admit that this is really so. This is a new and even somewhat revolutionary quality. Ruslana has always differed from the rest of the Ukrainian pop-singers by her special attitude to native musical traditions and traditions themselves. If her first steps in this direction were well-known Christmas concerts and actions aimed at renewal of castles and fortresses of the Western Ukraine, now in her creative work musical roots of the Carpathian mountains quite naturally are brought to the forefront. Combined with modern quality of a sound and a voice, as well as the manner of performance, which, I hope, touch everybody, this music just turns into a squall of an impassioned energy, impetuous and inspired, merry and light. If you need any associations, then in this moment it somehow reminds the music of Horan Bregovych which is performed in the films shot by Emir Kusturitse.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Comp music

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1. Mp3Play me, musician (Oy, zahray my, muzychenku (joy dance))
2. Mp3I know (Znaju ja (drive dance))
3.  Pljes (flute dance)
4. Mp3Arkan (extreme dance)
5. Mp3Tell me (Skazhy meni (love dance))
6.  Kolomyyka (crazy dance)
7.  Hutsulka (mystic dance)
8. Mp3Northern song (Pivnichna (northern dance))
9.  It is love (Tse - ljubov (chill out))
10.  I love you (Ja tebe ljublju (ballade))
11.  Play me, musician (Oy, zahray my, muzychenku - deep mix (CJ Necrasov's remix))
12.  Tell me (Skazhy meni - house remix (CJ Necrasov's remix))
13.  Arkan - new wave mix (CJ Necrasov's remix)
14.  Kolomyyka - disco house remix (CJ Necrasov's remix)
15.  Tell me (Skazhy meni - hard&pha.. edition (CJ Necrasov's remix))
16.  Arkan - euro house remix (CJ Necrasov's remix)
  Bonus tracks
17.  Play me, musician (Oy, zahray my, muzychenku - "Wild dance" edition (Alex. Voitins'kyiy's version)
18.  Wild dances (Dyki tanci (instrumental version of Euro Song Contest))
 Total playing time: 66:41

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Reviews (187)

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30-10-2008 13:39

Hello and thanks for reminding me to do this. Of course I liked the CD. I like Ruslana. I love Ruslana. I adore Ruslana. I have the English version, but the Ukrainian wasn't released in my country and only recently did I have the opportunity to order it from your great site.

Ruslana's music is amazing, it is unique and every note, every single sound gives an enormous charge of energy. If you haven't tried it, you wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't either. But when you press/click the play button and when there is a Dyki Tanci CD in your CD in-lay, I guarantee that you will feel a magic, yes, a magic, I can't call it in another way, all realistic words are too simple to describe Ruslana's music and voice. When you say: "Ruslana", this explaines everything.

Thank you!

  Val , Canada Toronto
25-10-2008 03:31

You are the BEST and we are wating for you here to came to Toronto and sing for us on November the 13th!!! The best song you wrote was WILD ENERGY!!!
See you in Toronto!!!

  , Quezon City, Philippines
10-02-2008 17:17

I am probably the only Ruslana fan here in the Philippines. But I'm proud of it! I first saw Ruslana during her winning performance in Eurovision 2004, while I was working on board a cruise ship. She affected me so much, I felt the gypsy in me come alive. I may not understand a word of Ukrainian but I love her album tremendously. I am so glad UMKA makes her CDs available to us here on the other side of the planet. And at such a short period of time. I got my package in barely two weeks. Keep up the great service!!!

  , tyler, usa
10-09-2007 01:17

I have to agree with all the other opinions before me in a great way! the album is a work of art for the lovely ruslana. the mix of pop-folk music
and instuments used make it easy to become a fan!
working with UMKA is a great pleasure, care and attention to customer
satisfaction is supurb!
all I can say is -go ruslana, love your music! viva ukraine!

  , ,
20-06-2007 00:44

  , Vittoriosa, Malta
29-05-2007 14:00

Your service is very efficient. Received the CD in just over a week.



Wildest Regards,
Manuel Magrin

  , quarteira, portugal
18-04-2007 00:12

. 볿 . !

  Meri , Ivano_Frankivsk
15-04-2007 04:59

Ruslana pruizai v Karpatu chekaemo z neterpinam.

07-02-2007 17:44

. . "", . .

  , Kosov, Prishtin
22-11-2006 15:43

hi ruslana you are the best i love so much i like your way of dancing i love you so muchchchchchchhchch YOUR ARE FANTASTIC YOU HAVE A REALLY GOOD VOICE FROM SEVIII

  , Darien, United States
17-11-2006 20:23

Ruslana is coming to Chicago in the US on December 10 2006. how awesome is that.

  , ,
03-11-2006 15:43

  Tim , The Netherlands
17-09-2006 19:27

I ordered this CD a few weeks ago, shipping was really fast, service is great.

Well back to the CD:
The CD is really great, I love listening to it while doing my homework.
100% Ruslana POWER!!!

  , Copenhagen, Denmark
30-08-2006 19:37


  , Rivne, Ukraine
17-07-2006 22:51

Hi! Ruslana you are the best!!!