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Oleh Skrypka. Vidrada. /vinyl 180g HQ Audiophile LP/. (Delight)

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German pressing (Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH), heavy white180gr vinyl, HQ Audiophile LP. The first studio solo album by Oleh Skrypka (2004) contains the hits "Tombe la neige", "Fever", "Rien de rien", "Vidrada".

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"Today we have the grounds for joy. Oleh Skrypka, the frontman of the frontgroup VV, has recorded his solo album. I think, you may be sure in advance that you will not be bored while listening to this album. It will not be boring because Skrypka is constantly looking for something new and is constantly finding something new. And he is constantly exceeding the bounds of his own boons. It was in his compositions that I first heard the mixture of the Eastern tunes and Ukrainian folklore at the background of cheerful punk-rock. As for this album, one may say that this is a romance plus la chanson (in its French meaning, including the language of performance as well). This is the collection of songs which were and are loved if not in the whole world, then in many houses of the world. Being arranged by Skrypka himself, these songs get new and a bit unusual, if not interesting, sounding. With his own vision he appeals to several cultural layers at the same time. In a way it is another attempt to get to a new level of communication, to discover a new universal language. That is why, I think, even people with quite different preferences in music may find something interesting for themselves. No, this album does not shoot. It repairs, it sets to consonance of everybody with everything. Listen what the evening is telling you about. It is a nice story-teller. Are you a good listener?" Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

Very soon on our website also LPs: VV "Muzika", Ukrainian Heroic Song, VV "Land of Dreams", Vasyl Hontarsky "Vasya and Hobot", VV "Waves of Amour".

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Publisher: Krajina mrij
Catalogue number: krm 075
Year: 2013

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Oleh Skrypka

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  side A:
1. Mp3Vidrada (sufi improvisation)
2.  Tombe la neige ("french & gypsy" romance)
3.  Ne probuzhday vospomynan‘ja / Don't wake the memories (russian romance)
4. Mp3Fever (Elvis Presley tribute)
5. Mp3Rien de rien (french reggae)
  side B:
6.  Osin‘ / Autumn (buddah nostalgie)
7.  It's now or never (italian country and western)
8.  Romashky sprjatalys‘ / Ox-eye daisies are hide (soviet blues)
9. Mp3Qui sas (spanish traditional)
10.  Ne pytay / Don't ask (ukrainian romance)
11. Mp3Oy, ta khto horja ne znaje! / Oops! Who don't know the grief! (carpatian dance)

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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