Stozhary. Koljadky.
06-12-2005 14:20

A nice Ukrainian Christmas CD but too much modern sounds on it. I was looking for more of a folk based Christmas CD. With that said it is still good.

Lviv Chamber Choir "Gloria". Koljadky.
06-12-2005 14:18

A great warm Christmas CD for anyone trying to reach thier Ukrainian Christian roots.

Mykola Budnyk. Hej, na Chornomu mori... "Project "My Ukraine. Bervy". (Hey, at the black sea)
06-12-2005 14:17

I purchased this CD for the acoustic folk melodies but was dissapointed with the pace. Good poetic music but to slow for me.

Ethnic Ukraine. Hutsul Melodies.
06-12-2005 14:15

I really enjoyed this disc because of the folk melodies. I live in the USA and am 3rd generation. This disc really made me feel proud of my Ukrainian roots.

Okean Elzy. Gloria.
  Верблюд , Бібрка, Україна
06-12-2005 11:10

Глорія - Супер Альбом. Це я вам кажу як старий сноб,
який з дитинства слухає англомовну музику, закінчив консерваторію,
і ходить на живі концерти Марка Нопфлера(Mark Knopfler)

Найбільші компліменти - Славі. Його вокал став ПОТУЖНИМ,
він навчився "рявкнути" в мікрофон.
Майдан додав драйву?
Аранж пісень - віртуозно-філігранний, просто бракує слів.

Російські мас-медіа сині від заздрості(читаю в і-неті) -
поливають ОЕ брудом - хрін їм в №%*у!

Tin' Sontsia. Nad dykym polem.
  , Васильків, Україна
06-12-2005 07:25

Хотів би звернути увагу на диск київської команди "Тінь Сонця". Вім зневіреним в українькому майбутньому - раджу, не пожалкуєте. А реально хлопців треба підтримати. Вони надто "елітарні" як поміж української попси (на Майдані їх не побачиш) так і для металу. Нажаль. Їх слухає специфічне коло меломанів, а мали б почути всі. Принаймні українці.

Alexandr Malinin. Chervona kalyna.
  , Buffalo, USA
06-12-2005 03:12

Альбом - супер! З давна захоплювався його чарівними романсами. Дуже добру дещицю добавив у нашу скарбоньку цей талант!

Ani Lorak.
  , Levittown, USA
04-12-2005 22:46

A wonderful sound for Ani...She definitely has a great combination of songs.

Ani Lorak. Smile.
  , Levittown, USA
04-12-2005 22:38

Wonderful album! It is a different direction for Ani, but it is excellent!

Anytchka. Syloju liubovi...
  , Philadelphia, USA
03-12-2005 04:35

The best CD of Anytchka is Lemkivski pisni v sychasnomy styli. I love it.

"Krajnja khata" trio. Muzyka dlja dushi.
  , Belgium
03-12-2005 00:53

well I am surprised that I really don't like this album, except for about 4 or 5 songs, I now know that three voices is not a good sound, it almost hurts my ears. In fact I am going to send this CD to Chicago to get rid of it. It would have been far superior if they sang in two voices. Too bad.

Erko. Til'ky Tobi. The Best Songs.
03-12-2005 00:48

well this is my second album by him and you get hooked to his voice, strange as it is, and I like it. This album does duplicate some of his songs from another album, so I feel shortchanged but its OK.

Ukrainian Duos. Golden Collection.
  , Belgium
03-12-2005 00:46

I do love the full sound of the choir in most of the songs. Some of songs are not great, ie., the ones from the Play (its better to see it on stage), and in fact there are too many of these for one album (I would have split them between two), but the first half of the album I loved so I guess I will be happy with that portion.

Dmytro Hnatyuk. Nich taka misjachna. /light pack, slim box/.
03-12-2005 00:41

I have to say I have always loved Dymitro's quality of voice. My husband who does not speak or understand Ukrainian heard me playing this and has taken it in his car to listen. In fact he wanted a small translation of some of the songs so he can "imagine" what he is singing about. I now must order another album. Would be nice if some of the words to the songs were included, I know this is not cost effective.

Victor Pavlik. Dance together.
  , Chojnice, Poland
02-12-2005 19:23

So nice music with rythm. If you listen this, you can not stay in the chaire. ;o)